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A New Path and An Old Me

Everything was new over there The people, places, also the path Even the sun had a new smile Breeze carrying a fresh flavor Flowers all had a new color All set with new look, but There I was too, an Read More


You want to shout Yet you keep quiet You are burning like coal Yet you look so cool You would cry out heavily Yet smile blossoms slowly You wish to be run away from there Yet you walk going Read More

She Means

She comes like a light Whenever you are left alone Amidst height of darkness Being alone, walking along Through the black phase of time You wish rays to fall on you And there she Read More

Life means

Life is not a music player where you can play the songs you wish to listen to. Instead, it is like a radio. You have to listen to the tracks that it plays. Read More

Just Like YOU

He could feel that very well. The way she talks to him, the way she cares, the way she commands, the way she gets angry on him, the way she smiles at him - all would clearly show her Read More

Did I do that..??

Whenever I feel down I want a shoulder To rest my head upon A pair of ears just To listen to my words That one hand I need To wipe away my tears And when I don't get These things at times I would Read More

Happy Ugadi

It has come again Like every year today as well A festival of time Indicating the beginning of A new year of hope and joy It brings the moment of happiness Together with the minute of Read More


She had always cared for others She had spent her time To be with others Just to make them feel That they are not alone She used to be with others always Whenever someone's smile Read More

Unopened Box

I have an unopened box I can only put the things into Can never get them from The box is always locked strongly For the things should never come out What is there in that actually..?? The words Read More

The Fore Finger

I was one among those girls Who keep talking about others More than the self all the time I used to point at others Talking about their mistakes Their negetives and failures Sometimes on Read More


From where that hope comes..?? I really wonder You feel very much down Because things seems to be ending Everywhere there is darkness Still, you search for the light With a new breath Read More

Look into YOURSELF

We all human beings have three kinds of personalities in each of us. 1. What we know about ourselves 2. What others know about us 3. What we actually are What we Read More

This is life

Life is what you make it Each and every moment, enjoy it So beautiful is the world, so you are Happiness is filled everywhere, Read More

Oh My Love

Hey Guy, you have really driven me crazy I keep doing nothing now a days But thinking about you all the time Have you played any magic on my heart..?? In its every beat it says your Read More

Finally I stood up

There were no songs, no sweets Neither the lamps were lit Nor the people smiled whole heartedly Because it was a girl who was born I was supposed to be grown in darkness Though a flower Read More

A Lie

A lie, Will make you feel guilty Will make you feel ashamed Will make you stand at Where you do not want to believe yourself A lie, Causes the trust to be broken Causes the care to be not Read More


I want to go back Once a while into that moment I want to look back I want to make you speak, make you express I want to make you open up I want to go back to make you confess the truth Even a long Read More

The 'Silence' itself speaks

There seems to be no one No sounds, no moves, no signs Neither me nor you over there There exists only a dead silence A long lasting, between us Still it speaks, the silence itself Read More


Life is a school Each and every moment is an exam You may fail at one time Do not stop there itself You will have the supplementary coming up Do not leave the efforts and move on Try again and try Read More


Early morning, afternoon and evening Even in the darkness of late night The mind remains quite enough And the thoughts swirl around The heart stands up like a stone But the memories hit from Read More

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