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New diary entry in New Mommy' s Diary

New Mommy' s Diary

Loooooong weekend. It is just one extra day with the weekend but you make list of hundreds of stuffs that you plan to execute in this extended time of ... ... Read More

16 hours ago
New diary entry in Selenophile' s Diary

Selenophile' s Diary

Moonji, Will this change ever? Am I going to feel free of the baggage? I don't know if I can but I want to bare my soul and I want to be free of bottl ... ... Read More

18th March
New diary entry in Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Dear Bastian,would you slight bit even mind ,if I handed over the diary to Zee? I so hope you don't.I dont want to even think .I am thinking about del ... ... Read More

12th March


There was a boy and a girl. They were best friends for years and years. They could talk for hours on the phone and text each others for days, When they were together. Not a single bad thought could Read More

3 minute read  ·   6 comments  ·   24 poll 9th March
Updated post Safar


Ulfat hogi na ye fasana hoga, Ye waqt hoga na ye zamana hoga   Muh mat pher mere daura-e-umr se Tujhe bhi isi mod se aana hoga.   Ishq ki Read More

1 minute read 8th March
New post in Health & Wellness

Best Foods to Help to Keep Stronger Erection

Many men are getting affected by erectile issues that wrack sexual satisfaction and bring many issues in the relationship. Well, the issue is basically curable with consuming of these useful and Read More

3 minute read 8th March
New post in Self

Laughter and ignorance.

The mumbles and giggles crawled along through the silence of the hall, Decorated by newness, strange implied protocols, and unknown people with unknown personalities. All the things that knocked Read More

3 minute read 4th March

চন্দ্রমা বিকশিত জ্যোতি

চন্দ্রমা বিকশিত জ্যোতি, তমস্রা সরায়ে তোমারো তন্বী। বক্ষ প্রিয়ার মাঝে Read More

1 minute read 4th March
New diary entry in Jugnu' s Diary

Jugnu' s Diary

Let me put in the efforts and leave the rest. Stop panicking girl, you are better than this.Shhhhhhhh! Take a deep breath, it is going to be okay. Shh ... ... Read More

27th February

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