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A Beautiful Miracle.

 Let the feet walk. Let it have a mind of its own. Let the burden of being lost be hid deep inside our curious selves. How often do we do it? Grabbing our past selves and bringing them to a Read More

3 minute read 13 hours ago
New diary entry in Selenophile' s Diary

Selenophile' s Diary

Moonji, Tomorrow I would be performing on stage live with musicians and mridangam artist. It is a big achievement - me and sissy independently began a ... ... Read More

13 hours ago
New diary entry in Grr' s Diary

Grr' s Diary

I never knew that weakness would be so frustrating.

15th February

हार जीत का खेल

वो आये गए , गए और फिर आये , इस आने जाने की जल्द बाजी में , बाजी हार कर भी , Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 13th February
86 read the book Liquid Imaginations
86 Reading  ·   1 Ratings  ·   1 Ratings 6th February
8 took poll for The broken wall

The broken wall

We write about different things and for different reasons. some want to have fame, some want to share knowledge, and some want to deliver the things they can not speak directly. the people like me Read More

2 minute read  ·   8 poll  ·   3 comments 5th February
1 took poll for Drive-thru


      Hank's vintage ‘50’s coupe replica glided to a smooth stop in front of Barbie's house. He swiped his palm at the steering wheel and sounded his signature Read More

13 minute read  ·   1 poll 4th February

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