Angel Mimi : swagata's Diary

Angel Mimi : swagata's Diary

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LOVE ME or HATE ME both are in my favor...If you love me i will always be in your heart and if you hate me i will always be in your Mind..:)

16 years old, Female, Dream Land

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May 15th, 2015 8:41 PM

Oh Godly God..!! Today was a day when everythng went wrong...I woke up early in the morning bt smehw i was a bit late so i ran like cheetah..But saw my schl bus goin' in full speed without tking me..I shouted r e that jab we meet scene when kareena told train ta chain kheecho..bus ka to chain hota nahi..toh bus toh gya.. Phir route bus se school poucha ... After few periods we saw teachers bringing our test copies..first was geography..i was happy about my marks..24/30..Not bad Mimi..! Then ECONOMICS,the most hatred one (for me) -_- i scored only 14/30..I didnt expect 14..! i expected a bit more..i had done the sums correctly and theory too..but i lost marks in theory part..:( i was so sad as my all friends scored 20 above :'( ...Then in tutn sir scolded me for such a poor mark..! Nothing was going right..
I also quarrled with some of my friends..

But EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING... The Beautiful,wonderful moment of the day was.. Our english teacher gave some words like ugly,dirty,clean and more 10 words and told us to write the opposites of these words..but the words must start with C and we have only 30 sec..everybody hurried..some wrote 7,some 6 and some 5.. I was no that fast...i could write only 2..! Then mam told,"is there anybody who wrote only 2"?? I wanted to raise my hand in a hurry so instead of raising hand i showed 2 fingers in V sign..Mam told,"oh that girl with victory sign,i like you,plz stand up and tell which 2 opp wrds u have written.."! i had written Open : Close and Dirty : clean..:D Mam was happy..i was happy too..though i had wriiten ONLY TWO..but that two gave me much happiness.. :D

May 14th, 2015 1:01 PM

well hello every1..m back again.. actually what happened to my previous acnt i dnt knw..! -_- one day when i proceed to open my acnt it showed an error message..i tried and tried and tried..! bt all was in vain..i was unable to do so..then i was thinking of making another acnt bt my computer was fallen ill..:p i had to take it for repairing..and after all hindrances..i was succesful in making my 2nd acnt..i.e. this one..!! But I miss my pehla wala acnt..i loved it actly.. :( .after all it was my 1st acnt ..and 1st is always better..(according to me)...Hope that this acnt will remain with me forevr...:P and hope isko kuch ho na jaye....:)

Keep writing..keep reading.. :D

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