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A growing number of victims of different fraud investment have come forward to file their complaint. Many people are being victimized by individuals who offer an enticing opportunity to earn money. According to reports, the victims were offered investment prospects that could give them good earnings.

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Sep 19th, 2017 07:45 AM

Preventing Email Scams That Act as Recruitment Opportunity

Email marketing is one of the popular technique for promotions and marketing. Every day, millions of email messages are sent by different people around the world. These messages can be about products, services, or brand. However, 90.4 percent of all email sent is categorized as spam, according to the security vendor Symantec.

1 out of every 1.1 email messages are classified as junk. Spam has unsolicited messages typically sent through email. The word is coined by Monty Python after the luncheon meat brand Spam. This type of messages is flagged by web mail services because of its unsafe content.

The way it is written can be commercial in nature. It may contain disguised links which appear to be for similar to popular websites. However, it is unsafe because the links may lead to phishing web sites or sites that host malware. A lot of email spam messages also include malware as scripts, as well as other executable file attachments known as Trojans.

This type of messages can be reported by email users. A spam complaint occurs when the recipient clicks on the ‘report spam’ button in the program.

The authorities and other IT analysts gave a warning to email users about spam messages. Some fraud activities are using this method to fool people. Various scam incidents such as phishing, illegal transaction, and illegitimate recruitment opportunities have been reported.

Email job fraud

Even if spam usually categorized in junk email, there are many people being victimized by this trick. Email benefits both employers and workers. For aspirant job seekers, it is a significant way to send an application to recruiters and human resource organizations. It is also an easier and quicker way to send a message and still maintain a formal tone of communication.

However, there are fraudsters lurking around the web and use email to their advantage. They send fraud emails to people that act as a bait. Once the people click the link or content of the message, they may be led to phishing websites or malware.

Email has changed the game for online criminals and hackers. They are using email services like Yahoo and Gmail to connect with thousands of people at once. There are also instances that they can retain the anonymity of the message.

People behind this crime this type of scam use a familiar company name or create their own. They compose a message that appeals to their targets. They attach spam links on emails redirects to that redirects the victims to bogus websites. People should be vigilant with email scam because it could trick them into divulging personal and sensitive information. The information that criminals get can be used for other fraudulent activities or other purposes.

Being alert

You may receive an email from recruiters that invite you to apply for a job opportunity. It can be an attractive proposition but make sure to read the content thoroughly. It is better to review the whole content of the message and check the legitimacy of the job offer. Do this before complying with the requirements or give out any personal information.

Sep 19th, 2017 07:45 AM

Recruitment Scam Violates Potential Military Men and Teachers

Recruitment is one of the crucial processes when it comes to hiring workforce in a company, agency, or any other department. Good recruitment services are formed to choose the right people to employ. Individuals who are a part of hiring hubs have the capability to select applicants with the potential to fulfil the job responsibilities.

But what would happen if the problem stems from the critical process of recruitment? Potential employees and workforce have wasted their time, effort, and even resources to complete the process. There were innocent people applying for a job who filed a complaint against the individuals who gave them false hopes.

Recruitment failure

In India, there was an incendiary case called as the ‘teachers’ recruitment scam’. It is popularly known in the country as “Vyapam scam”. The term “Vyapam” is a Hindi acronym that came from Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal which is translated as the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB).

It was a controversial case because it was an admission and recruitment scam that involves politicians, senior officials, as well as businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It was a self-financed autonomous organisation run by the State government. The group was responsible for conducting several nationwide entrance tests.

The Vyapam conducted 13 different exams for the selection of medical students and state government employees. This also includes other employments such as school teachers, police personnel, food inspectors transport constables, forest guards, and dairy supply officers. Around 3.2 million students have taken the examination.

Another recruitment scam happened in Pretoria, South Africa. At least 200 people who applied for a military job were deceived. They were convinced that they are in a part of a military recruitment workshop in Tshwane.

The people who applied for the so-called recruitment workshop stayed in the location for more than a year. According to their reports, the man who recruited them said he will be providing workshops that increase their chance to be recruited to the military. The conman asked for a fee of R200 to R300 for his services.

The case is handled by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. According to the investigation, the conman was running a fraud operation from his house. He was also operating his workshop in the Wonder Park area.

Job scam

Not only school teachers but also many people from different academic fields were victimized by the Vyapam scam. On the other hand, the fraud military workshop held in South Africa have affected 200 potential workers. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have no middle people to recruit potential military workforce.

The authorities gave a warning to all job seekers to become vigilant in looking for jobs. Criminals take advantage of the lack of employment opportunities and unemployment rate. They can pretend as a recruiter or recruitment agency to deceive people to join their illegal operation.

Sep 19th, 2017 07:44 AM

Investment Scam Involving a Businessman Hits with Forgery Charges

Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and other Asian neighbor nations are getting featured in the news due to money laundering issues. In recent reports, a businessman from Malaysia is facing money laundering and cheating charges.

The victims have filed a complaint against the businessman named N. Narendran. The authorities have found the connection of the 37-year old businessman to a fraud investment scheme. According to the authorities, the investment scam has a worth of RM 6.3 million.

Different charges against the businessman

Aside from the fraudulent investment scheme charge, Narendran is also sentenced with an additional 10 counts of charges due to the use of forged documents. The charges were brought against the businessman which was read at the Sessions Court.

There were nine counts of charges against Narendran. According to the investigation, he tried to pass off the forged documents from the Perak government. All reports remained as allegations until he was proven guilty on the nine occasions that happened between April 29 and Sept 7 in 2015.

He was also accused of doing the same deed with a forged hospital document. The document was supposedly from the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital which was dated on 31st of October 2015. Other offenses were reported against Narendran wherein it took place at Ganang Resources office located in the Greentown Business Center.

Status of the case

In November, Narendran has been on trial for 105 charges of cheating. The complainant, Hafizul Abdul Hamid, filed a case because he claimed to be deceived by Narendran. According to Hamid’s statement, the businessman persuaded him that they had a deal. He was convinced that they agreed upon in providing disposable medical equipment to the hospital.

In the same year, he and his 50-year old friend have been penalized. Narendran, together with S. Robert, was charged under Section 4(1)(a) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act. He also faces four counts of money laundering cases that amount to RM728,000. His friend Robert was slapped with six charges that are worth RM746,400. Based on the statements of complainants, the violations happened between 25th of June and 4th of July 2015.

Charges piled up against Narendran but he pleaded not guilty to all the charges filed against him under Section 471 of the Penal Code. Judge Norashima Khalid handles the case of the 37-year old businessman. He set the bail at RM10,000 along with a pending surety.

Preventing investment scam

Investment scam happens not only in Malaysia but also to other countries such as Japan. They continue to face the substantial risk and challenges regarding money laundering. This type of fraudulent activity is an organized crime that leads the innocent people to financial problems.

Sep 19th, 2017 07:43 AM

Fraud Sellers Get Big Profit Due to the Rise of Amazon Scam

Convenience is one of the benefits offered by e-commerce websites like Amazon. It is one of the popular e-commerce websites that most consumers use for shopping. People don’t need to step out of their house to do their shopping needs. Purchasing the products can be done anytime and anywhere. The orders are delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

It is easy to shop using mobile devices or desktops. Buying from a wide range of products can be done in just a few clicks or swipes on your mobile phone. However, there are shoppers who filed a complaint about getting scammed by sellers on the website. The sellers tricked their customers into fraudulent transactions. Instead of convenience, online shoppers suffered from financial problems.

Scammers targeting online shoppers

Shoppers can find tons of stuff on Amazon. A lot of people use this e-commerce website to do their shopping needs conveniently. However, there is also a risk in using Amazon, as well as other e-commerce websites. Shoppers have lost their money because they purchased products from fraud sellers lurking in Amazon.

This should serve as a warning to consumers who love shopping online. Be cautious in purchasing products from unverified sellers because they might take advantage of Amazon’s popularity. Criminals get big profit from tricking online shoppers. As a part of their scam, they post counterfeit products on e-commerce websites. It’s difficult to get the money back from fraud sellers because they give false company name and contact details.

The culprits were able to gain money and got away it. The scam infuriated a lot of customers because they were left empty-handed. Some of them posted negative feedback on the website.

How to avoid fraud sellers?

Christmas season is just around the corner. A lot of people will try to shorten their long list of stuff to buy for the holidays. Many consumers start to shop for presents before the yuletide season finally comes.

Amazon aims to provide good service to their customers but the increasing rate of fraud merchants give the company a bad name. Customers are waiting for nothing. They did not receive the items they ordered because the fraud sellers never ship it.

Some loyal customers of Amazon never expected to get involved in any scam. There are customers who never had any problems with the service before. Amazon has a global standard for e-commerce but is sad to think that some sellers have bad motives when it comes to business. It breaks the trust of many online shoppers.

Before buying any stuff from an Amazon seller, it is recommended for customers to review the trust rating. Try to scrutinize the details and check if there’s a lot of negative feedback posted on the page. It could be a positive sign that the seller is a scam artist.

Sep 19th, 2017 07:41 AM

The Dominion Group International Warning! 3,000 Investors Lost on Fraud Investments

A growing number of victims of different fraud investment have come forward to file their complaint. Many people are being victimized by individuals who offer an enticing opportunity to earn money. According to reports, the victims were offered investment prospects that could give them good earnings.

In 2016, the Japanese newspaper Japan Times has featured the investigation on two alleged individuals that created a fraud-related investment scheme. The local prosecutor from Nagoya asked for a court order to freeze the assets of two suspects regarding the investment scheme. The victims reported that the preparatory offering fraud investment scheme.

There are two individuals being investigated due to the Japanese forex scheme they offer to people who would like to invest. One of the suspects, named Masaaki Ito, is a 48-year-old manager working for a company that organizes trading seminars. He has also been accused seven times because of embezzlement. 160 clients of his clients have filed a complaint which gave him a track record. The clients have suffered damages amounting to 1.9 billion yen (17 million US dollars).

The officials have been investigating the perpetrators based on the complaint of the victims. According to reports, the two suspects have defrauded the investors with 11.7 billion yen (104.9 million US dollars).

About the case

According to the police investigations, 3,000 retail investors have been scammed with more than 100 million dollars. The complainants said they were given an assurance that the invested funds they paid for will be used in real trading. They were persuaded to invest their money because of the promised that they will get a guaranteed monthly returns of the invested capital which is 3 per cent.

Masaki Ito and his partner who has not been named yet never used the money as promised. They have not engaged in any transactions with the funds they accumulated from a lot of their investors. The Japanese authorities managed to secure 270 million yen. An amount of 6 billion yen was used to refund the contract cancellations to give the investors their money back. The prosecutors are still investigating other matters regarding the case to determine what happened to the remaining 5.56 billion yen.

Tracing the fraud investments

The prosecutor’s office puts on their high hopes to track the remaining funds missing. It could still be in the possession of the suspect but the investigators must issue a warrant that would allow them to freeze the assets.

An inquiry was scheduled for May 2016. The prosecutors must prove to the court if the assets of the suspects came from fraudulent transactions. The money being retrieved from the assets will be distributed to the 3,000 victims of the investment scheme.

The investigators have located some of the remaining funds by tracing the bank deposits made in Japan and abroad. The amount of recoverable money cannot be confirmed yet since the investigation is currently running.

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