A Fat Girl's Diary

A Fat Girl's Diary

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A diary for a fat girl. A teenager.

18 years old, Female, Mumbai

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Jan 04th, 2014 11:45 PM

Dear Diary,
Resolutions cancelled already.
HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way.
Nothing different in this year too i guess because
1. I am still fat

2. I still dont have a boyfriend

HAHA..just kidding...who needs a boyfriend? i am happy being single.

So says every girl who is single but is wishing quite the opposite... :-P

3. I still have a very low esteem of myself... :-(

Any guy looking at me i wonder 'Is he looking because he likes me or is it because i look weird?'
And the latter suggestion wins :-/

.4. And my grades r sucking...

One good thing going to happen.
Gonna eat lots n lots of chicken tomorrow...YUMMM! :-*

Laters. :-)

Dec 27th, 2013 2:55 PM

Dear Diary,
Time to have new year resolutions!
Ummm one is a permanent one...get thin...hahahaha :D
Yeah, from years i am trying...still i am a fat girl.
God..i suck :(
But this coming year i promise u that i will get thin :*
huh, so had been to marine drives lately..even climbed down the rocks there. At first fear was gripping me because if i fall there wont b anyone to pick me up i being fat and all
And also all my friends were as thin as stick! hehe :P
But then i thought excellent chance for an adventure! So i tried and overcoming my fear i experience a thrill..! i am loving it..
After climbing up again i was so thrilled that I stepped on feet on my friend. Poor she. I said sorry ofcourse. hehehe :D

Thats all for now,

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