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Every day of your life is lesson,it's upto you whether you learn from it or just let it go.

23 years old, Female, Kolkata

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Apr 18th, 2018 3:40 PM

Today was as usual a normal day. Exams are very close. Need to study whole day. Im bored with my normal routine. Really need a break and have fun. Dear future husband where are you, find me and lets get married or else you will be bachelor for life coz " Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye 
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye" im the only one you will be married to;-) . So don't waste your time. Lets us explore the world together coz im bored here.
PS Ik you gonna find me soon.
And the schedule goes on. Today it was raining here and i got drenched as i went downstairs to fetch some stuffs. It was fun and weird too, people were looking at us as my cousin and me, only two of us running on the road. And yeah i got to learn how to bargain, hope to be a master soon.. Haha
Mumma im missing ghar ka khaana. M hungry too.. Hope to meet you soon. Im missing baking too.
Guni8 diary its time to zzz

Apr 13th, 2018 9:55 PM

Yesterday it was not at all a normal day.. Like last year i forgot to wish pato on time. And i called him at 1 pm he was very angry and just said me thanks and cut the call. I called him at night but he was busy and was not able to talk to him and hw is still angry. I'll apologies to him once he comes to kolkata.
Apart from that is was a noramal day.
And now comes today. Woke up early did normal stuffs and studied and studied and studied.
Then in evening i went to market for shopping. Had fun ate stuffs.
Now im gonna study again.
Mota bhai sent me an inspirational quote and put is as my diary pic, jo ki upload hi ni ho raha h.
Things to do: Purchase Mumma ke liye Car.
Papa ke im still no able to decide.
Meri nani ji ke liye gold bangles.

Apr 12th, 2018 04:24 AM

It was normal day. Woke up at 10, got fresh and as usual books were my companion. Had brunch at 1:30 pm, I know it's late but I was waiting for my sis who was in station to see of mota bhai.
Today I had to fight with a shop keeper to get my money back. I somehow managed to get a dress for my cousin's marriage, but the shopkeeper ruined my dress and he had no other good dress which fits me well and looks good on me. I tried few other dress but none was good. Finally I was soo pissed off bcoz the shop owner was just wasting my time as he kept on saying come next week as new collections will come but sadly every week he have no good collection. Finally I decided to get my money back and told my sister that I'll get the money back. Went to his shop and to my surprise he started shouting and then even I had to raise my voice, he was disgusted and so was I and i asked him to return my money and he did so. I then returned to my home and started studying after a while. Then comes a new issue, chetna my cousin. She is always a problem for my sister and me. I forget to mention she stays with us. She too have to attend a function and need a dress. I helped her to get a dress but her masi said it's to expensive, she would have got the same dress at cheap price had she said for her dress to her masi and I felt guilty as I asked her to pay for an expensive shit. But today her money was refunded too from the same shop and I asked her to ask her masi to get a dress for her but, as I said she is problem for us, said ab kaha se hoga ab to time ni h, possible ni h and all. I was so pissed off and said her, jb masi la hi ni skti to comment kyu krti h,jaise Teri masi h Meri bhi h and ik achha ni apni masi ke baare Mei sunna ye sb but still she shouldn't have said expensive dress h jb wo khud purchase krke ni de skti.. Kabi kabi bade log bohot pareshan krte h. And then chetna started crying called her mother and started shouting at her and then started bitching about us (sis and me). At 4 pm everything was normal, I continued my studies as I had already wasted my 1 hour. Evening passes normally like an usual day me sitting with my books and studying. And now I'm done with my today's schedule thought of writing here. It's time to sleep.
Guniee. Maa paa miss u. Meri munna aajkal mujhe km daatti h.. Haha. Forgot to mention I'm finally not going to my cousin's marriage. :-(

Apr 12th, 2018 04:06 AM

Trying to be regular here from now on, as I know someone far away reads my diary.

Apr 10th, 2018 6:46 PM

Mere mota bhai. Unke baare mei kitta bhi likho kam h. Once he asked me whether I have planned for my future(marriage, to be more specific). And my answer was no, he was very surprised and he convinced me so well that I now actually started planning for my future. Damn I have to study. I will think about my future husband after my exams are over till then lets just forget him for a while.

Apr 10th, 2018 2:56 PM

"Law of Attraction", if you always think about positive situation things will fall in place the same way. But if you are surrounded by negative thoughts then only negative will happen to you. These lines were said by my friend Pradatt and i always used to ignore him, but I now realise he was so apt.
I'm happy that I'm surrounded with such great human being. I'm sure everything good will happen to me

Apr 10th, 2018 05:15 AM

Since a long my life was not on track.. Had to face lots of ups and downs although this phase is not over yet but I was letting these circumstances over power me, my capabilities, my judgement, but today I'm feeling very good and motivated and i want to write this experience of my here so that I can remember this for my life. 
Today sumit Bhiaya and me went to a cafe in Park Street. It's a good place to spend time. We ordered few drinks and food stuffs and then we started talking about our lives, our best moment of life. I then shared my problems which im going through. He listen to all my problems and like a good guide started explaining me how to deal with it. He asked me to be happy, do stuffs that makes you happy. You are the only person you can make it or ruin it. One of his phrases were "I know you will Win, may be not immediately but definitely". Feels great to hear that someone still believe in me that i have the potential to do something in life.
He have gone through a lots of ups and downs in his life and they are not over yet but the best part is, whenever i meet him i always see dimples on his cheeks and that make me feel im actually letting myself down. It's not a way to tackle a situation. Being happy is the best solution of every problem.
I really need to learn a lot from him. Thank you mota bhai for your time and advice i'm gonna work on this. Thanks a ton mota bhai. Meet you soon in Mumbai :-)

Jun 05th, 2015 10:31 PM

Gud evening dear diary :)
Today day was vie normal..lots of work.. Nd study...
Today missed my mom a Lot..nd missed her nd missed her...i really wanna cum hone home mommy..i miss u soo much..'(
Gunnie mumma..love u..

May 22th, 2015 07:50 AM

Gud morning dear diary... :-)

Aaahhhh...morning classes strts... Now I'm gonna be a Gud girl...sleep early wake up early..nd no more Chats..n gonna miss u dear kaustuhb... Lol

Lemme study.. Bbye..have a gid Gud day all..miss u mumma..nd love u loads

May 06th, 2015 10:54 PM

Gud noon dear diary:)
Ik im vie inconsistent in wiriting here... Bt im vie sorry for dis.. Ik won't be forgiven... Im vie busy now a days...ofc tution nd my class..nothing much is left now for me...m so vie tired dis days...nd to add to this the fhcking weather... I really hate dis humid climate.. Ehhh..
From few days my experience r vie dangerous.. Im daily late to reach hstl..its d story of last Saturday.. Sir let the class at 9pm...it wad vie late.. Gt bus for hstl bt there were only males nd not a single girl...i was scared coz we all know men ll be men... Still i showed some courage nd sat on a window seat.. Reached hstl safe.. Again on sunday as usual i was late nd since it was a Sunday there was no female.. Only male nd dat too all labour class people... They were staring at me as if they ll "i don't know what was going on their mind, neither want to think "...therr was no bus..nd no taxi driver was ready to go...i was scared more nd strtd shivering.. Nd strated running on road... Finally gt a bus nd was safe..

Ahhhh...im vie sleepy nd tired tooo...wanna sleep...
Gunnie... I miss u vie much mumma...

Apr 25th, 2015 10:30 PM

Gud evening dear diary!!!

Earthquake everywhere...
Today for the first tym felt earthquake nd d experience was hilarious.... we were taking earthquake as a new experience of our's at office many died in nepal..im vie soiee for all those who lost their home their family ..may god bless those families may those soul rest in peace....

Gunnie alll...I miss u maa..love u loads:)

Apr 20th, 2015 4:43 PM

Gud eve dear diary:)
ofc nd ofc ..dis has bcom my life..nothing to write

Mar 13th, 2015 00:51 AM

Gud evening dear diary...missing u mom..d bst place in world is home.3.. M one of d unlucky human who is not wid family.. :-S
Ehh..lets not juz b emotional.. Karmbhumi mei apno se dur rehna parta h..nd i have to do dis for my Mom nd dad..i have to bcum CA...
Today day was as usual hectic.. Was vie frustrated from d day beginning.. Coz of ofc.. Client... Studies.. Clg..everything together..
Bt as d day passed i felt lighter.. Did grt masti during lunch.
Aftet a long tym met ofc colleagues as m gng to client ofc we r not anle to meet regularly...
Came back to hstl.. Studied nothing today... We celebrated birthday of of our hostel warden nd chit chat...
we rummis were talking nd gossiping every shit :-P.
Its truly a grt fun to talk d whole ni8..
Pradatt txt me today.. He has cleared gate with a good marks nd is topper in his group.. I cld him to wish him...im vie happie for him..he has worked really vie hard fired dis..bt i got to know tat m d last person he is informing bout his results.. Nd m now really vie sad to know tat...i thought he is my good frnd nd he feels d same for me.. Bt m wromg..completely wrong... Once again i got hurt coz of a friend.. M not important for a single person in dis world.. No one even think of me for a moment.. Bas jab tym pass karna ho toh chalo Ankita se baat kar lete h..tats all..itta hi value h..
From now on i juz promise to myself tat "i won't give a % value to anyone in my life, be it anyone. M more than hapiee wid my family.. Got d bst i should have..nd m satisfied wid this.. "
I guess i wont be able to write more... Started wid a sad note...i guess end is even more sad..Bt tats how my life is now...

Feb 13th, 2015 8:34 PM

I'll Still Love You

I'll be still collecting the roses you like,
The petals you choose, the pebbles you wanna throw.
I'll be still wandering to get you happiness.
I'll be still there, even if I'm not!
I'll still love you, even if I die!

You don't know what you've done to me,
The stars seem brighter, the nature's more beautiful,
You don't know what you're to me,
You taught me how to love, how to be better,You look prettier in my every other sight, 
You are the one who makes my day,
You are the one in my dreams every night.
And there's no reason that I can hate you,

There'll be love for you in my every breath,
I'll keep smiling when thinking of you,
I can never hate you, I'll always adore you,
I'll still love you, even if I die!

Copied don't remember from where.. Bt wanted to post here..:-P

Feb 13th, 2015 8:31 PM

Gud evening dear diary..
Im really sorry for not being a consistent writer and i apologise for d same. I noly write when im fully demotivated, annoyed by my own self, nd frustrated by whole world around me.
Today nd yesterday actually dis whole week was d same case. Im burdened with lots of work, pressure from college and my employer. I dont know what i should do nd what not. M tired like hell, my case is worst then hell.
My office lacks in proper human resources management nd tats on of the reason behind my freaking week. Im assigned with a hell lot of work i don't get tym to finish. Work r juz piling up and outcome is almost negligible. The only thing m undergoing is mental pressure as well as physical. This is hampering my study too. Today was d last day to meet my supervisor in clg regarding my finance project, nd she was juz concerned with graphs nd diagrams and my project lack those. So she was unable to understand anything coz d only thing she understands is numericals, guess she is weak in English as she was not able to make out anything out of my project. So, finally decided to change d topic of my project. She agreed to my option and asked me to cum up wid d project by Monday. From there i head to office. As usual therre were different people assigning different works, and i was unable to decide what u need to do and this is continuing since a week. Between my work somehow i managed to gather some info for my project.
Later in second half i was asked to go to clinet ofc. Der did some r and d. And d bst thing i eva dis was "left my pen drive der in client office" sooo today im paralysed nd m nt able to do my project tat i need to do today, coz i won't get much tym tomorrow and sunday im going for ofc picnic. Bt im not left wid any odr option apart from doing it tomorrow.
When i came back from ofc, i was feeling vie bad nd wanted to talk wid someone. I thought of talking wid my mom nd dad by i knew if i talk to them ill cry nd was not in a mood to tense dm so decided to call someone else. So i call ayush nd as usual he was busy wid i dont know what kind of shit nd i hang up annoyed coz of him. And d way i felt at tat moment is inexpressible. Im vie mad at myself , i juz wonder how can i still have so much love for a guy who don't even respect me. I have neva fell for anyone before rather made everyone fall for me. I really cant belive tat i can love someone soo much tat i ll myself loose my respect. Tats really a vie weird part of me nd m tired of dis.
I rang up one of my cousion nd talked to him. He made me fell a bit better. Then comes d devil "kaustuhb" he have medicine to all my pains, he make me laugh in every situation. He forced me to talk to him thru skype nd made me smile and laugh as he always do. Nd i thank u for tat dear :-)
Now m really feeling better.... Bt wait may be god don't want to see me happy.. My rummi again asked for my laptop nd she... She have no clue how to handel a laptop... Its one of d nightmare "she using my laptop :'( "..
Enough of crying... Today in ofc we all were having lunch and there's a boy in my office whose teeth r vie small nd when eva he smile his teeth r not visible.. We all make fun of him when eva he laughs. I have downloaded few songs of 50 shades d novel m reading now nd one of d song is my present fav." u r d only thing i want to touch, love me like u do".. Ehhh.. My cousin whom wid i had a brief talk today always make me sing weather i want or not, not considering d fact that im a vie bad singer "a bathroom singer" to be more precise :-P.. M hungry now..need something to put into my stomach..
Bbye.. Gud ni8 dear diary. Missing u mumma... Papa:-( love u lot3 I'll see u both soon...

Dec 31th, 2014 10:33 PM

Gud evening dear diary.
So today is the last day of this year. Had a grt year. 2014 taught me a lot. Gave me a person whoz vie close to my heart. Many new frndz.
2014 strared in Ernakulam, kerala.
Was der for d same bank audit.
Dis yr i went to many different places. Fouth wid many, loved nd was loved by many, laughed, cryed, gave ezamz, emjoyed party . Experienced d happiest moment of gng home after every month, almost was to miss train, dis year my bhabhi gave birth to my cute bro. What else, all together 2014 was a nice year wid lots of excitement, tension. Enjoyes thoroughly. Hope to see a better tomorrow (@ new year)
Tats all for now. May be i post more afterwards.
Missing u mumma , papa, bro nd sis. Love u all.3

Dec 25th, 2014 01:19 AM

Gud evening dear diary.
Merry Christmas to all, it fells vie good to be in a hostel when we all party together. Today we all had grt fun in hstl. Had chocolates..click click.. Selfie # magiee... Songz #dance...
Yesterday had a grt day. Did nothing in office and only masti fun. Lots of studies done yesterday. Today got up early. Bt day was nt d same as yesterday. Got ache on my left foot. Was not in a mood to go to office Bt no choice. So was forcefully had to kick myself out of bed. And went office. Lots of work today, it took lots of time to cmplt those. As i said earlier d was not good, actually was a vie bad day. Mere boss ne achhe se sunaya mujhe coz some important files were misplaced and that was not my fault, a big scolding from on of my senior too "bt jiske tym kharab hote hai toh ek sath kharab ho jate hai".
Anyway all those pains were cured dis night. We really had a grt night today. Im vie Hapiee tat m concentrating on my studies together with fun, and tats really vie good for my health lol.
Merry Christmas once again. Jingle bell jingle bell, jingle ol d way santa is cum alone... Hey y@
Gunnie.. Missing u mumma.. Love u3

Dec 25th, 2014 01:07 AM

Gud evening dear diary.
M being vie inconsistent wid my entries since a long time. Apologies for dis. But I really don't have much to write. Yesterday it was Sunday, was in hstl d whole day and did nothing not even studies. Juz slept d whole day. Had Magiee at 12 am yesterday and ruined it. Coz I'm nt good at making magiee in a boiler. Rather i make tasty yippee using a boiler. Today woke up early. Was not in a mood to go to office and hence informed my senior through a message sayng "im ill, so won't b able to come to office today". Today was basically a day full of classes. I studied for almost 12 hours today, and did homeworks too. Did nothing apart from studies. There's some prblm wid network, I'll post this entry tomorrow.

Dec 16th, 2014 08:12 AM

Gud morning dear diary:-)
A vie Gud strt wid cost classes lol. Yesterday had a grt fun. Went to college and our principal gave a long lecture in d auditorium. The auditorium was vie small to accommodate 4000 B.Com students and was vie suffocative. Bt I enjoyed there standing as no chair was left to sit, enjoyed with college frndz after a loooongg tym. Went to office and as I have already mentioned I worked in office "seriously". Suddenly at 5 pm one of my colleague called me asked whether I'm coming wid them or not. And I said yes. We went to a restaurant and had pasta. Pasta was not tat Gud Bt we enjoyed together laughing and singing.
I was again hungry so asked one of my colleagues to go to some other place to have something tasty. So he took his car and we went to urbans cafe to have Magiee and pasta again :-P. I enjoy travelling in car. I'm in love wid car and bikes
All together d day was really vie good. Came back to hstl and again sTudy.

Dec 14th, 2014 10:11 AM

It's being a long time, have not written and post here. I missed u dear diary. Gud morning btw. From a few days was not felling like writing Bt one of my friend ask me to continue writing and here I'm.
Things have changed vie much in those few days and I'm also changed. A lil bit more serious and less talkative. Lots of pressure of classes are making me boring. And m nt even gng outside after office with friends. Even now people around me r also changed. One of my Gud friends now have stopped talking to me without any reason and now I don't care whether she is interested or not. I'm really not interested. I tried to apologise a lot of time before without knowing my fault. Bt now fuck to all dis bullshit m nt gng to go and apologies to anyone for no reason.
I have got a new laptop last month. It's dell inspiron and m doing my ca final classes on laptop. I'm now vie much determined to complete this classes by March 2015.
My days r going as usual boring. Nothing changed. Went home a few few days ago.. I'm vie happie my bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy. He is vie cute and vie swt.I Juz love playing with him. Had a grt day der and was not in a mood to cum back to kol. Bt no other option other Dan cmng back was with me. So I'm back here all alone, bored.
I miss u mumma.
See u soon dear diary.

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