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I had decided what to do when I reached India, I would make the ship a reality and set off in a journey with it. I had all the plans of the ship from the model, the only probelm was, how would I Read More


The wind howled and the sea roared as the streamer (Headguard) rocked and rolled its way to India. I was expecting another message as I did not have the faintest idea where to when I reached India. Read More


You can hardly imagine my surprise when I saw my name written in the end. This made things a whole lot easier, now I just needed to think what I would have done to encode the six digits 919133. The Read More


Time disturbance can also happen in other ways but I will not explain them here. I did not know what do when I remembered a friend of mine who let out some flats (I had nowhere to go because I slept Read More


Time disturbance is the changing of something that happened in the past by time travelling. It is rather difficult to understand so let me explain it to you with the help of an example - Mr. Y was Read More


Do say congratulations to me, last time, in the beginning of the chapter, my flaming apparatus had blown up. Now, me and my lab blew up. Congratulations. I fainted and awoke in hospital. I had just Read More


It did not stop at that either, my flaming apparatus blew up, evidently by some more messages from the future. I went out and into my emergency store and brought back 15 more flaming apparatus and Read More


CHAPTER - 2 The document was a sort of time capsule sent from the future into the present. Here is how it looked (not said) - mhd jdgcjb icurd tv tfjg ctfgic hvgicg ugdi ytswhjop vcj gvgdjv Read More


CHAPTER - 1 This is a story which happened to me while I was working in my lab. Also, there is no need of any other introductions because I am the only one in this story. I was working on a time Read More

The night

Silent night, Holy night, All is quiet, What a night, Dark night, At a height, Star light, Light-up the night, At the sight, Of star light, The heart bites, And the kidneys fight TOGETHER Read More


Right, this article is not going to be boring though it’s title may be boring but, it’s kind of boring like being bored without being bored. If you feel bored then read this boring letter- If you Read More

Chapter - 8

When Death Hugs I didn’t stop to see sense, I jumped in the water. I knew how to open my eyes in the water so I could see Bill easily. Unfortunately, I could also see what was beneath him and that Read More

Chapter - 7

And finally… When I think over all the circumstances that had finally led to our doom, I think we were luckily lucky, yeah this might sound a little stupid but still, it’s true. Now for the Read More

Chapter - 6

Thunderstorm Everything was later explained to me – Before I fainted, Jack had grabbed my leg and began to shout for help, in a split second, the others had also joined the struggle and then the Read More

Chapter - 5

Earthquake The next day we had our first adventure. After the morning’s breakfast, the old woman warned us that a news had been broadcasted in the morning, warning the residence of King’s Rocks Read More

Chapter - 4

Surprise When I had lost all hope, Martha suddenly spotted a key in the door and turned it. The door opened, we all Read More

Chapter - 3

Chapter - 3 The Witch on the Broom When we reached the inn Read More

Chapter - 2

Chapter – 2 King’s Rocks By the time we Read More

Fire in the water

Chapter 1 Holidays As some of you Read More

The Jonasons

1. THE TREASURE Chapter – 1 Read More

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