I don’t remember what good my school did

When I was a school-going kid!


All I remember is being misunderstood,

And punished for not being good;


Sitting on a hard bench for hours together,

Every now and then wishing the teacher!


Learning subjects I didn’t find interesting,

Listening to teachers who didn’t love teaching;


Felt so much like running away,

Not coming back the next day.


They taught science and math and history,

But never did they speak about life’s mystery.


No one taught how to be happy

By living your life creatively!


No one said life is much more than the curriculum,

Even if you fail, life’s awesome.


At home they thought they were doing the right thing

By sending me to school and providing everything!


No one really understood what I was going through,

I wanted to express but didn’t have the right words to.


I wish I could tell them they were wrong,

That every person wants to sing a different song!


That they were trying to teach us to be ordinary,

To be unoriginal and scared of authority!


How could they not understand that more than anything else,

A child needs to learn how to understand the self.


Kushal Pahuja, counsellor and psychologist

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