A student's Diary

A student's Diary

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Life, love, and all the little accidents in between

22 years old, Male, Jamnagar, India

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Jan 05th, 2014 2:26 PM

Recently, one of my beat friends confessed that he loved a mutual friend of ours.... A girl I liked but couldn't ask out, and I found myself writing later that night :

.....and so they fulfilled that secret and forbidden condition to being brothers - they fell in love with the same woman. One who could love neither of them. In that moment, sanctified by tears and liquor, they transcended the limitations of blood and birth. And henceforth, they would be bound irrevocably to each other in their abject misery. They would be fated to wage their personal civil war, and forsake their lives for an illusion of love.

Sep 2nd, 2013 8:12 PM

People don't often like relocating... But I've found that it's often good for your soul. It shakes up those old convictions of ours that gather cobwebs in our minds over the years. New people, new situations, new influences, new adventures. Yes, life is like a book, and it needs a few adventures to help carry it to the last chapters :)
My recent move to Gujrat has exposed me to a wide variety of cultures, people who share my old passions and introduce me to new ones. I'm starting to get into classical music, Hindi and Urdu poetry, and sports (which my expanding waistline desperately needs) ;)

Jun 29th, 2013 10:10 PM

Sometimes, I feel like I'm incapable of extremes. Like there's no way I could love someone absolutely, or be passionate about any one thing in life. Like I would never feel an overwhelming emotion, an obsession, possessiveness...... But that always mean that I'm never untouched by anything I encounter. Be it arts, sciences, law, I wish to know everything, live a million different lives, evolve continuously. Some people may be kings of their own trades, I'll always be a jack of all.

Jan 16th, 2013 5:04 PM

I've been away for too long. Exams, and a visit home took care of that. Life's been good to me in my weeks of absence. I have a job, a reasonably good score in CAT, and promises of things to come :)
Sadly, it also took me away from my music and my writing. I'm back now, and after a long time, I feel happy, content,and poetic!

"...and though my wings be cast in steel
It is desire that sets me free
It is my will that makes me fly
It is my spirit that conquers the sky...."

Dec 25th, 2012 2:53 PM

I'm a writer, poet, I have a short-lived career as an amateur musician, but first and foremost, I'm a student. All of us are, because life's one discipline we never quite master. I'm vain, immodest, and yet surprisingly shy. I love, but I understand hatred much better. I hate confrontations and I'd do anything to avoid them, but only with those I care about. With others, I'm just plain rude. I never take a stand, I'm more of a mediator. But when I do take a side, I defend it to the point of irrationality. I write a lot, and most of it is dark and depressing, but I'm also quick with a laugh and watch cartoons. I think too much, and I speak too little. In my oldest friend's words, I'm a true Gemini, an oxymoron, and a hopeless optimist.

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