Don't read my diary 's Diary

Don't read my diary 's Diary

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umm being a person with quality means more to me.

20 years old, Female, Raipur

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Aug 1st, 2018 11:46 PM

It's really been a long time to me making any entry. Before making this entry I had read my last entries and the first thing that I thought was ,how stupid I used to be.? It's been years and again am here... Turned 20 this year.. am officially an adult now. Life is kinda fair with me this time. Am doing my things way better than I ever thought and thank God. Am not at all in a confused state anymore... 🙌 I have sorted out many things, hey that doesn't mean I am sorted out everything.. life is kinda good in law school. Although I always wanted to becomes a doctor.. but may be god didn't find me suitable for the profession. I personally feel these days whatever happens, happens for good.
Yeah one more change I bought in myself. That's "Acceptance".
There are many things I want to talk about.. and very few people listen them. this also might be a reason for my come back to writebabu..
Good night people. ☺️

Jan 09th, 2016 12:06 AM

I think I am being selfish, but I love him. You may removed him Frm my path because you don't wanna take him where you want me to go. Right.?
Sb kuch to aajtk aapki marzi se hi hua hai..
Aage b aapki hi chlegi but but but don't ever ask me to forget him, he is my soulmate dil se chahti hu ushko hamesha chahte rahugi, har saans, har mod, har janam :)

Jan 07th, 2016 00:11 AM

Had a twisted day, texted my soulmate but ushne muije reply nhi Kia. Read my message and removed it. Bhot jada miss kri usko :(
That guy I will kill him or when I see I die seeing him
So dear God,
Aaj aapse complain hai muije
Do ask your son to reply me.
Itti Akad kyu hai aapk bete ko
Bolo ushko ki main wait kr rai ushk response ka :/ thank you
Kl milte hai

Jan 3rd, 2016 3:16 PM

Almost after an year I m again here..
It's been long time when I made my last entry..
He is abhijeet this time. A bad guy by nature but gentle by heart..
I am in love with this guy.. Made him my soulmate. He deserves to be my soulmate..
So it's been a month when we went into relationship, both loved each other from the eternally... Yes, he is something different and I love him..
So the thing Is that, we are no more together.. I don't expect him to come back to me. He has lighten my world that used be be dark before him.. I will forever love him and I want him to be happy that guy has suffered the most.
Involved in many stuff, abit flirt although he hadn't done flirt to me..
He deserves love.. I wanted to be his last.. But life played it's game..
We are separated aftr almost aftr a month, surprisd.?
1 month isnt over yet still I have completely fallen for him.. He will be in my prayers forever..
If not me then I want someone in his life whose love is selfless to him... 😊

Jan 19th, 2015 11:54 PM

m so much tired after slepping 3 hours..
n now i again want to sleep dont know why..
read 4 hours...
may be mai pdhti likhti hu nhi to aaj padh li ishliye accha na lag raha ho...
btw its does'nt matter whether i like it or not but my parents were surprised..
n happy too..
it was a fine day got up early in the morning a went skul passed time suggesting him not be upset as he shared something to me. n want me to suggest suggestion
TARUN-my classmates or you can say my friend
he is a good guy n in love with shruti n want her to be in relationshp as shruti is his besti..
but today i came to know that your best buddy cant be your boyfirend ot besti cant be your girlfriend.there is a big diff in both...
we cant force anybody for anything..
everyone has rights to choose their happiness...
i would end it here...
so bbyeeee sd tc..

Jan 18th, 2015 10:40 PM

it was a sad day, it was so tough for me to get tickets..
because i am still a teenager...
was very excited for ALONE
but my bad luck it was A grade movie. only for adults...
n secondly i came to know that you are beautiful in yourself the way you look.. everybody have their special quality..
yeah thats true that i m not good looking or can say ugly n fatty too...
today life taught me something new...
i never thought about, if you are filled with talents then you are beautiful..
really want to make my own status..
so its time for study kyuki maine kuch b nhi padha hai subha se...
n thats not healthy for me so
GN people sd tc.. shyd jald hi milu.. :) :)

Jan 14th, 2015 6:44 PM

good evening...
finially finished practical file, n i wanna hang out now..
ALONE is about to release n i m so excited to watch it, i heared it from group of people that it is dammn horror,
i just wish amma allow kr de...

Jan 12th, 2015 09:13 AM

This is my 1st entry.
good morning dear diary
i think you are the One to whom i can share my thoughts n feelings.
because i have very less friends oops so called friends.
i heared so many people saying " Life is so tough without friends"
Yeah thats true that i have not much friends but still i m happy..

Everyday i start with a cup of coffee n music, I am not well trained singer, but still people says i am much better then trained once, 2014 was worst year till now..
it was full not unexpected things, sadness n the most worst thing i suffered from was DEPRESSION. Why.?
i dont know, may be because my best friend left me or may be because of negitive thoughts about owns.. may be because i learned so much about life..
i was completely lost myself.. :(
i think i should stop it by here...
so in the end i would like to say, music is the only way to get you back...
All the best. :)

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