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12 took poll for Sex and Vengeance

Sex and Vengeance

He was driving his way towards the Swarma City restaurant. But going out on a date was the last thing on his mind. It was not a month ago that one of his best friends from college was murdered Read More

5 minute read  ·   12 poll  ·   2 comments 10th November
6 took poll for 3 Questions

3 Questions

Do you know how to weep in silence?  Crying without unnecessary sound, without sobs, without words but just silence, huddled in a dark corner of room in the night when everyone is Read More

1 minute read  ·   6 poll 7th November
New post in Philosophy

A tale of imaginations

  The crimson light blushed across the mountains as the dawn made its appearance. The birds chirped all through the silence adding a symphony, one can never forget. The iron bench Read More

3 minute read 7th November
3 took poll for डर |

डर |

मन थका सा था, बेड पर लेटे हुये दिमाग में कुछ चुलुबुला सा ख्याल आया | छत के तरफ Read More

2 minute read  ·   3 poll 7th November

A thought contemplating mediocrity

    I always had this strange fascination with the fragrance of rain you see. I could almost feel it kissing the dry and thirsty mud. Takes me back home, far deep into the woods. I Read More

3 minute read  ·   1 poll 7th November
New diary entry in DrBabu' s Diary

DrBabu' s Diary

7th Nov. 2019The day went by as any other day. My mind and my thoughts kept me chained to this habitual non productive anxiety. Being a doctor I shou ... ... Read More

7th November
There is a new diary in diary section: DrBabu' s Diary

DrBabu' s Diary

7th November
1 took poll for Somehow


    See the simple things that be How world changes when you're with me Tell me what you're feeling And hear my struggles and dealings I Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 7th November
1 took poll for Behind My Sanity

Behind My Sanity

It’s soothing in its own magical way The thunder, the lightning and, The sky taken over by clouds raging That scares most away The thumping window Read More

1 minute read  ·   1 poll 7th November
1 commented on post Mulakaate adhuri rahi

Mulakaate adhuri rahi

tum jaa rhe ho toh  jao  ni roka mene tumhe tumhri yadon ne roka h mujhe dhundli ni pdegi yadein  laut kr tum aana chahogey me tume apnana Read More

1 minute read  ·   2 poll  ·   1 comments 7th November
New diary entry in Amaya' s Diary

Amaya' s Diary

There are so many pressing issues that I feel that the government or the masses should take notice of , so much that it makes me physically uncomforta ... ... Read More

29th October
44 read the book BitterSweet
44 Reading  ·   6 Ratings  ·   4 Ratings  ·   1 Review 24th October
47 Reading 24th October
New diary entry in Bruised Charisma' s Diary

Bruised Charisma' s Diary

This thing does not matter to me but mere a memory, and I am in mood of writing.So, I met this dude with a neat,black, "face shape" beard and a pair o ... ... Read More

20th October

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