Dr. Nikolai Severus's Diary

Dr. Nikolai Severus's Diary

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A recapitulation of thought and feeling, the secrets of mind and soul, confessional, existentialist, strange poetic exploration of life and experience, epistemological and metaphysical, giving a new personal gospel of universal wisdom...

31 years old, Male, San jose, CR

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Sep 08th, 2014 11:13 AM

Birth. Coming into being. All is abstract, no angles yet, darkness, slowly humming fires at the edges, the gold of the Gods in a trascendental Rhine. A dark sea of consciousness, ever expanding, never ending game, dare dare dare to see and live through all the show and history made alive in your own drama theater of insane fascination, sense and shape come from abstract musing at the corners of the gigantic city...all is a bit dark yet, now even, we're just dying light, to only start again, sad musing, yet we must imagine we children of Sisyphus happy in repetition and tiresomeness and suffering, toil, endless, yet we'll do it all over again, random schemes and crazy joints of time set situations to avoid the void, and memory even from dark nothing-ness...the show must begin again, the mystery play, the magic gems that won't fade in the gigantic journey, fare ye well for now...

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