Maldivian's Diary

Maldivian's Diary

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Am a girl with lots to say and why not here where everyone can see the true me...everthing will be written as it occurs in my life..hope all the readers get inspiration and motivation while you guys read chapters of my life...not that im very cool or something..infact my life is relly boring...lets see.. HOPE NO ONE FROM MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS KNOW ITS ME

22 years old, Female, Maldives

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Apr 04th, 2013 09:04 AM

am in office right now..will write when i reach home...sorry diary...i missed you so much..will be

Mar 25th, 2013 4:54 PM

"RAABTA" is the song..its a hindi song.i kept on singin it till i reached home.i took a quick bath and now am writing in this..usually i write in my diary but my cousins come and often read it and tease i guess this is better..anyway my hands are sore..yesterday i hav fisnished a project which was 1000 words and cox of it my hand still am thinking to sleep for a bit.btw this week is study i dont have to go to doing a diploma in business gonna sleep now...bye and goodnight....oh STRESS :)

Mar 25th, 2013 4:50 PM

As usual i woke up at 7:16am.well, it was kinda late but mom did wake me up early enough.i woke up, took a bath and got ready to go to office.i wore a blue top and a black made breakfast for me(tuna toast) and i ate one with a cup of milk tea.then took my scooty and went to office..i had to go at 8 but was 1 minute late.there are 3 people in my office( cant say the name but its government.and in our area we are just 3..there are many more area).anyway there was not much to i started watching korean drama friend "S" and me are really close and we love dramas.i watched king 2 hearts last 3 episodes and its heartbreaking yet beautiful.the officer guy dies in the and i am really sad..hes really good and decent.but it suits the drama very well

the prince of course is alive and had a happy and "S" discussed the drama and came to a conclution that its really good.i am watching 'can you hear my heart' now and the guy is really profile pic is of him.he has a great smile on his face but the sad part is in the drama he cant hear..anyway i will talk about it when i watch at 3 after office hours are over i went to home.on the way this song kept on commin to my mind

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