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Kenneth's Diary

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59 years old, Male, Colorado

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Jan 05th, 2014 10:09 AM

Good night my friends, new friends of this internet. My soul must retire. For my heart is spent. I take care of my partner, she is dependent on me, She can not walk or pick herself up as you and me.

I will put her to bed, and make sure all the needs she has are given. I will return tomorrow. Maybe I'll have new words, hopefully no sorrow.

Man it gets tuff, taking care of a person as I do.

Dec 30th, 2013 02:11 AM

A thing of life has become a thing I know not how to except.
For you see it has become the biggest part of my heart.
At times it consumes all that I am,
at times it becomes the greatest joy I have ever known,
but to often it becomes too much for me to bear.

I want to share the life of one that I should not have, she loves me,
as she has said and has some of the feelings as I have.
Which makes my heart glad. But the things that separate our
hearts as becoming one seem to great to overcome.

This what I speak of has plagued people as far back as time began,
but know now it even affects me. I never thought it, before my heart
would love this strong.

As sad as it seems it is still a good thing. When something in life brings
joy as it has, I know deep inside my joy will surpass all sorrow I have felt.

Our lives living as friends will keep me going until my end. As some have
said true friendship is worth more than all the riches of gold, this I believe
with all that I am.

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