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Write here ... پیا رے پیارے رنگ رسیا او مورے او مورے من بسیا توری پریت کی لو میں جل جل کے آ دیکھ رنگا Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 9 hours ago
3 took poll for Mumbai


  Mumbai -a city that never sleeps, A DJ’s jams, the beggar’s weep. The ambitious young always dare, To make a difference because they Read More

1 minute read  ·   3 poll 9 hours ago

Ever Ending Bond ...... Hero of my life.

It all happened that day when my life was upside down. The day when things looked like zero. Yeah everybody faces this moment atleast once in their life. Death was more easy than to Read More

4 minute read  ·   1 poll 11 hours ago

The Girl- all Messed up!!!' s Diary

21st Sep, 2017 1:36 AMI won't see his face ever again. I won't text him or talk to him every again. I really wish to remove his number from my memory, ... ... Read More

21st September
New diary entry in lexiegrey' s Diary

lexiegrey' s Diary

FRAUD SELLERS GET BIG PROFIT DUE TO THE RISE OF AMAZON SCAMConvenience is one of the benefits offered by e-commerce websites like Amazon. It is one of ... ... Read More

20th September
New diary entry in elisha kim' s Diary

elisha kim' s Diary

Preventing Email Scams That Act as Recruitment OpportunityEmail marketing is one of the popular technique for promotions and marketing. Every day, mil ... ... Read More

19th September
7 took poll for Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends,   I really don't care if you are flying from Ranchi to Delhi or Mumbai to London,  I would appreciate if you will be flying to antartica Read More

1 minute read  ·   7 poll 18th September
New diary entry in Loey Park' s Diary

Loey Park' s Diary

PROBLEMS ARISE BUT MOBILE TECH INVESTMENTS CONTINUES IN JAPANTechnology benefits the people living and working in Japan. To make the work more efficie ... ... Read More

18th September
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