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Spelling mistake will never leave me alone when it comes to diary writing! And yes my posts are literally BORING! So welcome and GET BORED!

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Jan 25th, 2015 8:29 PM

Sam! It's weird, I got just three entries this month.

Wow! January have almost ended! And it's the Republic Day tomorrow. Obama is visiting to witness celebrations in Delhi. Cool.

Hey, the month was action packed. I mean fair amounts of activities around, fair bit of social work and fair number of parties. And yes preparing for the banking interviews. You know what? I learned few html codes and straightaway built a website(so to say) with a free domain. Don't ask me the address Sam.

Interviews on 11th Feb. It's a pity that I don't have a gf. Romantic month you know.

Reading 'Makers of Assam'. Truely knowledge giving book written by Rajen Gogoi, our neighbour and relative. The English could have been more subtle though. Really, Papa used to do it best. Hope I can beat his standards some day.

Almost nine years, and it seems everything had happened just couple of days ago. . . WOW!

Okay, good night Sam.

Jan 16th, 2015 07:48 AM

Good morning Sammy!

Enjoyed a lot in this 'Magh Bihu' festival. What's this? Well, let's say it's a substitute for 'Lohri' in Punjab, celebrated for almost the same reasons. Agricultural states you know. The feast was great and the social gathering even better. Everyone turned 'talli' with the local rice beer and then it was funny to see their Bihu dances. I didn't. No seriously I don't :|.

You know the most interesting part of this festival? People are literally culturally allowed to steal certain things from others homes at the night of the feast! Things like hens, ducks, even goats, and the bamboo and wooden fences. Why the fences? To burn them in the big fires just like the ones in Lohri. So next morning you would find homes without fences or simply with lost poultry. Ok it's irritating when you got to guard your own property but otherwise believe me it's fun. This is the one single day when people become thieves in Assam and that too culturally allowed(police cases can be registered though people don't do it). Yeah we go insane at time.

Okay, life is going fine. Few good news are coming up now and then. Still skeptical how the year would turn out to be. Possibilities are high. Let's see.

Okay good bye Sam.

Jan 11th, 2015 08:18 AM

Hey Sam! Good Morning! Sorry to have deserted you.

The new year is busy, wow! New projects in the NGO, my sis' upcoming 10th exams(she wants me around when it comes to maths and science), meeting friends, preparing a few application forms etc.

Yeah passed IBPS clerical lol. Interviews in February. Really? A banker? That's my destiny? Anyway, it's always better to pass than to fail.

I hope readers aren't bored reading my random stories in here(in my pen name id). You can't imagine how these plots pops into my mind. I have no idea myself. How it happens? For instance, few days before, I woke up at 5 am and had apparently nothing to do. So I planned a plot which I did in fifteen minutes. Next an hour and a half I struggled with it and somehow penned it down and checked. Vocab - okay, grammer - alright. Then I posted it without thinking twice how it may have actually gone throughout the story. Impatient, amn't I?

Anyway, 2015 will be a decisive year for me. Life changing. And yes I would like to find myself in somewhere else. I mean somewhere better than the present state.

Enough Sam, I can't keep filling in your pages! What?? I am boring?? Shut Up Sam! :|

Jan 1st, 2015 11:17 AM


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE IN WRITERBABU! A great day it is. No time for your today Sam. Sorry!:P

Dec 30th, 2014 09:12 AM

Okay, okay. I feel better today Sam. Good Morning.

One day to go and it's 2015. The new year will bring many new stories. It'll add to my life. Something will be lost while gaining something else in the meantime. History will be written and repeated endlessly.

Ahem! Going poetic huh? Condem the philosopher in me!! It wasn't even my subject in graduation! lol! Where did the aldehydes and ketones go all out of my brains!! I don't remember a thing about Kemistry anymore! . . . . . . Opps. See I told you! :( But I am still sure that the periodic table begins with hydrogen! :| Don't laugh Sam. :|

Dec 29th, 2014 12:34 AM

Hey Sam. Too late you wish good morning.

I stayed late last night and woke up at 8 in the morning. Read quite a few more writers in WriterBabu till now. A few were excellent. I envy them all. :P Ayushi said we should have a debate forum here. I agree to her. Oh yeah that name 'Ayushi' keep coming now and then. My only known friend here. :( Doesn't mean I am not social. :|

Well, the new year is too close. And. . . I still feel indifference. Miss my College days. Had big fun then. Miss my friends. Hardly made any new ones after.

I am turning 25 next year. Already feeling OLD! :| But Mom still keeps asking, "When are you growing UP??" Don't smile Sam, I'll kill you! :|

Dec 29th, 2014 00:04 AM


Nothing significant during these days. So decided to leave you alone for sometimes. I am rather confused for quite a few days. I would possibly get a bank job this very next year. And then? Spent the rest of my life being a banker? Busy, monotonous, counting cash and numbers? That's not I had planned about myself! No wonder I can work hard but when it's all about realising my dreams. But merely for money. . .

Of course my family needs to survive, I got to support my sis's studies, I got to plan/secure my future! And then die planning my future forever? Why every aspects of life contradict each other?

It's my chance to go to Delhi, get a part time job, settle for a University Masters Degree and struggle to pursue my dreams. On the other hand I can't let my family's expectations go futile.

It was a long confusing day. I feel grown up but still childish with dream that may never leave my side.

It's one life Sam. It's now or never. . . EITHER WAY! Good Night.

Dec 26th, 2014 01:08 AM

Helped my Sis with her 10th Maths today. It's sometimes hard to cope up with everything. Trying my hand at writing a short story. Things aren't connecting though. It surprises me thinking of how bad a writer I turn out to be at times. Lol.

Good Night Sam.

Dec 24th, 2014 5:23 PM

A few guests this afternoon. Spent three quarters of an hour listening tales about people doing great work abroad. Achieving big dreams and receiving big money. Well, you know what Sam, you need money to earn money. You need money even to learn earning money.

People aren't backward cause they don't have brains. It's largely cause they don't have the resource.

One last thing that remains in these backyard people's lives - "ARAM HARAM HE KAAM KARO!" be it working in an office or labouring in a rice field.

They don't have any rights to dream. Especially when dreams don't come true. Speaking of successful people who came from even poor families? Come on, how many did you see?


Sometimes one chance is not ENOUGH and. . . Come on! I can't run around masterplanning a grand theft! :( :/

Dec 24th, 2014 08:58 AM

Hey Diary Good Morning!

Oh what? You got a name? Oh uh. . . sorry Sam! Wassup?

Ya ya had a good night's sleep. Pretty good and FRESH morning!

I am posting in WriterBabu twice daily. Some of my old articles though. Responses seems constant though no significant increase in traffic.

Tomorrow it's Christmas! Still thinking about visiting Meren's. Well I am not a Christian but since last 10 years had been celebrating with his family. Oh that's already mentioned? Yes, yes in my "Happy Christmas" post.

More commotion around home. Actually it's winter vacations for the schools. So our neighbour's grounds have been hosting some tough Cricket Matches! No, no I am not joining in, it's just for the junior team and seniors ain't allowed. :P

Dec 24th, 2014 00:55 AM

There was a discussion today at home about me going to stay in Delhi and doing something there. No one seems sure about it. As they say in Hindi - "NA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA", that's what unemployed youngsters of this nation are.

Another day ended here. Mom and sis are already in deep dreams. Gtg now. I am sleepy too.

Good Night Sam.

Dec 23th, 2014 5:15 PM

Hey Sam, wassup!

Hows was my day? Uh just another monotonous day! Nothing special at all except the fact that I have been enjoying exploring WriterBabu. Pretty good writers around huh?

On my request, yesterday, Srijan, the possible and seemingly only developer/manager of this website, added two new categories named "Love and Friendship" and "Opinions IMHO". In My Humble Opinion(IMHO). Read a few posts from a writer called Ishan. Impressed.

Great website Sam. Still things can always be better. WriterBabu will do more. Oh yes it has got an fb page too. "Liked" it today.

New friend - Shambhavee. Okay catch ya later Sam.

Dec 22th, 2014 11:58 AM

Well, hi Sam. WriterBabu is going fine for me. A few posts during the last few days and fair responses as well. Ayushi is my new friend here. She is a B.Tech student and says she wants to work for an NGO like me. 'Impressive!' I had said.

Christmas is nearing. I wonder if I should visit Meren's home to wish his family. Hadn't visited them for over a year and feeling guilty. Meren isn't home anyway. Didn't say anything about coming home sooner.

Working in an NGO is not working out for me as Ayushi might think. It cannot pay well. Need a new job for 2015. And looking forward for the upcoming competitive exams through the next year. Okay it's bath time Sam. Let's talk later. See ya.

Dec 22th, 2014 06:36 AM

Hi Sam! Good morning!

I had tried to write in your pages yesterday, but everything got erased unfortunately! Anyway, as I was saying, till date I have considered myself a useless brat. Why? Cause I am a "good for nothing" boy who has lost a whole year for nothing at all. This year's endeavours had gone all futile!

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