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Nov 07th, 2017 11:23 AM


Hiring new employees is a crucial process to the success of any company or organization. The recruitment department does an important job in initial streamlining and selecting the potential people to work with the company.

The recruitment team is important to consider the job and the candidate. Their responsibility does not only begin with interviews and end with job offers. Instead, their job involves planning, as well as a consideration phase prior to an interview.

The recruiters have to deliberate on the job applicants before they pick a candidate for an interview. The process of employment starts with them, just like how the concepts for products and services are made.

The recruitment employees, together with the managers, need to consider the key aspects of the vacant position before they advertise the job opportunity to job portals. They also need to consider the interview process and selection of new employees to fill the opening.

Advantages of Recruitment
The recruitment department brings new talent to the organization. They may also help in developing a diverse team of employees by hiring a potential employee with the skills and experience. They are responsible with opening up the opportunities in finding the experienced and qualified candidates that a company or organization needs.

Businesses must have a great human resources team because they are in charge of bringing the best minds to be considered by the managers or higher-ups. The great thing about recruitment is they give the organization a competitive advantage. The company also benefits from human resource department because they garner awards and recognition to the noteworthy employees.

For companies with internal recruitment department, they have a direct way to review the applicant’s resumes and hire employees within the company. Compared to external recruitment, they have an existing company knowledge which is an advantage for employee training. they are also more knowledgeable when it comes to the goals, mission, and needs of the company or organization.

Due to the advancement of technology, selecting potential job candidates can be done online. Many employers are turning to e-recruiting to find qualified new employees to fill in the vacancies. Recruiting online is cost-effective and more affordable compared to advertising in newspapers or other media forms like print. It can also save time and it’s paperless because resumes can be sent electronically.

Recruiting online
In e-recruitment, interviews can be performed online by means of video calls. However, there is also a downside to this. One of the problems is it can be time-consuming and excruciating when checking the authenticity of thousands of applicants sending their CVs.

Another problem is that job seekers are at risk of a scam. There are recruitment opportunities posting malicious and illegitimate job openings that victimize a lot of job seekers. They pose as a recruiter for a company, promising an attractive offer, but their motive is just to get money from the hopeful job applicant.

Nov 07th, 2017 11:22 AM


Investment fraud companies are rampant nowadays as they have found the advantage of the internet, together with different communication channels. The scammers use different tactics to lure people into their shady deals and offers.

Cybercriminals and scammers will use various strategies to get you to invest in their company. This article will give you some warning signs you need to know so you can avoid being a victim of this type of crime.

Warning signs of investment scams
An investment company may be a scam if you have noticed the following:

Try to reach you through email or phone number many times even if you said you are uninterested with their offer.
Tries to keep you on the phone or emails for longer time to keep you engaged
They seem to claim that they are a professional broker or personality from an unknown company
Unable to show any licence or says they do not need one
They may also claim to be a staff from a well-known brand company to make them sound professional
They claim to be associated with any reputable organisation
May use a name from a recognized institution or company to gain credibility
Asks you to check out a website link or gives you a link to a website
Request for a payment, may it be any amount
Scammers may seem eloquent and persuasive in speaking. They may sound charismatic which is a way to lure the people to check out their offers. They make their victims feel that they will be missing out a good deal on products or services.

Moreover, they give out promotions that may seem too good to be true. They tell their victims that they need to make a quick decision or else they may lose the opportunity to discounts or redeem a prize.

If you notice that the person who offer the investment shows some of these signs, the you may need to hang up the phone. If you manage to record the conversation between you and the caller, take note of their details. In that way, you’ll have an evidence to report them to the authorities and file a complaint.

Scammers on the loose
There are different types of scam and the criminals have their own ways on how to operate their scheme. Take note of these information to avoid fake investment offers.

Fake websites
Many scammers and cybercriminals use the internet to make their investment offers appear legitimate. For good review, they provide online press releases which supports their false claims. Press releases makes it look like they have an outstanding corporate performance.

They ask their victims to check out their offers by giving them a link to a website. Individuals are at risk of identity theft even though the website looks highly sophisticated. They give logins to view fake investment balances to impress the individuals with their company or portfolio.

Fake social media profiles
Fraudsters may contact you through social media messaging or send a friend request to be your ‘friend’ first. They often post advertisements which are displayed on your social media feed. In order to gain access to your profile information, they may pose as someone who has a connection with you or your friends. They will send you offers to make quick money or a way to invest.

Some scammers might use your information to create a fake social media account and impersonate you. They do it to approach the people in your friends list.

Take note of these signs to protect yourself from online scam and help reduce your cyber risk.

Nov 07th, 2017 11:21 AM


There are different types of contribution plans created for employees. This article gives you some information about profit sharing plan which benefits the workforce of companies or organizations.

Employee benefits plan is one of the things that both existing and potential workforce look upon when working at a company or organization. It is somehow a sort of investment on their part, as well as a safety net when they reach the end of their employment.

What is profit sharing plan?
A profit sharing plan is a defined contribution plan which allows the companies to help their workforce to save for their retirement. Profit sharing contributions from the employer are discretionary and the company can decide from year to year what amount they will contribute to an employee’s plan. The company or organization also have the choice to whether contribute at all, especially if the company does not have a profit for the month or within a particular timeframe. When there is no profit obtained, it does not have to make contributions to the employees’ plan.

A company does not need to be lucrative just to have a profit-sharing plan. This type of contributions plan for the workforce is flexible. It is a great option for a retirement plan that can be affordable for small businesses or even other businesses of any size. It also aligns the financial well-being of the employees to the success of the company.

There is no set or a particular amount that must be contributed to a profit sharing plan every year. Companies can set a maximum amount that can be contributed to the plan for each of their employees. The amount depends on the fluctuation of inflation over time. The maximum contribution amount for a profit sharing plan is lesser than the compensation. When determining the employer and employee contributions, the amount of the employee’s salary that can be taken into consideration is limited.

How it works
Unlike other types of contribution plan participants, the employees with profit sharing plans do not create their own contributions. The company they work for can have other types of retirement plans along with a profit sharing plan. It is like an add-on plan for the company. The companies who avail this plan review and do the calculations, planning, and paperwork.

The employees can get their profit shares in the form of company stock or cash. A qualified tax-deferred retirement account receives the contributions. The account allows penalty-free distributions to be taken after the age of 59 1/2.

There are also plans that offer a combination of cash together with deferred benefits. The cash is distributed and taxed directly at ordinary income rates which works like a retirement contribution with an annual bonus.

An employee can use the profit sharing plan as a form of a loan which they can use for personal or emergency purposes. If an employee leaves the company, he or she can move the assets form of the plan into a Rollover IRA. All the distributions taken before age 59 1/2 is subjected to a 10% penalty.

Nov 07th, 2017 11:20 AM


Sadly, the rates of complaint on scammers are on the rise. They are victimizing a lot of job-seekers looking by offering fictitious job opportunities that are posted on job boards. Unsuspecting job seekers are being conned into parting with their hard-earned money. They are also the usual victims of identity theft.

What is a recruitment scam?
A recruitment or job scam occurs when a crook posed as an employer or recruiter. These criminals offer desirable employment opportunities to people who are looking for jobs. It becomes a scam when the recruiter requires the job seeker to pay money in advance.

Recruitment becomes illegitimate when it is under the guise of credit checks, work visas, travel expenses or background checks. They ask the individuals about their personal information, as well as their financial details. They might even ask their victims to pay a fee before they can surely land the job and start on the employment. Once the fee has been paid over, the scammer disappears and the would-be employee is left with no job and money.

Scammers have different techniques on how they operate the scam but they all have the same goal. They aim to obtain cash, as well as your confidential personal information which they can be used for identity theft.

Increasing complaints
Fraudsters have become more and more crafty in the way they operate their scam. The police received many complaints and there are pending cases still on review.

Job seekers must be vigilant when it comes to looking for job offers. It might be too good to be true that they may fall trap in the fraud job opening which is offered by illegitimate recruiters. They target both local and overseas job seekers, especially the aspirant immigrants and contractors. They lure them with huge salaries, paid travel grants, and even work permits to entice them to part with their money.

Recognizing a job scam
Scammers use tactics of promotions in luring job seekers to check out their offerings. If the recruiter sends you a link, do not submit any personal information yet. Using the website or any link they have provided may lead to identity theft.

It’s probably a scam if they require you to pay a fee in advance. That’s the golden rule when it comes to spotting a fraud job offer. Reputable companies do not ask for money from their employees. They typically shoulder the costs themselves.

Another warning sign in spotting a fake recruitment is if the recruiter offers a training for a job but requires you to allot a particular amount of money. No legitimate recruiter will ask for money upfront. It’s better to review the legitimacy of the company where the recruiter is working before complying with any request or requirement.

Nov 07th, 2017 11:18 AM


Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested the manager of a beauty products company that is involved in selling fake products through the social-networking site called Mixi. The company has fraud a number of customers that are mainly women.

The authorities received a complaint on the company—Francesca Bianchi. The Tokyo police officers took the manager of beauty products company in their custody. The 40-year-old, Mayumi Okata, along with four other employees were apprehended by the authorities due to a business violation and reported fraudulent transactions. The suspects were involved in the violation of the special business transaction laws concerning false claims in the conditions of their contract.

The company is located in Minato Ward. According to reports, the people that were captured by the police have been able to coerce 400 women between the ages 22 to 35. The victims were persuaded to agree to contracts for beauty treatments and products worth 500 million yen. The value for both the services and products of each contract was between 100,000 and 2.5 million yen.

A group of three women that includes a 29-year-old female from Musashino City, filed a complaint with the authorities. They reported about being brought to Francesca Bianchi through Mixi. The victims were forced to sign contracts extending between November of 2011 and June of 2012. According to their report, the company told them that the regular price for 20 sessions is four million yen. However, they will be given discounts for consideration. They were told that they can get the offer for the same treatment for 1.5 million yen.

The women were attracted to the offer because they are fond of using beauty products, as well as having beauty enhancement treatments. On June 2012, the Tokyo Metropolitan government released a warning to women to be aware of this type of scam. The authorities also ordered the suspension of the Francesca Bianchi’s company operations.

Beauty shops in Japan
The locals and tourists visiting in Japan can find a lot of beauty shops. Tokyo has a lot of shops that offer merchandises for women who love to buy skin and hair care, as well as other types of beauty products.

For drugstore cosmetics, Matsumoto Kiyoshi is one of the recommended shops. Many beauty junkies take a trip to this drugstore because they offer a wide array of beauty products, interesting snacks, and even eye drops for tired eyes. People can find a lot of practical buys in the store. Matsumoto Kiyoshi has the biggest drugstore chains in Tokyo with a yellow and blue signboard.

For high-end cosmetics, Isetan Shinjuku is one of the top choices. It is the best place to purchase luxury cosmetics. Their beauty section spans over two storeys and they house both local and western big name brands.

To avoid getting involved in any scam, it is recommended that people buy from registered and legitimate stores. It is also a way to prevent in buying fake products that may harm the skin and may bring adverse effect to health.

Nov 07th, 2017 08:20 AM


Any company or organization must provide some benefits plan for their employees. The United States Legal Services provides a voluntary legal benefits plan created for employees. Instead of losing their focus by attending to their legal matters, this legal benefits plan helps the employees to focus their attention on their work.

Another advantage of the employee benefits package gives access to preventive medicine or dentistry. This also includes an access to preventive law services for the employees. The company who availed the package give their staff a no-cost enhancement to the existing benefits package of the company. It provides an easy to access to legal insurance plans and your employees have an affordable way to prevent and/or resolve their legal issues.

Group legal benefits plans
The benefits plan for group legal setting provides peace of mind for both the company and their employees. When the employees have to deal with concerns such as legal issues, they became unfocused and unmotivated at work. Their burdens are sometimes brought in the workplace which results in poor job performance and decreased productivity.

This affects their work performance because of absenteeism. Employees may get too stressed or sick which results in increased healthcare costs. A lot of companies review the advantages of a benefits plan for their workforce and saw that they can also profit from it.

Providing a voluntary legal benefits plan in place, the employees will have a peace of mind because they’ll be prepared when legal matters arise. They will not get distracted by their legal concerns. This will also help in reducing the employees’ concerns about the costs of legal services.

Financial headache
According to a report from the American Psychological Association, personal finances are at the top of the list when it comes to causes of stress. Debt, involvement to a scam, or other financial problems usually lead to immediate legal assistance. However, employees with legal problems hesitate to consult an attorney due to the fear of not meeting the expenses of the legal services.

One cause of financial headaches is the fees for legal representation that needs to be paid. The productivity of employees with this kind of problem is affected. The legal benefits plan from the United States Legal Services helps both the employees and the organization to reap the benefits of having quality yet affordable legal services readily available.

The legal benefit plans make the company more competitive because it motivates the employees, as well as improve the productivity of the workforce. A comprehensive benefits plan helps the company or organization to retain outstanding employees and attract potential employees with the needed skills and experience. The U.S. Legal Services helps the companies to offer benefits that attract most desirable candidates which gives them a great reason to go to work for you.

Nov 06th, 2017 5:18 PM


Advertisement is an essential factor which can help in boosting any business. But how can we trust ads if it becomes a way to scam and mislead people?

For businesses that look for ways to increase their income, getting a good advertisement is the key. This persuades existing and potential customers to purchase products or services. However, many scam out there have seen the advantage of ads and saw how effective it is in persuading people to try out any business offerings.

Some of the latest advertisements you may see around town may be a bogus car-wrapping scam.

What is a Car Wrap?
A car wrap is a large type of decal made of vinyl. It can be placed on a car or SUV. Car wrap ads are typically used by small-scale businesses because it is inexpensive compared to other kinds of advertisement. It is also an effective way to promote their businesses, especially in public places.

There are larger brands that often pay to have their promotional materials wrapped onto large vehicles, buses, and even race cars.

Car Wrap Scam
Many victims have filed their complaint to the authorities, as well as the brands that were involved in the scam. According to the report of the victims, they saw a posting on job boards and social media sites. Posted on the ads mentioned that they can make a couple hundred dollars by wrapping their car. Their vehicle will be used for promotional materials in advertising brands like Monster Energy or Pepsi.

Many people were curious and thought it wasn’t a bad idea to earn some extra cash. There were people who agreed to turn their vehicles into a rolling commercial. But the worst part about this type of scheme is its illegitimacy because it is not recognized by the advertised brands.

A lot of the posted ads are actually a result of the scam. The victims were persuaded by a fake company to do the illicit advertisement deal. According to the complaint, the company sends a check for several thousand dollars.

The people behind the fraud ad instructed the victims to deposit the check. They were allowed to keep part of the check as their cut, the remaining amount has to be wired to another company that will wrap their car. However, the downside was, the check bounced and the bank told them it was a fraudulent check. The bank asks the victims to pay particular charges for the fake check. They were left with no money and instant debt.

It is a red flag if a company requests a money upfront for an advertisement deal. Review the terms and conditions before you comply to avoid falling for this scam.

Nov 05th, 2017 1:47 PM


Legal assistance benefits those who need help when it comes to lawful cases. There are different criminal charges which are being filed in courts. For people who needs to have a legal counsel regarding a case they want to file, searching a reliable law firm is essential.
Reliable law firm
When looking for a dependable law firm, it is important to look at the credentials of the lawyers. It is also good to know if there are any awards and recognitions received by the law firm or attorneys working in the organization.
It is essential to discern the credentials of any firm or lawyer you want to hire for legal assistance. A reliable legal representative can help you to review and distinguish any advantage or disadvantage of your case.
You may have found lawyers that require extremely high fees. Hiring a private lawyer may seem like an investment in your legal aid. There are also public attorneys to help people who have no funds for a private attorney. Depending on the services required, attorney’s fees may be hourly or can be a flat rate. The attorney’s fee serves as the amount billed to the client for any legal services fulfilled on his or her behalf.
It is important to know if the lawyer you’re about to hire for their services is highly skilled. The attorney must also be knowledgeable in estate, will, trust, probate and other aspects of the law.
Benefit of getting a good lawyer
Each case that is filed in any court is unique. The client must receive a full attention to conduct a thorough investigation, and accomplish all procedural and evidentiary rights.
Getting a trustworthy lawyer or finding a reliable law firm can help in handling your legal case. Federal courts require both defendant and accuser to have their legal representative. A legal representative helps the client to file a complaint, counter-affidavit, or other legal matters that are required for the case.
Another good thing about having a legal representative is they give warning about the do’s and don’ts during the court activities. Lawyers also help in clarifying any parts of the legal proceedings that may not be clear for the client.
There are different kinds of lawyers such as those who help the seriously injured, victims of a scam, surviving family members of any crime, and other people who are involved in a criminal or federal case. A personal injury lawyer is different a corporate lawyer. The law practice of an attorney makes them dedicated to representing people who have experienced a particular circumstance.
Law firm like the Dominion Group International extends their services to the people who need legal assistance, as well as legal help for human rights victims. The group has received different awards in recognition of the services they provide.

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