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Flying Dreams's Diary

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I guess I wanted to share my thoughts with someone :)

21 years old, Female, Poland

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Feb 2nd, 2016 03:12 AM

First day of February, first words written down in this diary :)
I had a lot of 'first' experiences in my life, actually.

First poem, first boyfriend, first kiss... that's all in the past now.

But I guess I'm still waiting. Waiting for love to sneak into my heart.
I know, it sounds cliche. Stiil, it's the truth.

I've never fallen in love.
Sure I cared for the guys I was with, but never felt any spark, chemistry between me and them.

Just yesterday, I thought of something I consider my current goal.
I want to know, no.. discover the real ME.

I may not know what that means at the moment, but I'm sure sooner or later the asnwer will reveal itself.

Soo, yup, that's all for my first entry :)

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