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EDY 's Diary

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Edy is a child who is going through a lot of depression as his parents are going through separation . Read his story and share his feelings for his relief...and learn how he copes with his LIFE.........

13 years old, Male, Mumbai

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Dec 16th, 2012 3:45 PM

Life isn't a book where you come to know what will happen to afterwards before just reaching that page. But unfortunately my life is like a book which hate it to be like that. Today, God knows why, my mom just became angry out of the blue moon and woke me up with her face red enough for me to get up in one shot. I knew something had happened in the night that she is angry to this limit. Well, I was wrong. She got a letter from some lawyer today morning and it states that my father cannot live with her anymore and she keeps me in custody of her and doesn't let me meet my grandparents. Well, that's partly right but she then created a huge havoc of that by calling each and every relative who's phone number she had in her directory. She told everyone about that letter, she even showed it to them. I came to know this all when my cousin brother told me about all these things. From that day, my life has changed like a button. I am in a never ending dillema, I sometimes feel. Both my mom and my dad love me a lot and I am just not able to make a decision of whom to support. We three consulted a connsellar and my mom's and my counsellar was the same. So then I am meeting both of my parents. My mom doesn't allow me to meet dad or my grandparents and I am just not okay with that. Even I as a child need the feeling of both sides of the family. Still I meet my grandparents and my dad quietly as like when leaving from my tuitions and when coming back k frm school. I also need the equal share of love. Nowadays my dad has got an official confirmation of meeting me. So I am waiting for the next Sunday to meet him.

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