Impetuous's Diary

Impetuous's Diary

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Its about me..the promises i make to myself and how conveniently i break it every personally my impulsiveness has made me a stronger,wiser yet a foolish person.

24 years old, Female, Delhi

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Nov 06th, 2012 9:04 PM

6th November 2012,
My day started and ended with just one question in my mind..why am i doing this to myself,why am i running away from the fact that i still love him and probably can never forget him..these days i'am talking to a guy these days who is a prospective groom whom my parents have chosen,though he is a complete package with added benefits of good to talk to,but i still cant get over my first love..will this stay forever,will i ever be able to get off him..!!??

Nov 05th, 2012 9:57 PM

5th November 2012,
nothing grand about the day..except a few moments of realization..
1.)Even the dullest of the days turn out to be the brightest if you have a gr8 company..we embarrassed a good looking guy in our blowing a whistle to him without thinking of the repercussions..:P
2.)No matter how much you try.curse ur destiny..feel positive about things you have and let go off things you dont..the ones who hold your heart will always sit there strong and no amount of act can ever bid them away.
3.)Never let others enter your life if they are brought in to act as a buffer..cauz they can never take someone else's place...they can just fit in for few "dramatic" moments of your life..dont ruin their life to comfort ur own..!!
signing off for the day..!!

Nov 3rd, 2012 12:20 AM

3rd November 2012,
Lately i have realized how important it is for me to pen down my slowly a sheet of craziness covers your day to day actions just because you are not able to vent out your feelings to someone,how your daily work which never happened to bother you much before has suddenly started bothering you so much that you decide to quit without counting on the loss you may further do to yourself by escaping from the finally here i'am and i hope to stay and i'am sure this will help me know myself better for good or worse,time will tell...
Today after so many days i woke up with a feeling of giving,my selflessness overshadowed my selfish being,i cooked an early morning breakfast for a friend,went to the bakery packed some pastery's and went straight to her place 2 surprise her as it is her birthday 2day..believe me the joy of giving is much brighter than receiving..hoping for a great day with her 2day..signing off for now..!!

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