Best I can recall's Diary

Best I can recall's Diary

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My personal stories, told anonymous, all true best I remember, and probably, not going to lie here, out of time order.

24 years old, Female, 61953

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Aug 18th, 2016 9:00 PM

When I was in the 5th grade I met a group of people who would later become my closest friends in the rest of schooling years. Lea and Mia, here their names rhyme but they have been changed for this. Lea is still my best friend and has since I was in the 5th grade. She's a blast and a half and so different from any other person I have ever met before. She doesn't like to be wasteful so for her child she used cloth diapers. She likes healthy foods and makes most of her own meals at home. She is vegan but isn't one of the vegans that goes on and on about how they are vegan, she likes to discuss alien possibility, and human creation theories, She uses stones for just about everything, luck, anger problems, luck, each stone being just as important as the next one. Back in the day, their were three of us, Lea, Mia and myself, always together, if not all three at a time than any combination of two. Mia is strange in her own ways. When had a note book, which we would write letters in to each other and pass back and forth to one another. we filled so many of these books in our school years to each other. Mia turned out to be bisexual, and I was curious, so she ended up being my first girlfriend, but not my only one in those years. Lea, was short like me, and a little thicker than I was, not fat, just wide hips, and shoulders, big brown eyes, and long like brown hair. I was thin, with long black hair, and Mia was thinner than I, taller than Lea and I, and kept her hair short and black, she also had black hair.

Mia was a wild one, she dressed outrageously, slammed my head in my locker, the water fountain, and a wall. Always like it was some kind of joke, looking back at these days makes me think now that she was troubled as well as not really a good friend. She always had some sob story to tell. we dated on and off in school, and would go to her house and put on prom dresses and heavy goth makeup just because we could. We would listen to loud heavy metal and head bang, she would try to trick me into eating pot cookies. When we grew up and I moved away we would Skype naked, just because we didn't mind seeing each other naked, I had never planned to be naked during a call, she would call after I got out of the shower and during the time where I was not completely dressed, as I slept nude for a period of time in my life. And she just preferred to be nude, like all the time. She became bossy and snobby and pushy, over these calls, telling me things I new weren't true when I would call her out or confront her she would pick a fight and damn that I submit to her way of thinking, when I told her I didn't want to and would not change my personality to fit hers she hung up on me. We didn't talk again after that until Lea asked me to get a hold of her. Because I have a great nak for finding people, I found Lea's boyfriend's father who had been out of the picture, I found Mia, and a handful of others. Lea knows im good and this sort of stuff so she asked me to find Mia.
By the time I found her over the internet it was some time after our fight, and such I thought that we could just drop it and look past it apparently she couldn't, also at the time I found her she was referring to her self as He, she was planning a sex change, one I am not sure at this time if she went all the way or not. but to avoid confusion, I will continue to refer to her as female for this time.
She had it rough when we all had out children, She was the first of us to get pregnant, than I, followed by Lea. Mia had a son, I had a daughter, and Lea had a son.
Mia lost her son, and hasn't seen him in a very long time, he is with his father. After that she had a daughter, who did not make it past her first few months of life, she past away in her sleep. It was tragic, after that, she had another daughter, who is alive and well.
She's still a bag of colorful personality and because she holds a grudge and insists that I change for her we have not spoken, She and Lea still talk though. Lea and I talk just about every other day. We all grew up in the same place, but only Lea is there now. Mia and I both had moved away long ago, I was young, under aged and my parents were moving, I had no choice, Mia moved on her own accord. I hurt for Mia, and the bad things that have happened to her, but I refuse to be her punching bag also. I hope that she is well, and sometimes, I'll check out her facebook from time to time to see whats what around there with her. The best friend I have ever had in my life, and my best friend to this day is Lea. That silly goose got stuck under her bed once, I had to lift the bed to get her out. Another time we painted our faces with rainbows and clouds, we would get on her computer and chat to her swedish friend. We'd hoola-hoop outside her house at the wee hours of the morning. We did everything together. She was my first true and great love in a family sister way. She's brilliant and I love her and have loved her for a very long time, she is a closer sister to me than any of my other sisters, in my last story I told you I had one sister, and at that time that was true. But since that time I have gotten two more sisters through marriage. That's all I have for now.

Aug 18th, 2016 1:31 PM

When I was maybe around the age of 10, I had a friend over to my house, she was lovely, freckles, brown hair, great big brown eyes. For this we'll call her Miranda.

Anyway, Miranda was at my house, which I will now tell you all about. I live on the mountain at the time, and should you read further into this diary you will come to know the " Mountain". Anyway, the house it's self was nothing grand, in fact it wasn't very pleasant at all. My father was away a lot, at this time in my life was the time he had begun to have an affair, of course now I can look back and know why. My mother, I am told was once a beautiful, thin, fun person. In this memory she is not. She is thick with laziness, always on her computer playing games, and frankly, I believe having an affair of her own. The trailer was being modified, slowly but surely. To make room for us. Four children, mother and Father. When we moved in there were two rooms, and my brothers, of which I had two, took the smaller room. the bigger one in the back was to be for my sister and I, but it never really got done. The dogs we had the time would fight, and so they would have to be kept apart, they were family, the mother dog, Fuzzy, and her daughter Jewels, who was actually my dog were kept out side, Dali was kept in side, Jewels half sister, sharing Fuzzy as their mother. Because they would fight and because no one really wanted to deal with the risk of the fighting, Dali was almost never let out. She shat all over the back bedroom. My mother never did anything about it really, just sat at her desk, chain smoking and drinking sweet tea by the gallons, She wouldn't ever let us have any of the tea until after it spoiled, being a child and trusting my mother I really didn't mind, but even now as I write this, I cannot stand the idea of letting sweet tea pass my lips ever again in this or any other life time, if I had my way.
I had an older brother, K, and other sister R and a younger brother A. K and R were my mother's children from her last relationship. Only my brother A and I are pure blood siblings, if that means anything. K would always play video games with A, and R.. well, I dont really remember what she was up to in those days.
A lot of the time in order to get away from the chaos of the family in that tiny space, I would go hang out in "my" room, the back room with the dog used as a personal toilet, Unfortunate as that sounds. Anyway, my dad had changed the back room, cleaned it up. wrecked the walls and build new ones, which he never actually completed, it was just dry wall, so my sister and I finally had a room and bunk beds of our own. Before the room was done and up until the time that it was idea we shared a room with our brothers, and my mother would sleep on the sofa. It was a bunk bed too, small top, full bottom, my sister and I would sleep on the bottom bunk, my older brother slept on top bunk and my younger brother, bless his heart slept on the floor. I believe that once out room was finished he switched to sleeping in the full sized bottom bunk. anyway my sister and I had out own bed. And I had top bunk because I was smaller and hot air rises, I love the heat. We had a radio, always on, tuned into some old rock station that Alice Cooper had a lot to do with at the time. I was crazy about Ozzy at the time, and would freak out anything one of his songs came on. Life was simpler I guess. Our room being put up basically over night with no real planning and going against the houses actual floor plan, included the back door, which during the warmer seasons I would leave open, our house was raised on blocks and my feet could dangle about the pine needles littering the ground below, listening to the radio like always. It wasnt a clean house, and the dog still shat in the back room which was made small and made out to be my parents room. Although they never used it.

So Miranda was here, we were lighting the stove for something I think, and in order to do so you would have to light a piece of paper on fire and touch it to the burner, well Miranda lit the paper, and the stove but then she left the paper up and smiled at me while she began to speak about something. Lighting her long beautiful hair on fire. Mind you it only burnt on one side really, and it didnt do my damage. I didn't have a good home, when I went over to my friends houses they always had nice, clean proper homes, I was ashamed to bring them to mine, but much to my surprise they never judged me... Miranda was a doll, and I was a troubled kid. And she put up with me anyway. She had a bath in the bathroom that laid beyond what was now my parents room. and even though it was a messy nightmare back there she didn't mind, just laughed and joked with me as I sat in there telling her about my day and listening about her's, children worthy gossip, yanno. kiss and tell.
She went home and didnt tell anyone about how my house was, how the dogs were, what went on in there, she just was a really good friend. That was 14 years ago, I still know her, but having moved more times than I would care to say at the moment we have since grown very, very far apart. I gather from what she posts on facebook that her life is a good one. I wish she could see me now, coming out of that mess into what I am into now, I am fixing to start college, with a daughter fixing to start head start, sure my life isnt perfect but it is a lot better that what it was 14 years ago. Miranda was a good friend, but Lea was my best friend. I'll tell you about her later, shes a blast and a half, this was one of the more downer tragic stories, when I tell you about Mia, you better strap in for crazy. That's all I got for now, It's 3 am and I really should have been sleeping hours ago.

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