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Jun 3rd, 2013 2:01 PM

what is reality, it is a dimension, the 4th one
so it means that the thoughts that we get and the dreams that we have are also dimensions(-or ), they are happening, and are also stored. known to very less but can be shared. for example, we know we can only see those faces whom we have seen in the 4th dimension, then it may also be possible that what we see in our dreams could come come true in the 4th dimension.
dreams also come when we do not sleep,even when we are working hard for some particular goals we might get a dream of having something nice like chocolate truffle.
so its a know fact that we get dreams whenever we like, we cant stop them, having dreams makes the person more accurate about the happenings and also predictable.
hence other dimensions are really making and creating realities.

Jun 1st, 2013 09:31 AM

i was in my city with a friend, who actually is in another city 1000 miles away, i didn't realised this and continued with him,and we were in a park smoking great quality Ganja.after that we were walking in the markets,and i lost him in the crowd, when i called him on his phone he said he was asleep at his home,i said sorry to disturb you, but how would i continue my dream?-i woke up

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