Dear Me's Diary

Dear Me's Diary

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Dear Me You are cute and you deserve all all the happiness You are perfectly imperfect but still you are the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life I love you and will be there for you whenever you need me Yours sincerely Me

19 years old, Female, obviously in my heart

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Jun 26th, 2015 01:47 AM

it's a fact duniya me bas 2 log smart hote hain
1. Dubeys
2. Aggarwals
coz these surnames belongs to RALPH. I'm blessed coz I really have hardcore good people around me and Jatin is one of them. Itna bekar zamana hai paap badhte jaa raha hai or dokri ki umar bhi.khulne de college mil tu dokri or fir staffroom se bottle manga teri bollte be baking soda definately daaldungi.And I'm very serious this time coz baking soda is 100 times better than rat poison uske baad tu washroom me baithna ya hospital me i really dont care.

Jun 24th, 2015 7:03 PM

shameless self publicity has its own benefits.
1. our site is now suspended but still we get 2-3 likes on our FB page daily. really don't have to write anything coz people in india are technologically challanged they still read review of samsung galaxy S6 and PS4 update.
3.techseeker is full of lazy people but we have active visitors :P

Now the point is ayush tu vaishnav devi se aaja jaldi or bata ki techseeker ko aage continue karna hai ki nai if yes then it'll not be a big deal and if no then I'll focus on planetorbis.

Jun 15th, 2015 08:12 AM

Shamelss Self Publicity I think that's what I do to promote techseeker :P being very precise I do that to promote my blogs and if I realize that I work in a team I do the same thing to promote ayush's blogs too basically I just want bounce rate to be less than 45% and 1000 visitors per week is great number indeed.

I do talk about planetorbis when I do this shameless self publicity thing coz I get reactions like " ohh that's great it means we can follow your blogs on planetorbis and techseeker also :P and now I'm like I should talk about shaynadmin too whenever I do this self publicity thing coz that will make my work more easy :P

Most important thing I have to figureout that where the heck is my new article I've not yet posted that and how can Debarghya be like your article was really nice I just read that. I've just shared that with Ayush and if it's in quick drafts then it's fine but point remain admin password to sif mujhe or ayush ko pata hai ye Debarghya ne kahan se padhliya.Whatever it is I'll do the editing thing ASAP and share that with shayna admin later I'll put that on techseeker and then James ko mail kardungi. Kripa sab par barsegi :P

Now this is not at all good diary me bhi shameless self publicity :P And about the e-magazine thing mujhe lagta hai Omnium ko bas aise hi nai dena chahiye apna project they should pay us afterall 100% original codes hain and creativity tapak rahi hai har taraf se..Lets see sir project lene me interested hain bhi ya nai.

Boht hogai panchahyat ab bbye.

May 21th, 2015 01:32 AM

allah miya itni sari diaries k bich kahan niche chali gayi thi kitna dhudna pada tujhe. Finally the day has arrived 21st May 2015 aaj ham karenge 7th entry jisme hogi akhand bakwass :P coz mere life me aise kuch ho nai raha ki emotions songs sunkar rote rote diary update karu. getting back to the point i have to list down all the bakwaas ASAP.

Starting with reality...Today me and akshay noticed that ayushi was stammering. we took it as a joke maybe wo colors k new serial "thapki" se inspired ho but she should know that kya copy karna chahiye or kya nai. I mean like its ok you're kinda infact completely dhakkan coz even ashu once saw you talking in fact blabbering in porch in complete dark or ek mosquito tak nai tha wahan but aaj to limit cross kardi. Tv serial ko dekhkar stammer karna is shit. Akshay was right major problem tere brain me hai or minor problem stammering ki hai.

I would have surely written about few more things but teri diary padhi aaj....likwe as usual reading between the lines..kuch chizen dikhi jaise focus focus focus focus etc etc but what caught my eyes were these lines"moonji can't i cuddle in your arms". I mean like seriously tujhe heavenly boddy k saath cuddle karna hai dhakkan ladki. Or else it is like tujhe conh=fusion hai hai that moon is a human not a heavenly body.Be logical and practical how can you even wish to cuddle with moon dummy.image karke dekhle wo bhi ajib hi lagega
ab itna read karne k baad bolna mere baare me kyu likha bla bla bla and 12 dozen clarification for that stupid statement.

kaam ka kuch kuch likhna tha sab bhuladi pagal aurat.

Apr 09th, 2015 00:28 AM

I'm a busy doll :P jasveen gave me a perfect title. Well my 4th sem was good I really enjoyed a lot though this was short.... Youth fest was amazing i participated in 3 competitions and I lost all 3 and I feel great coz mene dusro ko chance diya :P

Well that hardly bothers me but I'm happy that I found techseekers and started tech blogging which is really going good. We get maximum page views but we really need to do something with bounce rate. I'm happy that 4th sem is about to end but I'm sad as well coz I know 5th sem me phulan devi ayegi wapas mera khoon piyegi and its not going be only for 5th semester but 8 semesters tak wo mera pura khoon pi chuki hogi...kya hoga mera.

4th ko result aaya. maa-shaallah kya result tha. Pehle 950 exam fee do then 400 for revaluation then 1100 for re-revaluation and 2 subjects hue to 3000. I hate that procedure itne mein to achi si sandals aajaye. Seems like heroine ko rum me daalke 8-9 shots lagake checking karte hain.

Rightnow im facing 1 wtf moment and 1 omg moment daily.On sunday I met this guy james holloway on google he wanted some techblogger for his site. Luckyman he found me...boht ache kaam kare honge last birth mein :P I thought I'll be writing for planetorbis but later I came to know that planetorbis was brought under a company called Rebell's Kcraft and they are currently working on an online magazine called krafty. James looks like CJ of GTA San Andreas naam dekhte saath hasi aajati hai :P He says that I write fancy tech blogs and if I wite for Krafty i'll be a journalist......i mean like really? But anyways this simply shows that darling you're wonderful, multitalented masi ko mat batana naito band baj jayega :P this was the 1st omg moment of the week. 2nd is that kishan is the new topper not pragya idk 83 %laane k baad koi kaise upset ho sakta hai mere aaye to mai TA kitna hai wo bhi na dekhu infact abhibhi nai dekhti end sem hi aisa aata hai ki puri jaan chali jaati :P
and brick by brick-train ka cover video bilkul pasand nai aaya.

I have to write a post on writerbabu and I don't know the title but it'll be there for sure. As for now I'm done kuch yaad nai aarha:P

good night,sweet dreams,miss me

Mar 05th, 2015 1:09 PM

Hello everyone hope you all are doing well keeping things straight enough I want you all to visit our website and give us feedback so that we can improve and meet up your expectation.And if you're tech savy you'll just love it.We have gaming,DIY,baffling science,gadget and tech.You'll get some tutorials on programming languages if you want and coolest use MATLAB is already there so just hit on this link " " Its not even 1 week and we got 960 visitors figures are going good hope we hit 1000 by tomorrow so atleat we can say we had 1000 visitors in 1 week :P catchy part is that all 4 us are from different cities never met each other never heard each others voices still we work as a unit. All in all please visit techseeker we're passionately curious.Let us know your views on articles and if you have any queries or suggestion you can mail we'll reply you ASAP and we're waiting for your feedbacks. You can catch us on facebook,youtube,pinterest and twitter.Mail us at "" and the link below nowwww :P

Feb 21th, 2015 4:16 PM

I really don't know whats so good about this song but still this "uptown funk"is continuously going on my mind specially these lines
I’m too hot hot damn
Called a police and a fireman
I’m too hot hot damn
Make a dragon wanna retire man
I’m too hot hot damn
Say my name you know who I am
I’m too hot hot damn
Am I bad 'bout that money
Break it down :P
finally met dharmika...still aisa laga time kam were right friends should stay together do one thing mere ghar pe move in karle infact apne ko same collg mein hona tha maanti nai hai baat tu bhi ab miss kar baithkar engineering Q nai kari bimbo?

finally tomorrow there's going to be last class of c and then dance practise monday ko ache se perform karna hai waise bhi agar ham hai to ham hi ham hai...and masi do hell with your concept..obviously i'll find my competition in zonals but apne college mein to mein hi star hu aap kuch bhi bolo:P i'll surely give my 1005 in final% but agar kisi or ka 100% jada hogaya to i cant do anything for that so disclaimer is kuch bolna mat :P

and akshay was right..that video of his sister's wedding was was almost like yash raj movie is going on...dusra adjective nai milraha ab :P Usko dekh kar na sachi mein shaadi karne ka man karjayega and if in case maroon5 hits the wedding ceremony like how they did in "sugar" fir to 5-6 times shaadi karlungi but with the same guy dolly ki doli thodi chal rahi hai 5-6 times to bas maroon5 k liye coz they'll be singing the song by the time :P

bas ye wala it was really nice to see shruti after long time and yoga clases are trash...srslu 40 marks k liye engineering students yoga bhi karte hain...surya namaskar kara dala evenig mein and srsly my each and every joint...every single joint is paining badly 5days hogaya painrelief lagake kuch nai hoaraha..damn yoda and usko karane wali k liye to words hi nai milrahe..torture karti hai style
anywas gtg now OS padhna hai

love me xoxo ...and yes ab arjus se pyaar khatam :P mera evergreen pyaar one direction hi best hai

Feb 11th, 2015 11:47 PM

okk now im very serious about this im seriously in love with this arjun now i cant really help if he's a celebrity hogaya pyaar to ab karu :P lol. and how dare you call him kida rohit? i dare you if you ever repeat that again i'll seriously break your bones btw biggest thing that ever happened to me in my entire life though this was 2nd time but aaj ho hi gayi...i travelled in private seriously short of words right now but journey was like OH MY DOG kya mausam tha maa sha allah kya gaane chal rahe the..subhanallah "sanam mujhe tere sar ki kasam sare janam sang jiyenge ham"..wooow another was was impeccable " duniya mein kitne gam hain mere unse thode kam hai" waah waah mazaa aagaya i mean like seriously kon baat karta hai aise?dhakkan.

rightnow im very happy coz of the feedback i received from OMNIUM.Sir apko to boht late se pata chaka ki im a brilliant student mein to hamesha se ye baat janti thi but being a manager or director i dont remember your designation exactly but you're least updated :P

really excited for sunday finally going to meet dharmika. 15th jaldi aaja footage mat khaa ab :P finally we'll be meeting after 8 long months but still i'm not like im dying to see your face dharmika kaisi hogi tu kya kar rahi hai ye ye wo wo just dress well we'll take some pics makeup mat karna matrimonial k liye nai chahiye its going to only for 3 us.

and arjun again im sooo much in love with you :P idk why and how and i swear you really dont have the best smile :P im soo honest woow. BTW you can atleast think once for india tour you have many fans here also overall mein to hu hi and these lines are exclusively for you "I've tried playing it cool
But when I'm looking at you
I can't ever be brave
'Cause you make my heart race
Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah, frozen and can't breathe
Something's gotta give now
'Cause I'm dying just to make you see
That I need you here with me now
'Cause you've got that one thing
So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing"
though ive not written this but hai wo tere hi liye..pyaar and all to thik hai sunday k baad monday means maths which is directly proportional to shantanu sir where he'll be torturing us with statements like solve the given question in 2 sec...srsly sir k paas patience naam ki chiz hi nai hai.aaj to diary entry karke boht bore hogayi...who cares goodnight

Feb 08th, 2015 6:10 PM

ohhh my ghosh arjun is soooo damn amazing ekdam 100% true types ishk wala love hogaya mujhe :P though this is celebrity crush again to moonji's chokri and aman the adharmi hasna mat i never came across any guy like arjun in my entire life...idk why but we only believe the concept that girls who are beautiful are dumb but that thing implies on boys too..few months back i met a guy on wechat he use to look good perfect jaw lines and sharp nose overall very smart but i swear jab usne muh khola na to uska grammar was like what the hell:P he said he's doing engineering but usne engineering ki spelling kya likhi thi maa sha allah subhanallah after that i was like ok you'll be in my block list for sure no probs at all:P taange tod di thi janaab apne english ki RIP english kar daala tha anyways im exclusively in love with arjun now so just buzz off btw few lines for arjun
"I feel like a plane on a runaway about to lift off
I feel like an ocean so deep, deep as my love
You should know that it's you that I've chosen
and I'm ready to give you my all
Yes I'm right open
Come and get, come and get it.
You know that I could be.
The one that makes you complete
'Cause I've fallen head over heels, and you're the only one." this is one of your song written by you so im dedicating that to you coz ye romantic tamasha is not my cup of tea..and if you ever breakup with your girlfriend just think about me once im not saying ki im like victoria's secret anger but atleast better then your bhutni afterall im so sweet innocent and cute everyone says that khud se nai bol rahi hun:P and even i think im cute smart sober innocent and insab k saare synonyms lemme include modest also i really like that word

and frankly speaking its funny to see ki kaise pragya deepak and roshni ek dusre ki life mein aag lagayi hai afterall sabke names bhi fire or flames se inspired hai ekdam personal life par light daal rahe ek dusre ki to lage raho :P but im happy to see that pragya actually wants to come of the trash surely i'll help you friend hai tu meri:P

bas 15th feb jaldi aajaye:P finally going to meet dharmika and mene suna ye nidhi agrawal ne tujhe taunt kara over that she kept mocking you...tu bol to jaan lelu uski badi aayi sunane wali samajhti kya hai khudko wo

coming back to arjun "I feel like a king when I'm in your arms, and I ain't going nowhere.
Baby you made me feel so vulnerable, so be careful with my heart.
With my heart.
You know that I could be.
The one that makes you complete
'Cause I've fallen head over heels, and you're the only one." again sab apki hi lines hai apka hi composition hai apko hi dedicated hai :P anyways abhi assignment time itna bhi pyaar nai hua tujhse ki din bhar tere baare mein likhte rahu bbye

Feb 07th, 2015 01:03 AM

My first diary entry yeahhhhhhh buddy.First of all thank you so much Srijan Shrivastav agar writerbabu nai hota to mujhe pen and paper se diary likhna padta. 2 lines are more than enough for first day and now I'll see how can a diary help you to analyse yourself...i mean like i know me soo well and still this moonji's chokri keeps yammering about pros and cons of writing diary.Other then that few words are coming directly from my heart I really miss Rakesh Sir It was really good doing some logical reasoning rather then doing quantitative aptitude early morning. You were sooo not strict sooo not firm but Shantanu sir is like dangerous,strict,firm followed by other synonyms early morning maths karayenge how rude that too with conditions like I want answer in 5 can someone be so cruel.Anyways today i did shagun ki entry as soon as i'll post this,moonji's chokri will inform aman the adharmi and never to forget Mr.Nalayak Nagpur about my diary after that i'll get multiple reactions like what the just wrote a diary.....are you alright:P BtW this default pic of diary reminded me of steve jobs almost same spects pretty cool:P And Im proud of me I started writing this diary at 11pm and now its 1am and still im not done.Ohh you soo much babiee keep up the spirit and moonji's chokri can you atleast attempt not to disturb me while Im doing all this writing sort of sensitive work.Time to share the link with my new friend and im ready to hear that are you call this a serious diary entry about your day:Pand as i know your reactions i would appreciate if you dont say anything like this. Bas bohot hogaya GOOD NIGHT

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