The Code



Thoughts are liquid; they flow, transform, expand and take shape. Paint the canvas of your imaginations with colors of your thoughts before they evaporate.

Thoughts are precious, each one of them has a reason and a source of origin. Preserve them.

Its time to break free. Freedom from fear that someone will judge you or your intentions by your thoughts, freedom from fear that your thoughts will hurt someone, freedom from fear of embarassment that will come to you if your idea turns out to be a flop.

Take care of the brainchild of yours,let it grow,let it face the world. Never accept any judgement passed on untill that judgement is itself justified.


The Writer-Babu Code

What am I ?

  • I am neither a name nor a person; I am my thoughts, my expressions.

What I do?

  • I write to express my inner-self, and i write for the joy of writing itself.

  • I read to connect with the soul of the content, unaffected by the frills*.

  • I respect other Writer-Babus & strive to help others in creating wonders.

*For example author's name or popularity or just anything else.

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