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Sep 3rd, 2013 11:37 PM

surprisingly so, the first family turned out to be good. Very educated, the one thing we are suckers for. So now my mum has her heart set on this proposal and my curiosity has piqued as well. Funny thing, another family walked in while I was meeting this guy's parents and there was hardly anything I could do to control my laughter! the two aunties looked at each other while I convulsed over the ice cream bowls which clinked as I shook with mirth and mum growled.=D
I have some reconnoitering to do,now that I have gotten to know my competition at work. The giblet is such that everything a newbie does in open for questions in any and every organization so I have to be infallible.Talk about pressure! I am still not able to shake off the feeling that people haven't really warmed up to me but this time around, I have to practice at not begging amnesty at every move I make, I have to learn to stick up for myself...and I need to learn patience for my life later on, and where better to practice than at a bunch of annoying students who are hell bent on pissing you off!
any-who, my eyes are drooping now and I still have some work things to take care of..
See you later alligator!

Sep 2nd, 2013 9:00 PM

Boy I am tired today! and then these suitors insisted on coming on a Monday night! who in their right minds does that? exhaustion is etched all over my face, I am never going to please their eyes, but the show must go on, lol. Anyway, I hope to get this over with quickly, I have so much to do. The KB project is scaring the shite outta me! an entire research in spinal anesthesia to document, this is gone b one helluva gig! seriously, money hasn't even crossed my mind once, it's the task alone that's giving me creepers! Work today was a bit depressing, I have so much to get done in a small span, God help me! whosoever thought teaching would be a cake walk? that would be me, I guess..also, I am still not confident enough in answering about the drastic career switch. Although I love my job, it still unnerves me to answer this right. People have gotten in their skulls that I settled but nothing beats the feeling of making your passion, your profession and then earning downright awe from your senior colleagues, despite having no prior experience..makes you feel that you know how to use your skills, the very skills you honed on your own...

THIS-JUST-IN: The guy will arrive at 10 instead of in the next half hour!=s seriously dude, this lady-in-waiting has so much to do, can't you pick up your pace?
Until Tomorrow. Adios.

Sep 1st, 2013 9:53 PM

I remember you, I remember the catharsis you offered, I remember why I had to kill you. A shared laptop is worst of my troubles, I hope jugo's get fixed pretty quick, or I will start carrying mine to work, once my desk is in place..Oh God, quickie quickie please! I need my voice back!

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