The WriterBabu Code

What am I?

  • I am neither a name nor a person; I am my thoughts, my expressions.

What I do?

  • I write to express my inner-self, and I write for the joy of writing itself.
  • I read to connect with the soul of the content, unaffected by the frills*.
  • I respect other Writer-Babus & strive to help others in creating wonders.
* (frills) For example author's name or popularity or just anything else.

Tried to explain the abstract concept of WriterBabu here.

WriterBabu is a free online social network for people who want to express themselves freely, and grow with the help of unbiased feedback. One can share short stories, poems, articles, diaries and books on WriterBabu.

keep writing ... writing is fun ...

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