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Nov 1st, 2012 00:14 AM

dear diary...
wen l i start preparing for my exams..
one more day got wasted..
fucking spain project..
stupid professors who know nothing except for eating your brains..
i hate them..
but it wasn't such a bad day as project got completed..
now 2 worries of my solved..
1 more left..
again economics presentation..
but this time will fly..
so my college..
so.. new beginnings will come soon..
good night 3

Oct 29th, 2012 00:33 AM

DEAR diary!!!!
my day was busy..
unlike earlier times when i used to hangout with friends.. i had from cat class for 2 hours in morning.. brain storming.. i hate those kids who solve their questions in 2 seconds and raise their voice to ask if xyz is the answer.. i simply stare at them... and then complete my question after two minutes..
after that we roamed around paharganj.. amazing place.. beauty in every aspect.. ethnicity with modernity..
then i came back home, watched tv and dozed off..
then woke at 4 : 30 and starting working on laptop to research for a project.. these teachers are sadist, they think students love doing research work.. and they are right with majority of my classsmates.. why am i not like my class mates.. i don't like research projects.. i don't like statistics.. and studying world economy and discussing about it.. i like marketing.. fuck.. why am i studying finance then..
and yes.. i bought a new book today,, actually i found a new bookstore which sells such amazing books at second hand prices.. i was mesmerized when i saw its collection.. everything from mario puzo to dan brown to daniel steel to jefery archer.. i was in awe..
i bought the last juror by john grisham.. its crime.. n i am loving the plot...
books are my best friends literally..
i love them..
i wish i could marry them..
and wish a lot more.,.
that i had a good looking boyfriend whop would purchase expensive gifts for me.. son of a rich billionaire.. or a young enigmatic entrepreneur who would help me fund my business.. he should be intelligent as well.. otherwise i l have to talk crap with him..
i can't handle dumb men.. dumb girls are manageable.. i can talk about dresses and make up with them..
they give me some piece of their mind..
i deviated from what i was talking..
i had a busy day..
i was working..
i hate that...
blah.. blah.. blah..
i have so much insecurity inside me..
so much to do in very less time
i want to complete my studies, get placed, start earning, becoming independent..
how everything will fall in its place..
would any company recruit me..
thats why i am studying in this and doing a course which i am not fond of..
just for placement..
i l die if dun get recruited in any company..
i have to score good marks in cat..
my parents have bet hell lot of money on me..
how will i prove myself...
its been so long i have been talking to you
now i must go and do my work..
good night :D

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