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The life of a Momma of two young boys , learning how to do things by herself.

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Nov 14th, 2015 3:22 PM

Yesterday's terrorist attacks on Paris hit way too close to home for me. Although I do not live in Paris, I had close family staying there; near that very street.
I spent the night with my two boys , they were watching cartoons as my oldest came down with the flu. I refused to turn the news on because I feel they are too young to listen or see what they were saying.
My mother text me constantly with updates from my sister , who was hiding with her new husband. They locked themselves in their room and stayed there. Thank God.
First it was 18 dead and an explosion. Next it was 26 and gunmen. 60 hostages.
By the time I was putting the kids to bed it had quickly turned into "over 150 dead. 100 hostages. 5 more explosions. She can hear helicopters coming."
I was able to sleep. Though it's technically the middle of the night still where I am. I dreamed about it.
I'm terrified. I'm no where near them. But what if it happens closer to home next. I have to sweet , sweet boys. They are too young and too innocent to experience fear and terror like that.
What is the world coming to?

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