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By - Arak Vatsa in Lifestyle
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Published on: 9th Jul, 2013

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Relationships… all about balance really. Some of us are great at balancing work, friends, family and our partners. Some of us are incapable aka the relationship recluse: someone who enters into a relationship and suddenly has no social contact with anyone but their partner. I like to call these people stupid: someone who chooses to spend all their time with one person who could later break up with them resulting in no friends at all. The problem is that people assume their friends will always be there at the end of the day. Some expect that even if they havent made contact through their 4 year relationship, that you will be awaiting their text or call and be ready to comfort them once they have been dumped. Once you mature into an adult your childhood friends slowly

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The way the book writing feature has been introduced is amazing.People must have faced a bit confusion earlier regarding how to read this..........
Sometimes when you are short on time, and you are really craving for a book, you want something quick but interesting.At times I have picked up that have left me feeling I wasted a few precious hours that I had stolen away from an otherwise busy life. I picked up on one such busy afternoon, and I am happy I choose that over any other.
The book has all the elements of a thriller, yet is slow enough that you do not lose track of which character is what. The author Arak Vatsa , has taken time in developing the storytelling, and it shows in his writing and the end product that the book is. It is an interesting way of writing and does add an unique dimension to the book.
The book is a definitely a one-time read for everyone with the drama, emotions, suspense and social awareness in one place. It wouldn't be a surprise if someone were to consider making a film out of it!
I will say that this book turned out to be quite different from my notion..........................

Written by: Faiz Ahamd   ∣   Added:   July 17th, 2013

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