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Why Do I Write?

Who thought WriterBabu will give me a tough nut to crack! It's a mean Monday, I merely completed writing a complex piece of code at office, opened WriterBabu after surviving a few furtive Read More

I don't have time

I don't have time, I can't afford to Be late for work. How should I not bother About my meetings? Well, I don't have time At night either. How can I let the cricket matches sneak away? Aw, what a Read More


Come, see, O Lord! I am a penniless man My blood and flesh mean nothing Until I have imbibed The spirit of The Universe. Come, see, O Lord! The sound of my heart Beseeches to rhyme with yours! Come, Read More

Awaiting The Storm

What if I blindfold myselfFor the rest of my life?A good riddance of all evilThat I see each day?My ears will still hear the bad!There is no escape route,Though all are in Read More

Silence, Rest In Peace

When was the last time I met you? I don’t remember. Memories fail me, to my utter dismay. Time flies, we tread new paths And you die each day. Mankind grows, evolves, sprouts, Out to colonize the Read More

One Man's Dream

Day and night I run to chase my dream, Night and day my senses gather steam, I watch in thrill my hideout go shallower, And I'm left to face a gushing stream. The moment beckons. A storm will brew Read More

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