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Juju's Diary

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Apr 12th, 2015 4:33 PM

Hello diary :( long back to page.... I hav lot to say... Il come here wen il be happy.. Or wen in down.. :( I m down :( happy...alryt...down.... Tears on pillow at the end... Days go lik this..nowadays... Some little words throwed me off....from her.. she didn do wantedly..but accidently... :( Enaku purila yen ipdi nadakuthunu... Sila vishyam yen inu nadakuthu... Ni venunu panlanu therum..apro yen inu? Am I still not worth to deserve you... :( Kashtama iruku.. Epo purinjukiva... Unta kamichkama nanu evlo neram cry panitu iruka theruma? :( sona ul.say I said before la.. Na vena nu.. Dialog pesuva... Adha purila.. :( god..please I wished u oly one thing... I didn ask money.. or other fuc... Things... Just u.. Ni inu yen ipdi panra.... Y are u still confused.... :( wen wil u clear urslf frm tat confusion.... :(

Mar 14th, 2015 11:10 AM

Hello diary... Back after long time!!! Hmm yes life moves good...
3 films with her.. wowwww it was romantic. But nowadays a question raising dear by ur talkings :( am I really mean to u? Am I hurting u?? Am I making u happy?? Am I worth u more than others??? :( im confused dear... But even wen some one wake me in the dark ask me which u lik the most in here ? Il say u and wana live with u freva...wateva happns I will not change my decision never ever.. U are my world..first beautiful world... I dont mind abt either ur parents or mine... I love u..and I wana marry u... Live wth u.. Till my last... No no till our last breath...... Are u thinking the same????? :( :( dear???

Jan 25th, 2015 3:21 PM

Hello diary... I came to know about u by some tragedic incidents..by my special person... My life was good diary...from my childhood though I was not rich by money I was rich by happiness and good people around me.. But I ruined it by own... And I was going in a wrong route but when I realised it was my mistake I was not able to correct it on the sudden :( I need some time... By that painful moments an incident changed my path... It will not be happened until a single comment commented by me... As my mouth was uncontrolable ~_~ . I was mad at love... But it happened unexpectedly in unexpected time... What a life man?? God... Or accident..... Thanx for changing my path.. Yes diary ur guess was right... Im n the expressive word LOVE.... I got my path.. Now travelling with her joyfully happily ....lovefully.... And hopefully even in struggles...
This is my first page ..i din inform her that I wrote..but this is for her surprise.... I know that when she founds it her eyes will be blurred by little droplets of happiness...

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