Do you understand all the voices in your head? 

I don't, but I can't choose not to hear,

They whisper louder than my mind,

Deafening me to the present


You ask me that I don't understand, 

Maybe I don't, but am I understood?

While I embrace you for everything you are scared of,

You judge me for every fall that I take!


Maybe I don't understand, I wish I did

I would have found out why I annoy you so much

Why your mornings with me are with a frown

While your smiles hardly seem to face me


You embrace me in the night,

And push me away in the morning,

You scold me when you come home

And fight whenever you leave


At times you say that you love me

And at times that you don't know

At times I sit buried six feet under

Figuring rights from wrongs


Love is but hope, of all good things

Your big brown eyes, and your wavy hair,

Your wheatish skin over all my sins

And I hold on, I know nowhere else


Is love a confusion? 

A state of anticipation?

When your chest pounds of anxiety

And your face burns with fear?


I will choose the former if you let me

If you hold me once again, say that you trust me!

And say that you believe, we will go through,

And I will love you like I always have.

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