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AISHA's Diary

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22 years old, Female, QUETTA

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Feb 04th, 2013 01:18 AM

I was a cheer full girl. My was the smile of my parent face. My laughter was the shinning of their eyes.
I'm After a month ago. My old Class fellow messaged me on Facebook.
He actually purposed me. Firstly,i said "No". And offer him friendship and he accepted. We text which other. He purposed me and convince me every day, but I'm afraid from something or may be i can't believed him.
One day we fought with each other, he upset with me and he stop messaging me.I cried a lot. Every tear asked me " why are you crying he doesn't matter for you,but why?". I didn't have any answer.
After a week ago i text him abuse and said "this my last message". Suddenly he replied.I was so much happy. It seems my bullet worked. we fought so much again and shoot out our thoughts.One day he jealoused me by taking a girl name. That time i realized i fell in Love,and with out wasting a time i told him. He was so much happy that day.I can't explain his happiness.
His first purposing message and when i said I loved him, there is a gap of one year.After one year latter i said him i loved him.

Feb 2nd, 2013 01:14 AM

A full sunny, Autumn day. Leaves fallen in the ground. All garden covered with Leaves.
I was walking on the dry leaves, the sound of dry leaves inspired me always. i was thinking when someone stole my heart. I'm filmy type girl. when he came in horse and take me away.

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