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New diary entry in Ruvi' s Diary

Ruvi' s Diary

Don't worry. It'll stop soon. I know your troublesAre knocking at your soul, They don't scream your name, They whisper it, With a chilling calm. But d ... ... Read More

4 hours ago
4 took poll for Dear Crush,

Dear Crush,

    Dear Crush, Honestly, it really pains me that you are gone. Knowing that your presence is no longer here makes my heart ache. The heart, that had once stopped Read More

2 minute read  ·   4 poll  ·   1 comments 12th December
New post in Open Category

دو شعر (do shair)

اک نیا اور گل کھلاتے ہیں  آئو تم کو گلے لگاتے ہیں کیسے بھٹکےگا کوئ راہ سے تری سبھی رستے وہیں کو Read More

1 minute read 12th December
New diary entry in Me and My Life' s Diary

Me and My Life' s Diary

Hi dairy,I am always wrong. Even though i found a good heart, it was all lie.I feel I m cheated.My life has no value.

10th December
11 took poll for A letter to my Haters :)

A letter to my Haters :)

Hater: A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Ohh, you hate me for no reason. Don't worry. I Read More

4 minute read  ·   11 poll  ·   8 comments 9th December


Hi Dear, I dont know your name and i dont know you even so that i can tell you something about your diary writings. I have read your some entries and its a real mess but i liked Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 7th December

Write As If No One Is Reading

To write for readers is quite different. To just write and express is different. When you know that a lot of people will be reading and they will be judging you on  the basis of that, it Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll 7th December
New diary entry in bebo' s Diary

bebo' s Diary

It was her bday sterday.. I dnt knw hw to reach her .. But i wanted to wish her 1st 😡😐😊 anyways livelong.. Hope u see ths 💝

6th December
3 took poll for My imaginary Mr perfect

My imaginary Mr perfect

Seek my hand and drag me from here ... Running around this empty street While u stood over there under the tree and watching me dance in the rain This is the bestesttt feeling .... It's something Read More

2 minute read  ·   3 poll 6th December
There is a new diary in diary section: The veiled me!!!' s Diary

यादें तुम्हारी ...

'शोर' करती रात की खामोशी कटिंग चाय - हाथ में कश और साथ हैं यादें Read More

1 minute read  ·   5 poll 1st December
2 took poll for A common story

A common story

Like a dream she came ,with life and hope. And he thought she may be the one/ They became best friends in no time, and one day she said she love someone/ His heart was Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll 30th November
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