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Sep 26th, 2015 11:12 AM

I cant believe its almost been an year that I have made an entry. Seriously I cant explain the change, energy and unending happiness that I AM EXPERIENCING currently. For starters I just read @Ruvi's Diary. Its always heartwarming to read your entries and thing that you wrote about infatuation which we call as love is so so true. The same conversation is what I was having with my friend Yesterday. I think you forgot about the conversations we all used to have through our diaries months back. Hope to continue it..
Keep posting and updating..:)
Another Diary I went through was @Sparkles...
Very cute and adorable, A STUDENTS DILEMNA
Glad to know that you are from KARNATAKA..
lemme know what you study......:))

Aug 25th, 2014 10:57 PM

FUCK that,....no expectations........you dont have to ....:)
just happiness....and peace///
i dont care

Aug 24th, 2014 1:19 PM

swift.....bit guily....but yes...happiness all over.......:and I am glad....
gog seems pretty exciting...

Aug 15th, 2014 9:54 PM

Realisation always hits me, but as usual it hits me at the end. I think somewhere I was trying to be a different me, which I am not. We always do this right? We try to connect with those with whom we stand no chance and in route we ignore the ones we love the most. That’s what, this crazy ass life is.
I have baggage of hopes. Many people think that I am going to be somebody. Yes I am, I never thought about aim, or some kind of profession. What I say is that I am not interested in money, what I am interested is in… power.
Somewhere at some time they might have been bad, past…they might have made my life as fucked up as possible, but the important fact is that I have them. Some people don’t have them.
All I am trying to say is that I want to keep this charm with intensity and sincerity.

Aug 08th, 2014 11:16 AM

Just gonna keep my mouth shut for few days, a new experiment for me.
Hope it works....I already feel good....

Aug 06th, 2014 9:03 PM

I am surely and for sure again act like paranoids. My friends tell to me that I don't share much.Yes, I don't share much and there is nothing to share. It's not that I have had any kind of horrifying past or something, it is just that I don't like to reveal myself to others, I won't be what I am, if I reveal something. There is another fact to it that I am afraid, afraid that I will be judged, I have lied, those lies will haunt me, So as a part that I am distracted or I was distracted for a moment will not bother me much.
I know every single person of my age goes through this and I literally hate this stuff.
Papa wants to stay with me and grandma for a while until he goes to his camp. I don't like that idea anyway. Be it him or someone, I don't like my parents being around me. I don't like someone entering my space. I am habitual to this and I like change, change means, something different for me.
Just move and everything will be fine for me, and flow of relationship would be all same. Maybe I complained too much, I should not have. I am happy with what I have, but its itches not say, at least it's a good kind of feeling right now. I know some people think of me as arrogant and I am not ,,,I am not just taught of how to be good. Only good thing I have is other people around, having fun with them and keeping myself with all on...
Maybe from today I will try to be less mean to you, but you gotta understand, just live us for what it is, it may be bad now but you won't regret it for I having said indirectly what I should have said to you directly....
Just I want this day to pass and a morning to come........)

Aug 3rd, 2014 7:30 PM

Friendship day, ,,,and I can say that I ended this phase like with satisfaction ...
had a blast today and yeah and certainly,,,,,,I think bout a good phase and here i t is...
falling in love with this life.........no life without friends......:)))
will write about it more tommorow.

Aug 1st, 2014 11:19 AM

Just came up with this story...something I really wanted to write about :)
Here is the link...

Jul 30th, 2014 7:28 PM

Hell, my last update was on July 19th. I don't know why I cant keep pace with writing here. It's more out real here. Bro and mom had been to my place for last two days. She as usual kept buzzing in my ear about how careless I am, be something, just don't waste your time and all.xrrrrr....
Its been tiring, group is working on a project which might take more than a month,,,and another development project. This things have kept me occupied. But I had a long nap. Smriti wants to buy a laptop and she called me and asked for my suggestion. I was like buy or do whatever.
I have two books to finish, one is WHEN ONLY LOVE REMAINS, by Durjoy Datta and another HAVE A LITTLE FAITH by Mitch Albom.
I don't particularly read love stories but its exception for Durjoy's novels.
and internstory, i will come up with something........

Jul 19th, 2014 8:20 PM

I promise, yes I will write regularly. It's been days I have been into this and that, that I dint find time to write or even if I had time, I did not feel like writing. I am wondering whether I am serious? I take things too easily. Whenever I am with my old buddies or with my current buddies, the only topic comes in all the way, CAREER. I am just blank, I am addicted in a way that I want to do everything but not being firm. Ok well it defines me, I am happy been around. But Seriously? experience is what I need?
I need to think, I am thinking of doing masters.....yeah ,,,I will///
Besides days are super good. The fights with me and Smriti are really great, yes we like to fight and I like to irritate her.
And this New Product Development project, really sucks.....our lecturer is dumb for having given us that too with no proper instructions, what the fuck are we supposed to do?
All we do daily is discuss about the product, some advt and bang plan cancelled.
I am in smriti's team and all she does facebook.......
Disha is busy taking my pics because she thinks that I look cute in specs.....great...
I am not a nerd for god's sake.
Peter is calling me but I don't feel like picking his call....I feel bullshit...
Clg, pracs and sooon to come internals,,,,,will keep me awake............
besides I am thinking of coming with some new story to write........writing....editing...yeop....gun nt

@ Pie in the sky .....you are really the type of son my mom would want to have....
and yeah about the friend circle...I clearly agree....with you......and your concern for your friend....who smokes....is good.....try to change him...if not ..be easy....

@ Trying to be sociopath......Do you build apps?

@ Thinker,,,,,don't worry,,,,,you will find true love soon.....

@ Ruvi....do write ,,,missin ur entries .../

@ Crazy....holidays? wer r u

Jul 15th, 2014 9:40 PM

Never ever in my fucking life I thought that I would get a specs. Excessive use of this laptop and reading heavy novels, and the result is this. I ve got specs around -2.0. I asked the the specs aunty to prepare a really a cool type, like that of Arjun Kapoor in 2 states. I am wearing my specs now and it really looks fine on me. World seems upside down.
Coming to our alumni function. It was a blast. The way we danced for the tune mari entriyan song was so funny, and freakish. Every part of that function is what I cherish. Talking with our teacher and our head mam, I used to get so nervous whenever I used to be in the class of head mam. It was when I was in 7th standard. Man really she used to freak me out. We were all together till 10.30 in the night.
Raghavendra sir is still the same. He pokes his jokes so cutely.
Now, it is barren over here. I am missing those days. We all have promised to be in contact. Sure shot.
It felt like as if we are back again to those school days.....old school days.....

Deciding to write a story for the intern story competition, will see.......
@ all are f9

Jul 10th, 2014 7:23 PM

Been real busy, our get together function is day after tomorrow, lot of discussions, cheap jokes, fun, fights, and here we are prepared.
I will surely miss this days, after so many we all were like back, those old school memories.
I agree with what Inventive had once mentioned in his diary.
Some days are so good that you don't feel the necessity to write it down.
Just let it go..........
I am tryin to be real cool....

Jul 06th, 2014 8:56 PM

Well a good day, in fact a very good day, Till afternoon, it was just lying around and watchn tv and all. @ 4 we bunked into Ady's house. Smirti,Priya, Heer also joined in, we watched EK Villain in my laptop, and played some fun games. It was cool...I am thinking of having some outings every week atleast it will give something fresh.
Rest of it is fine.
We are editing the videos, which we tried upload it in all social networking sites.
The preparation for the get together is in full swing.
@ Rest f you are all f9 I think...

Jul 2nd, 2014 8:21 PM

Now that everything is going on smooth, I just want to sit back and watch the days go. I literally don't feel anything like picking the books of my courses. Past few days have been busy. I am glad that some of the short stories I write here are appreciated, will come up with some more interesting stories every Sunday, coz that is the only day I am going to be free.
It's such I and Smriti fight too much and we talked so much in the stats class that literally our so called young lecturer was dumbstruck. I told her bout the show, alumni function.
And Ya today we recorded of video of me speaking about the school, the video came out very well.

@ Crazy,,,,yep that is the bitter truth our education system literally sucks. I am sorry bout the guy who committed suicide. You stay strong....think about the vacations.

@ Inventive......well now I understand.

@ Thinker.....mmm....padhai kar :)P

@ Ruvi.....not much updates from ur side......

@ Living Via ....were are you bro?

Jun 30th, 2014 8:09 PM

Working with old pals. The get together is on 12 th and still there are many things to be done. Today we finished enveloping the invitation cards for our 40 odd old teachers. It was tiring going here and there and getting this and that.
And College, ya the usual classes have started and the same old's you know? They tell us about life, ask us about our aims and yes and those same boring lectures meanwhile I sit there and I am in some kind of illusion.
There is scorching heat here, What the hell? No rain,,,this time...........
Climate is too fucked up...

@ Ruvi, gud luck with bout something u r planning to write the exams na? go ahead....and gorgeous pic :)

@ Inventive.....what's with this new name Sociopath........let me guess........someone has fallen deep :) AhA

@ Thinker, sorry yaar couldn't catch....busy with all work......u be msgn whnver u are free......ur msgs are always cute.....

@ Crazy.........do tell me hw ur exams went :))))) be crazy as u are....

@ Living Via Today, how are you bro. ?

Jun 29th, 2014 10:02 PM

To be as cool I could be...
gun nt

Jun 27th, 2014 8:12 PM

We are little similar in this one @ Crazy.....just day before yesterday, I too had my 100'h update. ..
Even the days here are moving like swift.....
Colleges in the morning and some in between classes in the afternoon and workout in evening, these things keep my day occupied....
With our tuition sir, we are planning to go to Kerala, a small trip. Lets see where it goes and ya,,,,smriti was not feeling well, so she skipped classes. Now I kinda feel bore if she is not in the class. After I came back to home, I just called her and checked about her health. One thing I should mention, her little sister looks red hot.
Just a little flirt here and there is little good for health.
I badly wanted to watch Ek Villain, but the threatre her is not screening it...
So we decided to two classes and go to watch the movie, in a nearby town, just a 20 min bike ride from our place.....
and then everything is properly on its place.....:)

Jun 26th, 2014 9:09 PM

I was actually a little mean and I agree on it....but as I said, I had to be a little mean.
He should try to act a little normal and not be resting like a kid. I am addicted and living like this has become a habit and someone, he is not someone, but someone entering my space is what I don't like. Ok, now I am talking like a girl.
What more I ve got to say,...I am what I am....


Jun 25th, 2014 8:39 PM

Oh now everything is like moving fine...
The story An Alien Hand, received good response and I am surprised that some readers have confused to me as the one suffered the disease..Its a story inspired by neuro disorder.....
Will write something more interesting this sunday,,,]
actually the college is on go,,,,getting less time with all the works I have....
......reading some crime files, so that I could come up with some good story.....:)

Jun 24th, 2014 8:10 PM

I have my laptop repaired now.
Some things I want to make clear to myself more to others.
I am not this perfect kid. I have my own problems, worries and pains,,,both are not that same.
What I am now is just a reflexion of me, through what I have learnt and what I have experienced. I do get selfish sometimes, almost all the times in the matters of my family.
I know not every family is perfect, but I do tend to hate the way they are, and in return I don't expect any love from them back. Not all are like that but a very few are good.
My pops, I have this kind of mixed hatred with a little spoon feed of love for him. He drinks and he has spoil t everything, his relationship, his love everything.
I just don't want to be him, but I just cant hate him. But I won't be with him. Mom's good only when I have ,,,then nothing....just thinking about herself....so love is far away.
These both gave me my worst childhood...But I am not
gonna blame them......coz I know how much I fought, struggled and made my way through all hurdles. All I am now is only because of my grandma.
I think this is the only thing this diary had to know about me.........

Maybe everything won't work, everything is not perfect...
but i am happy,,,atleast I am.........something I have found in a thing that I have lacked somewhere...........

cry,die, laugh, crazy, and shit,......

@ RUvi @ Crazy, @ Sociopath ........@ THinker...no updates.....:(

@ Thinker.......every business has its own pbms,,,,,by what I have read I think your bus is honest,,,so nothin bad won't stick....:)

gun nite.....

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