Life Of A Programmer's Diary

Life Of A Programmer's Diary

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I am a programmer by profession and I would like to log my day to day activities. I have tried this in past, but every time I have failed after few days. But as they say, There is no final defeat unless you accept it . So once again here I am.

25 years old, Male, Hyderabad

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Feb 17th, 2015 8:50 PM

Today was my last working day in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services). When I put down my papers ( 19-Jan-2015 ), I was quiet happy. I thought finally I got to leave the company which screwed me for almost 3 years. But in afternoon my team mates have put up farewell kind of thing. They arranged a cake and few gifts. Although I am not a sentimental kind of guy ( like to keep things inside me ), but in that environment I was feeling quiet heavy. It was a moment of self introspection, why I felt it. I realized that no matter how much I hated TCS or my project, there were colleagues whom I really liked. I like and respect talented people, specially who are in my profession. And there are quiet a handful of them. In a team, generally two or three people will be good ( at programming ) and rest of them will use their other talents for survival ( refer Google for different kind of people in a software project ). But this was a different kind of project. Here almost everyone was talented/skilled ( those who were not good were released before ). I am not sure whether I will miss them or not. Only time can tell. But I do say that I have realized, I might miss them.

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