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Diary by F's Diary

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Jan 07th, 2013 06:04 AM

Hello there folks! i write for my own self on blogger.. but as i have hidden my identity therefore i only have 3 followers ( one is me :D) so i thought y not write somewhere else where ppl might give it a glance.
take care.

Jan 07th, 2013 06:02 AM

What happens when you hide ur DOB on facebook..

Not a single 'friend' wishes you. isn`t it obvious?
No no i m not depressed (just saying) as i always hate my birthday. Many reasons.

from that day on there is a 1 added to ur age. I SIMPLY DONT WANNA GROW OLD.
ur stupid so-called friends wishing u like they care so much. but in actual they remember ur bday from stupid facebook.
If by chance any of ur friends buy u a bday present .. You just wanna throw it out of ur window, because that old fashioned piece of shit is something ur Mom wouldn`t even like to wear. Come on dont you know me?
People kept asking u for birthday treats. I wish facebook managed to create fake cakes, which can actually be chewed but tastes as bad as the person.
I think i hate people.

The list ends here coz i cant think of anything else.
All i m saying is, I just need true bday wishes showing me how important i m to some people, no gifts, no cards nothing at all.


Jan 07th, 2013 06:01 AM

Dear Diary, i fear butterflies the most..

yes, I fear butterflies,the ones in my stomach. Exam season is on,the butterflies have come to life. Let me confess it was me making all the noise. oh it rhymed =D
The noise, the embarrassment, the poor academic record..
When i was in Bachelors i remeber most of the time they went crazy. and i had to submit the paper in urgency. Sometimes i wonder is it just me or it is this common? but how could it be common i never heard any noises coming from the guy sitting next to me, also, he managed a good gpa throughout.
I think i have a serious disease as it doesn`t only happen in exam room, it can happen in any room. Where there are people without tongues but ears.
The question is should i be embarrassed of it? i think yes because people laugh when u make funny noises.
Or Shouldnt i be asking the person sitting next, Haven`t you had your breakfast?
Any tips?

Jan 07th, 2013 06:00 AM

Things i hate about men...

This opposite sex of ours is very strange. I always wanted to share my views on men. I m really proud to write it down and make it part of the history,so that our daughters will read n learn.
Lets make a list :P
#1 The way they Stare.

#2 I hate it when they never wanted to miss a chance to touch you i mean the hand, even in the shortest of time. while returning the change or handing over the car park ticket.

#3 when they dont know you n call u in public with their weirdest sense of humour.

#4 They stink.

#5 They sweat.

#6 They dont brush their teeth.

#7 They pick out nose when bored or whenever they feel like.

#8 They are unclean, dirty and unhygenic.

#9 If a girl talks to them they consider themselves a champion.

#10 They are overprotective.

#11 They eat alot.

#12 If a girl talks to them first they think she has a crush on them.

#13 If a girl is shy while talking to them they again think she has a crush on them.

#14 All men have this same desire about girls.

#15 They agree upon marrying any girl whether they like someone or not.

#16 They love showing off the count of girls they know.

#17 They are never a girl`s bestfriend, they want "something" or secrectly fantasize the girl. Watchout girls.

#18 They have this stupid sense of dressing, whether copying Salman Khan`s long hair or wearing neon color Kurtas.

#19 Hate the fact that minimum use of undergarments is common among most of them.

#20 They wear makeup on their wedding day.

#21 They are men.

My reason to hate them is #21. wats yours?

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