माँ की बच्ची

By - Arak Vatsa in Poetry
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Published on: 18th Jun, 2013

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ये चिड़िया भी मेरी बेटी से कितनी मिलती जुलती है कहीं भी शाख़े-गुल देखे तो झूला डाल देती है.......!! दहलीज़ पे सर खोले खड़ी होग ज़रूरत, अब ऐसे घर में जाना मुनासिब नहीं होगा !! तो फिर जाकर कहीँ माँ-बाप को कुछ चैन पड़ता है, कि जब ससुराल से घर आ के बेटी मुस्कुराती है...!! दुआएँ माँ की पहुँचाने को मीलों मील जाती हैं,

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Impressive! you have so poignantly expressed the beautiful feeling love & bond between mother-daughter. Its so overwhelming to read for me as I am mom too & Chidiya poem has made me miss my mother so much.
keep writing,
will return to read more,
good wishes

Written by: Ruchi Chopra   ∣   Added:   July 21st, 2014
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Hello guys!
Its has been a total refreshment after reading this book.A good book by a young author who understands the feeling of daughter and mother relationship.
I fond the book so interesting and the characters so real that I forgot to had dinner and completed it within 3 hours at the same night.
In fact,it describes the ups and downs of life in poetic ways.
The book is written in conversational style, which gives a feeling that events are happening in front of you. Characters seems very real, except some points.
At the end author Arak Vatsa wonderfully conveys the message of the book in the form of convocation speech and spread his magic by this book.
The way of narration of is really interesting. You wont feel like leaving the book would want to complete it in one go.
A great book & a must read................

Written by: Ravikant Kumar   ∣   Added:   July 18th, 2013
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I had been fan of Vatsa writing ever since he started writing here and I got to read his book few days back. This book is the collection of poetry.
This is just mind blowing & words is awesome. The way emotions are portrayed and the way he drives you imaginations is incredible.It is a must read for all Hindi poetry lovers. Just read it...........

Written by: Faiz Ahamd   ∣   Added:   July 17th, 2013
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I fell for the book in the first line itself... The first line itself is so awesome that it drives us through the complete book... You are a really awesome writer...

Must read book for all babus... :)

Tum lajawaab ho yaar...

Sorry, but i am not able to stop praising you... :)

Written by: Ullas Anand   ∣   Added:   July 5th, 2013

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