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Letters to Zoe- Rhea' s Diary

Dear Zoe,If I look back, I feel like the present me is an unrecognisable, unrelated, unattached being. If someone told me I would be like this a year ... ... Read More

28th May
1 took poll for The Unknown Call

The Unknown Call

finally im home feeling relax and easy(thinking varnika sitting on a couch.) It became habbit for varnika to be lonely after she had left the house of her parents. She did her Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 27th May

I am fed up -_- Why don't you read long writeups ?

I mean what is this ??? people writing four line writeups get polled by dozens and when i toil hard and write a well framed one; people just don't read it because its too long.. Why ?? I think the Read More

1 minute read  ·   6 poll  ·   1 comments 26th May
9 took poll for MISS YOU DAD.......


You never said I'm leaving You never said goodbye You were gone before I knew it And only god knows why........ Its been around 10 months but frankly, I still haven't been able to come to terms with Read More

2 minute read  ·   9 poll 26th May

इश्क़ ही तो है....

तुम्हारी हर ऊटपटांग बात पर  मेरा तुम्हें माफ़ कर देना ...... 'इश्क़ Read More

1 minute read 25th May

Where we stopped using nicks...

I feel it's time to stop running now. I cannot keep running away forever.  I loved you, that was PAST for you. I love you, that means nothing to you. I will keep loving you, you Read More

3 minute read  ·   1 poll 25th May
115 read the book Breaking free....my story
115 Reading  ·   8 Ratings  ·   8 Ratings 24th May
New post in Open Category

uski khushi

door se usko dkha muskuraatey hue kisi k sth. ...bs smj gyi ki wo khush h or khud pr or b zda naaz ho gya ki uski isi khushi k lie mne apna pyr kurbaan kr dia. zaroori nhi tha ki Read More

1 minute read 19th May
1 wrote their interpretations for the image
1 interpretation 19th May

There's an artist in him.

He does not paint, he does not write. He does not sing, he does not dance. He does not play an instrument. But boy I tell you, there's an artist in Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll 19th May
21 took poll for Hey Hey Reader Babu

Hey Hey Reader Babu

I am a reader and I have always fun. In-fact I think reading is much more fun than writing. First of all writing is a difficult task, atleast for me. Correct the grammar mistakes, spelling Read More

2 minute read  ·   21 poll  ·   7 comments 19th May
1 wrote their interpretations for the image
1 interpretation 19th May
31 read the book Stalker Games
31 Reading 19th May
3 took poll for Women


She is ahead of her time,  The woman in this big world, Mesmerises few, bewilders many, Her grace when she unfurls,  not just in her looks, Does her Read More

1 minute read  ·   3 poll 19th May

Main to bhakt bholenath ka

Are bhole are bhole...  Tra hi Banda hu tra hi bhakat hu main..  tu h baba mera main tra hi rakt hu.  Tu hi sawarega tu hi bachayega apne bnde ko tu hi Read More

1 minute read  ·   3 poll  ·   1 comments 19th May

यादें तुम्हारी ...

'शोर' करती रात की खामोशी कटिंग चाय - हाथ में कश और साथ हैं यादें Read More

1 minute read  ·   4 poll 19th May
2 took poll for ज़िद


ज़िद्दी है ये रास्ते और मंजिलें भी कम नहीं ज़िद्दी तो हम भी "अपनी Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll 19th May
5 took poll for Oh child!

Oh child!

Oh child! Its a strange strange world, where the biggest dream of God, His ambition, His creation, went against him.. Oh child! its a strange strange world, parents tender their kids from their Read More

1 minute read  ·   5 poll  ·   2 comments 19th May
71 read the book A Bitter 16
71 Reading  ·   7 Ratings  ·   6 Ratings 19th May
56 read the book Untruly True
56 Reading  ·   9 Ratings  ·   5 Ratings  ·   1 Review 19th May
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