Million thoughts by Amu's Diary

Million thoughts by Amu's Diary

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Jan 27th, 2014 2:55 PM

A Race Against Time

Racing with times, fighting to achieve higher goals,
Everyone is in a 'rat-race ', with no true soul.

Among the hustle-bustle and moving fast speed,
Relations are forgotten, no one bothers for what a heart needs.

Wanting to ahead of time, to be always at the top ,
Why can't we breathe for a moment for peace isn't sold in a shop.

Power, money we will earn someday, and so is the fame,
I'am afraid in this quest, life doesn't end up like a game.

Senses are numb to the extent that the vision is not clear,
We are pushing away our loved-ones afar, losing the ones who were near.

Doesn't it soothe you thinking of merry time spent with mates?
Now that you want to be somebody, you can't afford it as you are in such a haste!

Dream land that I thought of was of giant castles under the royal blue skies.
Let it remain in dreams only, for now we know the harsh truth that underlies.

The showers of rain, the blooming flower or the chirping of bird's seem neglected.
Oh! you can't be late watching the nature else you will be rejected.

Love or amity sadly isn't devoid of trade,
Loss and profit means a lot honey else you lose your grade.

Superficiality and diplomacy will take you long,
Barely you hum a tune of melancholy or sing a love song.

Life isn't meant to be burdened with stress or sorrow,
Live, laugh, love and care else you are gonna be alone tomorrow.

With a handful of love and pinch of care can soothe any pain.
Forget the business of this world for a while for there is nothing in loss or gain.

Why let life be full of fuss and empty of eternal joy?
Can't we be fearless and carefree for a while and be as playful as a peevish school boy??

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