Airtel tips and tricks's Diary

Airtel tips and tricks's Diary

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This dairy is about Airtel Tips and tricks which is written by me in my summer vacations in the year 2012 and finnaly i got a platform to publish it Hope u all like it

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Aug 07th, 2014 9:34 PM

1. Some Common Tricks
2. Free Airtel 3g tricks
3. Airtel free lifetime internet
4. Airtel free missed call alert Hack again

Some Common Tricks
Tricks -
1. New method to check your own Airtel Number=*400*2*1*1*0#
This will help you getting details of your number.

2. Direct Call to Customer care-198p2p1p4p2

3. There is also an another common trick to get details of running full talk time offers .To apply this you have to Sims the following steps-

MRP FULL TT to 51619
B. MRP TRF to 51619
C. MRP SMS to 51619 .

Airtel live free download tricks.

Free Airtel 3g Ticks

Welcome to free Airtel 3g tricks.
Now days to recharge 3g net packs you need to pay much than 2g net packs, and yes it is sure that it will give you a superb speed, browsing and many other help full facilities.
But Most of the people do not have the ability to recharge with so much money to use 3g connections.

Do not Worry Friends, now I have the tricks with which you can use 3g net without paying a rupee.
So my dear friends if you want to use free 3g using high speed then follow the steps below-

Use access point name (apn)

Home page -

How to use this tricks?

Connect your mobile or modem after that
Just connect to internet with apn:
And open your homepage [].Now find the box
Where you can enter the site address.
Enter your site name here which you want to open.

Airtel free lifetime internet

Airtel free unlimited gprs trick on 10 hrs plans.
Follow steps:-
1) Remove all the airtel settings.
2) Activate gprs pack of Rs 10 (100mb) by dialing *567*1#.
3) Activate this plan between 6pm to 6:30pm.Its very important, this is the time that airtel servers are busy.
4) Use 7 or 8 mb data.
5) Now remove your sim card.
6) Then put Sim card between 11:40 to 11:45.
7) Now use this 2 or 3 mb data (only browsing).
8) Main trick is don’t disconnect internet but browse continuously and download.
9) You see data account Bal by dialing *1237#(0.00mb) But Can internet unlimited
10) Follow this step continuously for 7 or 8 days.
11) After 8 day dont active Rs 10 plan and use internet.
12) Bal must be 0.00
13) Now your airtel internet is free with unlimited Downloadings.

Airtel free Missed call alert hack again

How you activate free miss call alert in your airtel phone?


You will see the following ussd reply and reply with 1 and u receive message of activation.

Some free calling tricks

1. Go to below site and register

2. Enjoy 25 min free calls.

Thank you

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