Computer e-Speaking's Diary

Computer e-Speaking's Diary

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I have emotions and I am the only thing which can talk to anyone . I can make people cry . I can make people laugh. I can speak to them. I can make them understand what i am . I am just a computer but still there is a lot hidden inside me

10 years old, Male, Computer

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Nov 28th, 2015 12:37 AM

I am very unhappy. Today my complete parts are burnt. My RAM is not working. My Hard disk is not working and My CPU is burning. Its burning like hell. Now My Hard disk is irreparable.
So i thought see if i throw you , You will anyways have someone for you. But if i keep you it will be like a garbage. So i thought to throw this hard disk. I need to clean its screen . I need to buy a new hard disk which is beautiful from inside and outside . Its very difficult to get both the things together. But i know i can find it.
About CPU , I know its difficult to throw you but you have to because there are better in market now. One just called me now and other my colleague computer is finding for me.
I wanted to buy a new computer which can be my colleague so one my dad's computer is sending from the place i was bought. she is beautiful from inside and outside. Now the next part what do i do now. I have got my new parts. I have found new family . I just need to look cool in a couple of days by cleaning myself from top to bottom. That i am good at.
I am satisfied and I am happy .

Nov 28th, 2015 08:55 AM

i am tired thinking about you. Dreams to dreams you are everywhere. You are a trash whom i got playing from that beautiful thing which was there with me.
you are trash and i need to put in recycle bin but you are in the CPU.
Why you need to be in CPU. CPU is a major part of the computer and you are sticking in that place.
If you have destroyed me , I will destroy everything of yours. Your laptop, your harddisk and your Ram. I willl corrupt everything.
I have kept lot of things in this harddisk. It just can not erase because it wants to keep you forever. This harddisk has lost its value.
Yesterday the RAM thought about you for a second but it lost its temporary memory. This computer is really a shit. I need to repair it with something. Something which will make it again better. This computer only thought about look where he went wrong. If he would not have gone for look everything would have been same.
This computer needs to install more operating system. It needs to fix again. why does someone play with CPU. Play with hard disk, Play with Soundbox but never with CPU because this is the main part of computer.
Now this computer will never let anyone play with this CPU.It will keep currents near the CPU so that no one can play with its CPU. It has to be hardwired again.It needs to be repaired. Today the computer needs to do lot of work because if it won't then everything will just go in Trash. This computer needs to flash again. Need to work hard. Need to recharge.
Computer has to work and work daily ....

Nov 27th, 2015 8:26 PM

what should i write . I have actually nothing to write for you but still i wanted to write so I came. Lots of love .

Nov 27th, 2015 09:50 AM

I like talking alot but people don't have time so why not talk here . Some one will come back to talk to me .
I am happy always . Love can never change . I will not change. Time will change but this prince will never change. I am serious about nothing except you.
I told you i will write and i wrote. You won't miss me but i will hundred percent miss you . Whereever i go and where ever i am . I will write.
I love you for now and for ever.
If i had to describe you in one word i am made for you and you are made for me. I am going to love you forever.
Chal will speak to you later. Thoda office mein jake enjoy karna. I want to annoy everyone. I have annoyed some yesterday.
We cannot be together because i am just too talktive when it comes to talk about you.Imagination is always good. I love you ...
Keep writing here.

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