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New diary entry in Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Dear Bastian ' s Diary

Shoutout to my important peepsMaa- Chintu and Shraddha

5 hours ago
New diary entry in Selenophile' s Diary

Selenophile' s Diary

Hey, I am exhausted mentally. I am in no mood to write, I am blank. I am not able to talk to anyone. I did not talk to maa, just video called maa and ... ... Read More

18th December

Vip Escorts In Mumbai' s Diary

Escorts service is not about your horny or rough sex it is escorting something like our Powai escorts service which is also provide by our Powai call ... ... Read More

17th December
1 took poll for Nightmares & Darkness- 1

Nightmares & Darkness- 1

Susan noticed that black Beetle outside her apartment building for the fourth time since morning. She couldn't see anyone inside due to its tinted glass that was dark as coal. Chewing Read More

7 minute read  ·   1 poll 14th December
New diary entry in Jugnu' s Diary

Jugnu' s Diary

And I got late to office because I got lost in his thoughts in the bathroom :p

13th December
155 read the book How to Write A Book
155 Reading  ·   1 Review  ·   14 Ratings  ·   11 Ratings 12th December
New diary entry in Sparks!' s Diary

Sparks!' s Diary

*Had called me asking why I didn't meet since a week though word had been passed. While talking just by flow I told I had come yesterday and they befo ... ... Read More

9th December
4 took poll for Burn


Why cry if nobody hears? Why knock? When you are locked. Who will open the one who hears. Who will complete the letter with burning phrases.. Lit it and let it burn. After having left those dreams Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll 7th December
2 took poll for Clueless


You know how to cure others. You have so many tips as if you have lived six lives. You always have the answer or a simple pack of gum to ease the tension. You will come to a Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll 7th December

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