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2 took poll for EK BACHPAN KA ZAMANA THA


EK BACHPAN KA ZAMANA THA" Khushyon ka Khazana tha Chahat Chaand ko paane ki Dil Titli ka Deewana tha Khabar na thi kabhi Subah ki Aur na hi Shaam ka Thikana tha Thak Haar ke aana School se Par Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll 17th November
New diary entry in elisha kim' s Diary

elisha kim' s Diary

Dominion Group International: How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off in Tokyo RestaurantsJapan is one of the countries with a low crime rate. Although a lot ... ... Read More

17th November
37 Reading 16th November
84 read the book Liquid Imaginations
84 Reading  ·   1 Ratings  ·   1 Ratings 16th November
New post in Poetry

एक दिन

एक दिन जब छूट जाएगा तेरा साथ,अधूरे रह जाएंगे सपने मेरे हमराज़। टूट जाएगी Read More

1 minute read 12th November
New diary entry in Ruvi' s Diary

Ruvi' s Diary

If there is one thing I've realised in my ten days with him, it is that- there is no remedy for love but to love more :)

12th November
New post in Poetry

दास्ताँ एक दिए की

ये कहानी है तूफानों से लड़ते एक दिए की, जो दास्ताँ बन गई उसके सब किए की | Read More

1 minute read 8th November
New diary entry in hblossom' s Diary

hblossom' s Diary

DOMINION GROUP INTERNATIONAL: AVOIDING COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTSCounterfeit mobile products are usually offered via online shops and web stores. A lot of f ... ... Read More

7th November
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