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Everyone has a book in them. It is always about daily struggles rather than few heroic events of our lives. Let us read about the life of a common man who happens to be a doctor.

30 years old, Male, North India

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Nov 07th, 2019 9:08 PM

7th Nov. 2019
The day went by as any other day. My mind and my thoughts kept me chained to this habitual non productive anxiety. Being a doctor I should have been doing something, If not earning money then atleast helping people, but I am doing neither. The struggles don't seem to end, each day has become a burden. The more I move ahead the more I fall behind. I am living off the family money. This after studying in medical field for about 12 years. All I have done is study and give exams. I am still waiting for the final result of one other exam. I am sure I will pass that, but preparation for that exam cost me my job. I still am a jobless doctor, married and waiting for exam results, living off the family money.

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