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Sep 20th, 2017 8:26 PM


Convenience is one of the benefits offered by e-commerce websites like Amazon. It is one of the popular e-commerce websites that most consumers use for shopping. People don’t need to step out of their house to do their shopping needs. Purchasing the products can be done anytime and anywhere. The orders are delivered to the customer’s doorstep.

It is easy to shop using mobile devices or desktops. Buying from a wide range of products can be done in just a few clicks or swipes on your mobile phone. However, there are shoppers who filed a complaint about getting scammed by sellers on the website. The sellers tricked their customers into fraudulent transactions. Instead of convenience, online shoppers suffered from financial problems.

Scammers targeting online shoppers
Shoppers can find tons of stuff on Amazon. A lot of people use this e-commerce website to do their shopping needs conveniently. However, there is also a risk in using Amazon, as well as other e-commerce websites. Shoppers have lost their money because they purchased products from fraud sellers lurking in Amazon.

This should serve as a warning to consumers who love shopping online. Be cautious in purchasing products from unverified sellers because they might take advantage of Amazon’s popularity. Criminals get big profit from tricking online shoppers. As a part of their scam, they post counterfeit products on e-commerce websites. It’s difficult to get the money back from fraud sellers because they give false company name and contact details.

The culprits were able to gain money and got away it. The scam infuriated a lot of customers because they were left empty-handed. Some of them posted negative feedback on the website.

How to avoid fraud sellers?
Christmas season is just around the corner. A lot of people will try to shorten their long list of stuff to buy for the holidays. Many consumers start to shop for presents before the yuletide season finally comes.

Amazon aims to provide good service to their customers but the increasing rate of fraud merchants give the company a bad name. Customers are waiting for nothing. They did not receive the items they ordered because the fraud sellers never ship it.

Some loyal customers of Amazon never expected to get involved in any scam. There are customers who never had any problems with the service before. Amazon has a global standard for e-commerce but is sad to think that some sellers have bad motives when it comes to business. It breaks the trust of many online shoppers.

Before buying any stuff from an Amazon seller, it is recommended for customers to review the trust rating. Try to scrutinize the details and check if there’s a lot of negative feedback posted on the page. It could be a positive sign that the seller is a scam artist.

Sep 20th, 2017 8:25 PM

Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and other Asian neighbour nations are getting featured in the news due to money laundering issues. In recent reports, a businessman from Malaysia is facing money laundering and cheating charges.

The victims have filed a complaint against the businessman named N. Narendran. The authorities have found the connection of the 37-year old businessman to a fraud investment scheme. According to the authorities, the investment scam has a worth of RM 6.3 million.

Different charges against the businessman
Aside from the fraudulent investment scheme charge, Narendran is also sentenced with an additional 10 counts of charges due to the use of forged documents. The charges were brought against the businessman which was read at the Sessions Court.

There were nine counts of charges against Narendran. According to the investigation, he tried to pass off the forged documents from the Perak government. All reports remained as allegations until he was proven guilty on the nine occasions that happened between April 29 and Sept 7 in 2015.

He was also accused of doing the same deed with a forged hospital document. The document was supposedly from the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital which was dated on 31st of October 2015. Other offenses were reported against Narendran wherein it took place at Ganang Resources office located in the Greentown Business Center.

Status of the case
In November, Narendran has been on trial for 105 charges of cheating. The complainant, Hafizul Abdul Hamid, filed a case because he claimed to be deceived by Narendran. According to Hamid’s statement, the businessman persuaded him that they had a deal. He was convinced that they agreed upon in providing disposable medical equipment to the hospital.

In the same year, he and his 50-year old friend have been penalized. Narendran, together with S. Robert, was charged under Section 4(1)(a) of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act. He also faces four counts of money laundering cases that amount to RM728,000. His friend Robert was slapped with six charges that are worth RM746,400. Based on the statements of complainants, the violations happened between 25th of June and 4th of July 2015.

Charges piled up against Narendran but he pleaded not guilty to all the charges filed against him under Section 471 of the Penal Code. Judge Norashima Khalid handles the case of the 37-year old businessman. He set the bail at RM10,000 along with a pending surety.

Preventing investment scam
Investment scam happens not only in Malaysia but also to other countries such as Japan. They continue to face the substantial risk and challenges regarding money laundering. This type of fraudulent activity is an organized crime that leads the innocent people to financial problems.

Sep 19th, 2017 4:35 PM


Recruitment is one of the crucial processes when it comes to hiring workforce in a company, agency, or any other department. Good recruitment services are formed to choose the right people to employ. Individuals who are a part of hiring hubs have the capability to select applicants with the potential to fulfil the job responsibilities.

But what would happen if the problem stems from the critical process of recruitment? Potential employees and workforce have wasted their time, effort, and even resources to complete the process. There were innocent people applying for a job who filed a complaint against the individuals who gave them false hopes.

Recruitment failure
In India, there was an incendiary case called as the ‘teachers’ recruitment scam’. It is popularly known in the country as “Vyapam scam”. The term “Vyapam” is a Hindi acronym that came from Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal which is translated as the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB).

It was a controversial case because it was an admission and recruitment scam that involves politicians, senior officials, as well as businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It was a self-financed autonomous organisation run by the State government. The group was responsible for conducting several nationwide entrance tests.

The Vyapam conducted 13 different exams for the selection of medical students and state government employees. This also includes other employments such as school teachers, police personnel, food inspectors transport constables, forest guards, and dairy supply officers. Around 3.2 million students have taken the examination.

Another recruitment scam happened in Pretoria, South Africa. At least 200 people who applied for a military job were deceived. They were convinced that they are in a part of a military recruitment workshop in Tshwane.

The people who applied for the so-called recruitment workshop stayed in the location for more than a year. According to their reports, the man who recruited them said he will be providing workshops that increase their chance to be recruited to the military. The conman asked for a fee of R200 to R300 for his services.

The case is handled by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. According to the investigation, the conman was running a fraud operation from his house. He was also operating his workshop in the Wonder Park area.

Job scam
Not only school teachers but also many people from different academic fields were victimized by the Vyapam scam. On the other hand, the fraud military workshop held in South Africa have affected 200 potential workers. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have no middle people to recruit potential military workforce.

The authorities gave a warning to all job seekers to become vigilant in looking for jobs. Criminals take advantage of the lack of employment opportunities and unemployment rate. They can pretend as a recruiter or recruitment agency to deceive people to join their illegal operation.

Sep 18th, 2017 3:39 PM


A local not-for-profit organization based in Chicago was victimized by a credit card scam called “card tumbling.” The culprits operate this type of scam by checking the usability of random stolen credit card numbers. The scammers process the card numbers to see if it still works.

Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association, a not-for-profit organization, teaches young boys and girls about the game of lacrosse for affordable rates. They offer nearly 20 scholarship grants to eligible children each year. The scholarship is given to children who want to join and learn about the sport but cannot afford it. The organization was surprised when they received a large bill from the credit card company in May.

iPayment, the company which handles the organizations’ payment system, did an inexcusable matter on the financial dilemma of the association. The company did not terminate the numerous attempts of fraudulent transactions. A month before the large bill was sent, the people behind the scam ran 23,000 duplicitous transaction attempts. This was the not-for-profit organization’s website.

The fraud transactions ran by card tumblers could have been dismissed by the payment company. iPayment did a dreadful thing about the scam because they were aware of where the fraudulent fees began and originated. Even with the information, they proceeded to charge the lacrosse association of fraud charges that amounted to thousands of cash.

According to Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association coach, David Singer, they don’t have the budget to incur a large expense using their credit card. They are a not-for-profit organization aiming to help kids who want to learn about lacrosse. It would be difficult for them to resolve the problem since they do not have many resources to settle the payments they did not even incur.

According to Tina Jamieson, the administrator of Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association, they need a refund because what happened to them was a fraud. Not only do they need to sustain the expenses for the scholarship grants they provide to children but they have coaches and field rental to pay.

Unverified transactions
The not-for-profit association suffered the consequences of card tumbler. The I-Team contacted iPayment to review and clear up the false transactions. It was successfully reversed. The payment company update the security parameters of the association. It was integrated so the recent fraudulent attempts do not reoccur.

iPayment has also issued a full credit to the organization for all fees related to these external fraudulent activities. Not-for-profit and charity websites become the usual targets of card tumbling scam because of the poor secure features of the website. People use the site for donations and pledges.

Evanston Youth Lacrosse Association and other organizations alike are suggested to have a better protection. It is also recommended to establish fraud prevention measures in terms of payment processing vendors. The donation amount must be regulated and kept in minimum. The credit card expiration dates and security codes must also be required.


Sep 18th, 2017 09:36 AM


Investment scam may come in different ways to extort money from their targets. The criminals entice the victims to invest their money for a business opportunity, donation, and other ways of operation to get the money of their victims.

The criminals have various targets depending on their type of scam. Now, the overseas workers are being targeted by investment scammers. Some of the victims have a complaint that their hard-earned money has been stolen by the scammers. They were persuaded to capitalize their money on an investment opportunity that could increase the value of their money.

Little did the victims know that the details which have been expounded to them were just part of the fraud operations. Instead of receiving the said benefits, the investors lost the money they paid as the capital.

Some companies do not require a big amount of money. However, may it be a small or big amount of money, the fraud investment operators can easily get away with their crime. They only give false information and contact details which make it hard to trace them.

Legitimacy of investment companies
Overseas workers who are offered with investment opportunities must review all its details and information before complying. For those who would like to use a good amount of money for investment, it is suggested to check the legitimacy the company. Scrutinize the source of the income and check if is legitimate. Also check if it does not violate human rights, as well as cause people or the environment any harm.

Overseas workers have worked hard to earn money and it would be disheartening to lose the money they have saved in an instant. Any scam can happen to the victims when they least expect it. Better to be vigilant and have an observant eye when it comes to investment. When not done right, it can lead to financial problems and debt.

An overseas worker who plans to invest in local or international investment scheme must know how the company can generate revenue. An investment company who promises high returns can be very enticing. It may offer high returns but is not sustainable in the long run if it inflicts harm to human rights, damage to the environment, and other factors.

However, it might be too good to be true so better have a second thoughts about it. Check where the revenue of the company should come? Is it from selling products or through services they provide. Take note that it should not just come solely from recruitment.

It is important to be cautious when engaging in investment schemes. The authorities announce precautionary measures that serve as a warning to all overseas workers. Better to review and check all details to know the legitimacy to avoid any notorious investment scam and its fraud operation.


Sep 18th, 2017 09:35 AM


Aside from Japan, China, and other Asian countries—Philippines has kept a good relationship with other western nations like the United States through the years. However, due to the increasing rate of deaths in the drug war of the country, the neighboring nations expressed their opinions.

Human rights group based in the Philippines condemn the killings under the drug war. The growing rate of deaths also alarmed other international human rights activists and organizations from other countries such as the United States.

Human rights protest
Human rights group from the United States was troubled by the budding number of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. There were data released mentioning about thousands of people that are mostly drug users and small-time dealers, who were been killed since Duterte took office.

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has promised a crackdown on illegal drugs. During his State of the Nation Address (SONA), he highlighted his will to drug trafficking in the country. He also released a warning to the cops and government officials involved or having any connections with drugs.

He ordered the national police to strengthen their efforts to apprehend drug lord, suspected drug dealers, and users. According to the president, he will support and give awards to the police to boost their morale.

Thousands of police-involved killings have been reported and a big percentage of those are still under review and investigation. Because of the rising rate of extrajudicial killings, it has brought condemnation from human rights activists and groups locally and internationally.

Police defense
The recent drug raid operation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) became a controversial one. There were civilians injured and killed which the police called as “collateral damage.” A 17-year old grade 11 student named Kian Delos Santos is one of the people killed during the police operation.

There were mixed reactions to the news about the 17-year old individual who was shot during the drug operation. According to reports, there were also other victims affected by it. The police said that the minor was a drug courier. He was killed because he tried to resist the arrest with a gun. A witness released a statement about the incident. Instead of a warning shot, the police fired at the 17-year old.

The family and friends, as well as other people from social media, thinks that the police who cornered the child have intentionally killed him. The family complaint about the statement of the police telling Kian works as a drug courier. For them, it is just a way to dissolve the issue.

After the incident, there were lawyers who tried to reach out to the family and offer their legal services for free. They would like to help out the family and prosecute the policemen involved in the operation that led to the death of the minor.

Until now, the case of Kian Delos Santos is still under investigation. A senate hearing that benefits the case will be held to give justice to the death of Kian Delos Santos. The senators would like to discuss the matter and further probe those who are involved in the operation.


Sep 18th, 2017 09:33 AM


Working locally or having a job in Japan, United States, or other overseas countries isn’t as easy as it seems. Many recruitment agencies are looking for the right candidates for the job position available but many people are still unemployed.

A lot of students graduate with a degree yearly. Although there are many startups, investments, and businesses flourishing, employment is still a problem for a lot of people. Getting a job can be difficult for newly graduates.

Job seekers looking for work are now the victims of some scam regarding employment. Fraudsters behind the crime persuades the individuals to apply for a job and give out their personal information. They lure the people to apply for a job locally or overseas. This fraud act affects a lot of job seekers using online means.

About the fraud
People must be cautious about the scam that lures individuals who are looking for a job. Fraudsters use web-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo to send invites to random people. The content of the message invites the individual to apply for a job which includes a link to the job posting.

Receiving that type of message may seem like a blessing in disguise especially if the person is currently looking for employment. However, it can be the other way around instead of getting a good job opportunity. Be cautious of this type of job offering because it can be just a fraud job award.

There were people that have been victimized by the scam which happens not just in Asia but also in western countries. Spam links are attached to the email message. The link may redirect the victim to a phishing website that may seem like a company website. After filling out the fields required on the web page, the victims will be contacted via email or phone number. The fraudsters invite the job seekers to apply for the job position they offer. The criminals acting as company human resource staff lure the victims to pay a certain amount required to process the application.

FTI Consulting is one of the companies affected by the recruitment fraud. People behind the scam pretended to recruit new employees on the company’s behalf. They used the company’s name by posting fraudulent job descriptions. The culprits also contacted people by offering false employment opportunities.

The job vacancies being offered are located in Japan, Canada, and other countries. It seems like an attractive offer since it gives a chance to work abroad. For those who are enticed to apply, they may think of it as a key to career success. But instead of employment benefits, the victims didn’t know they are just getting into a financial trouble. Take note that recruitment services aren’t legitimate if there’s a money involved when applying for a job.


Sep 18th, 2017 09:31 AM

Not only small businesses but also non-profit organizations and volunteer groups being the new targets of different scam activities. People perpetrating fraud transactions to innocent people, businesses, and even organizations lurk using the internet. They search for their next victim using the internet and common communication channels such as email.

Email provides various benefits, especially for business communication. The internal email usage can cover different areas within the business. It functions as an effective way of communication for sharing basic and even detailed information because photos, documents, and other assets can be attached.

According to the FBI, they have seen a spike in email scam in Cleveland, as well as other locations. The criminals target non-profit groups, small businesses, and even volunteer organizations. Recruitment for non-profit organizations and volunteer groups are easier compared to the hiring processes for major companies and global businesses. Cyber criminals put their attention on new targets and they saw an advantage by using email as a form of scam.

Scam through email
The email scam can affect a lot of people due to a huge rate of email users. The cyber criminals start the fraud attempts by sending a message to random addresses. The message appears to be written by the president of a group. In the content of the email, the president asks the treasurer to transfer money. The email is sent to recruitment officers and members.

The email that had been sent to many members of the non-profit organization or volunteer groups seemed compelling. The cyber criminals are clever enough to make a slight change and retained the important details to the email. For people who are unaware of the scam, it can be convincing. In some cases, the minor detail has not been discovered and successfully transferred money from the email sender. which It was the reason why a lot of people have lost their money in an instant.

The purpose of the email scam was to trick people. The content of the email bears the graphics and other essential details that are connected to the organization. They did it to convinced the victims about the authenticity of the email.

Preventing the scam
According to the BBB, people can prevent scam situations by avoiding posting email addresses publicly. The scammers take note of the email addresses they can get. They also analyze the social media for their next target. There are other guidelines and security precautions that can be done but it’s better to become aware of how the scammers operate.

Sending an email to an entire workforce with just a click of a mouse is easy, fast, and convenient. The cyber criminals may have seen it as an opportunity to gain easy money. However, organization and volunteer group members can still avoid this type of fraud activity.


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