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Dec 17th, 2014 11:54 AM

I chased a bus in a bus!

In Bangalore, you have the provision of buying monthly passes for accessing public buses. I normally buy the one that allows me to travel in the Volvo buses and it costs Rs. 2250 (if you already own an identity card) and Rs. 2300 (if you do not). On the very first day of December, 2014 I was ready to buy the monthly pass and boarded a Volvo bus from the nearby bus stop. I informed the bus conductor to give me one that costs Rs. 2250 and to hurry up since I will be getting down in the next stop itself. He informed that he doesn't have that one but instead will give me the one that costs Rs. 2300. I agreed. By the time, he handed me the pass I got down without taking the change of Rs. 200. Neither did he remember nor did I notice.

It struck me just at the moment when I got down from the bus and checked for the change. The bus was gone and there was no way that I could have chased it by running with a heavy backpack. Just when I was wondering what to do, another Volvo came and I got into the bus. I explained to the conductor and the driver what had happened, with an all confused and helpless look. They asked if I noted the bus number (from the number plate) to which I replied, no. Then something exciting happened!

Both the driver and conductor ensured that I will be able to catch the bus and get my money back. Luckily there wasn't any other Volvo bus of the same route between both these buses and this bus could follow the earlier one. Since we were a little behind, we were getting stuck at every signal that the earlier one cleared. But this chasing one made sure that it zooms through the traffic and not stop unnecessarily at stoppages. The chase was turning into an exciting one where not only I but the driver and conductor were in equal anticipation. At each and every signal, while my prayers to God increased its pace, for the driver the wait to drive a little faster to catch up was visible clearly. Finally, at one signal both the bus got stuck. The driver was quick enough to let me get down and run and catch the earlier one. I ran through the cars and knocked on the bus door. Normally, the buses do not allow passengers to board buses in the middle of the road but this one did. I got into the bus, caught hold of the conductor and asked for the money. Initially, he denied but then when I told him I had got down without taking the change and mentioned the bus stop, he remembered and thankfully, gave me the change without much problems.

Now, I was in an area which was completely off track from the route to my office and I was left with a new bus pass and change that was destined to be spent on auto fare. But this chasing a bus in another bus will always remain a special one, for I know, these unique experiences visit you very rarely.

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