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Sep 21th, 2015 00:10 AM

"If someone forgets your birthday, take it as compliment you must have not aged enough to get noticed."

Okay so this diary entry is just to say I AM SO FUCKIN SORRY Oreo but sachiii mei i forgot galtii se and by the time I realized and called you it was already 11:30pm and you must have slept tab tak. But here I wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I will call you kal pakka se and will definitely do something to make up for it.
I apologize once again.😟😕

And see I updated my diary today!😉


Aug 18th, 2015 01:26 AM

"The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship"-Sir Francis Bacon

Won't be writing much just that I am insecure and possessive of my friends and seeing that the people who use to talk to me the whole day are now someone else's "so much better" friends kinda hurts and yeah I feel jealous!
Things are just not going my way now a days everything is going quite against me everywhere be it studies or friendships or simply family!!! Mehh and I hate it!
And Kaustubh I am sorry for not picking the call yesterday I had an exam today! And I did not call back today because I thought you must
be busy!
Nothing else to say though I miss a person badly these days and how I know he doesn't miss me anymore!
Last year this day everything was so different! I wish I could just get a time machine and go back in time to just last year and relive those moments! :/
Anyway goodnight!

"I am a woman of many moods
And they all require chocolates!"

Aug 05th, 2015 02:03 AM

"You can close your eyes to the things you don't want to see, but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel."- Johnny Depp

I know I am very irregular with my diary and I really apologize for it.
But what to do its not an easy thing to be in class 12th! :|
Okay so umm I will write a summary of a complete week:
So last week on Thursday I fell ill with cold and cough and fever in the school itself I came home and dozed off right away and then work up at 8pm had dinner took my medicine and again slept. Then I woke up at 11pm (that is like more than 12 hours of sleep!) and mom checked my BP which was low at that time so I was given a cup of coffee with a bowl of oats and some dates. After having all that I slept again. Then I woke up at around 3:30pm called both my tuition teachers to inform them that I won't come. And then the whole Friday went by quite lazily. The weekend also went quite boring I tried studying for my business studies exam in Monday but I failed to do so as I had a severe head ache and body ache. Just one good thing that happened on Sunday was I talked to Akshay on the phone and it was a pretty interesting conversation we had (blush blush) ;). Akshay is my friend and he is a photographer and a director editor singer actor etc etc in short a multi talented all rounder humannnnn!! He is the sweetest person I have ever met. He has a mesmerizing voice and and and a crush on me since last year (I feel soooo lucky 🙈🙈) and its not that I don't like him I do but its just that right studies is the first priority and all this can wait for some months! So yeah Akshayyyy you made my Sunday! :P
Monday I missed my bst. Exam and went to maths tuition covered up whatever I had missed, came home at 9pm almost fainting as I had not eaten much the whole day, my BP was checked before going to the tuition and it was 101/71 when I came back it had fallen to 94/65 (poor me😞).
Today i went to school after soo many days, everybody was so concerned regarding my health and all, 2 of my juniors gave me "get well soon" cards, all my classmates had done all my pending work for me, isnt that really sweet of them? (Laarvvv you people!!) 
And my group people had got all my favorite food though I didn't eat much as I had stomach ache, I just had a couple of bites of the pizza and drank some drinks. And my English teacher, 2 of my friends and a boy who likes me gave me chocolates all my favorite Ferraro, silk and Hershey's. (I feel sooo special dayumm! :P)
After school I came home and dozed off woke up at 6:30pm studied maths (integrals suck big time😬) and today after a long time I had a proper dinner. And since then I am just surfing the net and sitting here and there and Noe planning to sleep again.
Soo umm good night people see you soon! 😊

"All I need is peace,love and a chocolate bar bigger than my head!"

Jul 28th, 2015 00:29 AM

"The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom" -Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

What can be the worst thing that can happen after a damn tiering and hectic day? A bad bad bad news, as I entered home after attending 3 classes in a row and with the tension of having a maths test tomorrow what I see on all the news channels is that the wings of fire are no more glowing and spreading brightness around the world, yess Dr. Kalam the most knowledgeable and sensible person ever heard and seen in India is no more! That's a news which was unexpected and more accurately not acceptable!
Yes today in my diary entry its not about me, but about a role model of thousands, an inspiration to lakhs and a human before any religion or cast- Dr. Abdul Kalam.
He became the president of India and till now he has been the best of the best presidents we have ever had! His decisions were never questioned as they were always perfect. He set the wings of millions and zillions of people on fire!
Dr. Kalam will be missed by not only one nation but the whole world for leaving his mark wherever he went and in whatever he did!
'Don't declare a holiday on my death anniversary, but work an extra day.' Some lines Dr. Kalam said in one of his speeches, which is now our (India's) responsibility to take into action.
May his soul rest in peace!

"Eat a chocolate today, as chocolate is like a best friend when you are sad!"

Jul 13th, 2015 01:19 AM

Sorry for some errors on the previous entry as I did not recheck before uploading so here are the corrections:
I* (almost everywhere where there is a lavaris "o" :P)
To a cousin's place*(beginning of "Today")
Hanging out*
Later joined*
Mutton biryaani*
Sorry for all the errors and good night people :*

Jul 13th, 2015 01:04 AM

"I don't do drugs.
I am drugs." -Salvador Dali

Oops! Yeah sorry I did forget about this yesterday. But today I am going to write about yesterday and today so get ready for some really good stuff coming your way!!
The day started quite boring I had my boring breakfast and started watching TV after surfing some channels o decided on to watching kabhi khushi kabhi gum(just because kareena❤ and hrithik❤)
Though I dozed off mid way XP
I woke up around 5:15 and got ready for swimming as I went out it was drizzling but I though it would stop by the time I would reach the pool and o took out my bicycle, as I reached the pool the rain started howling and I had to go back home but midway I felt sooo good cycling in the rain and by that time I was half wet so I decided to go fulllllll wet and I cycled for around half n hour i was cycling here and there with a big smile ony my face, I could feel each drop of water and as I returned home I reinstalled Snapchat uploaded around 2-3 pictures on my story.
Then I changed and again watched TV then listened to some songs and again dozed off! :P
I before hand had a plan to go toy cousin's place from where we were going to go dunkin donuts. Her father was going to drop us and then proceed to lajpat for her sister's haircut and hangi out stuff, as we were in the car we changed out plan and decided to go with them so on our way we picked my mom and proceeded to lajpat where we first went to eat something and were layer joined by my dad and brother. Once we were done eating my cousin and her family went to the saloon and my family, we went to the center market for shopping. I shopped 1 tee, a neckpiece, a pair of flats and an umbrella as my old one has worn out. And even other members of the family shopped but their shopping ain't worth mentioning here! XP
While coming back home we ordered for dinner that was motton biryaani and chicken kebabs along with veg lasagne. After having dinner I came back to my room and was trying new hairstyles and clicking selfies and uploading some of them on Snapchat!
And now I am here talking to you and smiling like an idiot while looking at the Connor franta book in front of me which I am gonna read abhiii!!! Soo that's all for today toodles!

"Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions,
Chocolate understands!"

Jul 11th, 2015 02:14 AM

"If you are going to be two- faced
At least make one of them pretty" - Merliyn Monroe

Yes it took me a complete one week to be back here, no I did not forget about it.. Its just that I was busy with my mock exams! Yeah they all were OK types I mean they weren't the way I had expected! :/ Anyway exams are meant to surprise you or maybe shock you at times! :P
Okay without any further discussing the shitty exams coming back to my day!
Today i woke up late (after such a long time) around 11:30 watched all the episodes of one of my favourite shows, they were 13-14 episodes of 40-45 minutes of length. Then I made my favourite egg and cheese sandwich and black coffee. After eating I went for swimming and came back around 7:00pm. Today I reinstalled whatsapp and instagram and activated my Facebook account as well, since then I am socializing with all my friends making plans for the weekend! Today after around 5 weeks I uploaded a picture on instagram (I mean I have never been away from all the social networks for so long) and today me and one of friends have started planning a surprise party for a friends upcoming birthday! (Ohhhh I am super excited!!!!!!!) We have decided the theme and some of the gifts....its gonna be super crazy and fun! And now i am sitting here summing up my day!
Oh and how can I forget today I even started reading the most awaited book (for me) *A work in progress by Connor franta* Connor franta is not an author he is a youtuber who has written a memoir and its his first book and that he is my favourite and that he is complete pyaar! 3
I can go on writing about the franta boy and never get tired and bored but if I do that you would definitely get a hell lot of bored XP! So no I am not gonna let that happen! And that's all your today's dose of tolerating me is overrrrrrr!!!

"Behind every good woman, is a lot of chocolate!"

Jul 04th, 2015 3:33 PM

"The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me." -Ayn Rand

No I am not a very philosophical person its just that it is my first diary entry and I wanted to start it a bit differently!
Well I know in a diary we are supposed to write about our day and experiences but as of this being the first page of my diary won't you wanna know who am I?
So I am a teenage girl hell lot of self obsessed, a complete chocolate lover!
I love the color pink and I love getting clicked while my first love is clothes and makeup and heels!

"If there's no chocolate in Heaven, I'm not going."

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