A Riven Girl's Diary

A Riven Girl's Diary

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My pen does what my voice can never do..!!!

18 years old, Female, kolkata

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Apr 3rd, 2014 00:25 AM

Damn diary!!!
ur the only one whom i can narrate now!! i have no real ears to listen my heart but i hav this virtual world to speak out!!
Quotes r turning out true!!!
"confusion hath broken its master piece"
William Shakespeare
god knows where he is taking me... which ways he wants me to move...
he has adopted the thumb rule??? he is using the trail and error rules or he has olready destined my fate...
exams over...
isc done...now its my time to break free from oll back draws its high time i move towards my goal
but things r gettin wrong..
wrong wrong!!!
i am not getting the chance to go where i want oll though i know getting out is cent percent important for now..
this is that one guy who has changed the whole vibrations of my life... he never mixed with my frequency but has olways meant a lot for ages n years...
n now for him here i am standing alone...
godforsaken they hardly undrstand that m a alive being...
their option is gettin married is as easy for a gal to live back her life...
is it???
is getting married the only solution???
what the hell is wrong with the society god knows!!!
freaking irritating mentality!!
i just got to know the real me... i have realised that i can be on my own n damn that guy i cant help loving him but i cannot even help him not loving me!!
i wanted to be something on my own now
something that starts n ends with me only..
i just realised i need to live my own life n fix it the way it needs people r pushing me in deep trash
hell noo!!!
i hav conquer oll broils n live on my terms...
i was fighting
i am fighting
n i will
becoz i will not accept everything the way it comes...!!!
destiny cannot take away everything i want!!!
enough now!!!
hats off god!!!
ur the best writer ur have the best ideas of ruling ones life..
but i will fight back n thats a promise!!!

Feb 20th, 2014 7:17 PM

probably the best notebook one has as it never gets bored of us..it never complaints for oll the melodramatic shits we write or all those revolutionary people with great ideas but no gutz to initiate..
It never gets irritated of my dream world nor does it complaints my hard core reality...
I am new here...writing down stuffs what come across n yeah!! finally i don't need to think what one has to say about me or my cup full experiences or my decisions...
Today I am starting my journey here.. n diary now i know words wont be left unspoken any further..
Here i am starting with a new idea of noting down memories day by day not with a pen but with gadgets............modern world...unfortunately retarded thoughts...
Never mind.... as I say "Nothing Is Constant Apart From Change"

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