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Mar 08th, 2013 11:27 PM

Happy Women's day all ladies.. :)
Well today i waked up at 9 am. My uni was off because of Friday, but my room mates have their classes. They went uni at 9 am. I decided laundry 1st. I do cleaned my all cloths from 9 to 11 am. After that i drunk tea and took a piece of sandwich. Its bored me to do nothing so i cleaned my room and set my cupboard,washed all crockery... At that time i realize 5 o'clock "oh! i missed launch" still room mates didn't come. oh Aksi came at that time. she was also hungry. we decided to get other room mate from Library,to take lunch at chemistry hut, Drunk orange juices, eat chat and purchased french fries. After that from 6 pm to 11 pm, i am just attended calls and satisfying my family that I'm fine in my hostel... opppps an other call :) Bye Bye Gud nite

Mar 07th, 2013 02:07 AM

Just a little history...
I got ADMISSION in QAUID-E-AZAM University on MERIT.
My class were start on 11 feb 2013,but 14 feb was my 1st day.
I was so much scared, i don't know how can manage all this.
Afraid to think about studies, competitions.
I'm not good in studies, and here every1 is perfect.
1st day we are 6 girls except taking class we knowing each other.
1st two weeks spend on all this..
3rd week started and our assignments, surprise quizzes was also started..
OK for presentation we have to made a group. 3 boys n 2 girls... i choose my frnd in my group. two boys want to join our group they both are frnd, and 3rd one is our class mate.
these two boys are so much good in nature. and friendly in behavior.
Tomorrow my frnd FATI unfortunately had fractured in his ankle and doc said to do rest 10 day minimum, but we have vacation problem only 6 leaves are allowed in a semester. we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.
so she doesn't come today in uni, and today we have only one slot.
Day spend with talking with elder sis, then 2:00 pm to 3:40 pm our slot timing. reached 4'o clock in hostel then talk lunch, and slept 3 hours 5'o clock to 7'o clock. then take dinner. from that time to till i'm studying and making assignment. but now i am realize that i'm so much tried. So enough assignment for today. Opppa 1:00 AM OMG Sleeping time..

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