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From Somnath to Manabi Bandopadhyay !

From Somnath to Manabi Bandopadhyay ! "Why is it that every bone in my body cries out to be a woman?" The first time I read this statement from HER interview, I was forced to imagine the kind of Read More

The Independence of being an Individual

This morning, I was getting ready for work when I realized how fulfilling it is to be a bachelor working professional. We i.e. me and my room mates are putting up together from 3 years away from Read More

The Bad Days

Every day is not the same. We do not put on our best efforts to make it a success every day but neither do we feel hopeless to take the tiny steps towards a grand success every day. If a day has Read More

The Crazy Morning Return Express

How do you feel standing at the railway station while trying to recollect your coach number in Shatabadi that was never confirmed? Well, I was definitely laughing on my stupidity that I had forgotten Read More

Everyday is not the same !

Some days, I feel just so happy Like out of the world Like I don't need a reason to live because BEING ALIVE seems more than enough Some days, I feel just so sad Like I don't belong to the Read More


How can I share a part of my earnings with someone until I feel connected with them? How will it make a difference in my life to spend time with people in need of love & affection? How should I break Read More

Are we truly free after Independence?

I often used to have a thought to this question whenever I’ll read about corruption indulged in roots of Indian Politics. We belong to republic India but our country’s government is encroached on Read More

“The Dawn of Hope” – From being dreadful to alive

I’m lost in the dark night, the Amavasya one Crippled by the ghostly shadows, My soul is wiped into the ocean of negative ebullience, The ebullience of rejection, loneliness, detachment, Read More

‘Only Women’ – The Carefree Indian Women

My phone battery is dead. Exam fever forbade me enough from carrying any novels alongside anywhere. I just can’t entertain myself with green and right light fluctuations on the station progress map Read More

A fairy tale from 'The monk who sold his ferrari'

This blog isn’t going to witness the audacity of my personal writing but a fairy tale inscribed in novel ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’. Some of you might have read this novel earlier while Read More

That lovely lady with those lovely grey eyes..!

It’s been a long time since I met her but wasn't getting a way to portray the small interaction with her in a decent manner until it blew my mind finally. A while ago, I got myself an opportunity Read More

Humanity Has To Survive ..!

Today morning I was waiting in a queue outside an HDFC branch ATM to withdraw money. Suddenly the guy who was already in informed that someone had forgotten his blackberry there. We tried to locate Read More

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