What is WriterBabu?

WriterBabu is an idea, a community, a platform and above all the personality of a writer with an essence of "babu" attached to it. Babu is a word for respect and love in almost every South Asian language.

WriterBabu, the idea

WriterBabu is the philosophy of true and free expression. WriterBabu believes that Writing is the best thing that can happen to a man( or a woman). Writing is powerful. Writing can change generations. Writing is art. Writing is self expression. Writing is fun ...

The biggest hindrance in the path of creativity and expression is our own identity. We are biased in our own minds due to the public image we have, leave alone the biases that our identity creates for others. WriterBabu believes that the creation( the writing) should be detached from the creator( the writer) at-least when something is being created. It should be free of all restrictions. No one should see a writing through the glass of gender, age, religion or regional biases. And this can be done only by detaching the identity of the writer when the reader is reading the write-up and before they give their valuable unbiased feedback.

WriterBabu, the community and the personality

WriterBabu is a community of passionate writers and readers and each one on WriterBabu is a WriterBabu. WriterBabu is someone who follows the WriterBabu code, which goes like this:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What am I ?
I am neither a name nor a person; I am my thoughts, my expressions.

What I do?
I write to express my inner-self, and i write for the joy of writing itself.
I read to connect with the soul of the content, unaffected by the frills*.
I respect other Writer-Babus & strive to help others in creating wonders.

*For example author's name or popularity or just anything else.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WriterBabus take pride in being a WriterBabu and help each other by their valuable feedback and constructive discussions. WriterBabus are unbiased and fun loving in nature and they are having a good time on WriterBabu.

WriterBabu, the platform

WriterBabu is a platform uniquely designed to live up to the self-set high standards. WriterBabu, the website and the platform is a social network of writers, readers and bloggers where there are ample writing opportunities like blog posts, diary writing, book writing, image interpretations and many more. Lets have a quick look at each of them.

#Blog posts
One can write their thoughts, views, reviews, knowledge, experiences, stories, just anything and publish it instantly so that its available for everyone to read and give their feedback and comments. Every post has an author poll with it, which a reader has to answer and submit before knowing name of the author. Author can also choose to be anonymous.

#Book Writing
WriterBabu provides, a book writing tool. One can write their book chapter wise, set some price for their hard work and publish it on WriterBabu. Someone who wish to read the book needs to pay online to the author. Books can be published as free eBooks as well. There are book reviews and ratings as well.

#Diary Writing
One can keep an online diary on WriterBabu. The diary can be open or personal and also maybe set for just friends to view. You can write a small description of the character for which you are writing a diary, it can be you.

#Thought Gallery
People upload thought provoking images under this section and other write their own interpretation on those images. One have to write their own interpretation first before they can see how others have interpreted the same image. (This section has been closed.)

What is
What is WriterBabu?
What is author poll on WriterBabu?
What are anonymous posts?
What is thought gallery?
What are pen names?
What is reputation score?
How to
How to create a pen name?
How to write a book?
How is
How to earn reputation by friend invite?
What is WriterBabu?
How to create a pen name?
What is reputation score?
How to earn reputation by friend invite?
What is author poll on WriterBabu?
What are anonymous posts?
Thought Gallery
What is thought gallery?
Pen Names
What are pen names?
How to write a book?
WriterBabu is a free online social network for people who want to express themselves freely, and grow with the help of unbiased feedback. One can share short stories, poems, articles, diaries and books on WriterBabu.

keep writing ... writing is fun ...

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