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Mimi 's Diary

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I am myself and i wont change for anyone..I am crazy,cute,sweet..I am the happiest person..May be i am bad,cruel and difficult to understand but i love each one in my life..:)

20 years old, Female, Kolkata

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Jun 15th, 2018 1:09 PM

Long Time No see.. OMG! Such Nostalgia.. :( I thought i lost this account. But seriously I found it again somehow.. I feel like crying..as if i have found my lost kid after so many years.. I just cant express my feelings :')
anyways..Hello everyone..Hope you are in a good health :) Nothing much to say now..Life's Good.

Cheers 3

Happy reading and writing :)

Apr 19th, 2015 00:11 AM

Don't reject me, I am a learner .. :P
Mujhe seekhne do, aankhein senkne do..
Hey gun apni loaded hai..
Target bhi coded hai..
Trigger pe ungli hai..
Man ek dum jungli hai..

Then i forgot actually :P

Man ko toone sataya..
Tan ko toone lubhaya..
Mujhse yeh kya karwaya..
Ho ho ..
Om Shri Hunter 303 (come on KIll me ) lol.. :P
Dnt knw y i love this song too mch..the Jhinchak tune is damn awesme.. :D
#Feel like dancing..lol :D :P

So the day was pretty Good..! I woke up at 8am..Then i went to tution..Ria was there oviously with kushal...I talked to her and felt that her heart was good..God knows..sometimes i feel that she is so matlabi..and sometimes so Good..-_- M confused..-_- May be God is confused too..!!! -_-
Then i purchased Cornetto for me..and Cups of Two in one for dadaji and Mom..
After lunch we took it..Mom suggested that she would purchase a bar icecream for me rather than cornettos..Whtevr i dnt have any prblm abt that..! Later in the noon mom gave me watermelons which i gave it to my kitty cat (though he rejected it) ..I took Kacchi keri with salt,oil and chillies..it was too good..:D
There are lots of Hw left..thinking how to cmplt it..will cmplt it soon..

well evryone is asleep in the home now..what am i doing then..:P No no not a watchwoman..will go off to sleep soon...

The weather is soooo good..!! Thanda wala soothing breeze..M loving it..^_^

Okay. Gd Morning..( its 12:10 am now)

And Gdnt to alll...Go off to sleep..mrng hone me avi der hai..:D
Swt drmzz

Take care..!

Keeeeep Smiiiiiiiiling.. :D

Jagte raho !! :D

SaYonAra ;)

Apr 17th, 2015 8:29 PM

Hey hello everyone..:D
Its been a loooooooooong time that i have no contacts with u..!
How r u Mr Diary???
Actually i was busy and i had so many problems..Though i had many things to write but actually i was not in a mood to write..Whateva...
Had two days holiday for Ambedkar jayanti and Nababarsha..:) Accha SUBHO NABABARSHA(Happy Bengali New Year 1422) to all my bengali friends..:) So i enjoyed a lot..On Ambedkar jayanti i had so many Hw to do..so that day was not so special.. On Nababarsha i enjoyed a lot..I wore new dresses..and i ate so many things like chicken,puri,ice creams and chocolates...In the eve i visited shops as they invited and there was Laxmi and Ganesh puja too..! I too ate many sweets..:)

Okay.! so Days are Good enough..In the middle Ria behaved badly..:/ she is a cheater..-_- she is cheating her bf too...! I care a damn actually..i am paying no heed to her.. Ani is Good..really good..! and Ria Rakshit is also Good..Actually ria is spoiling Ani..Huh..! :v

well,there are so many things to write but i m too tired today..Tmrw is holiday and i am happy about that :D

swtt drmzz


Sayonara :)

Apr 08th, 2015 7:44 PM

well Days are hard..i am not getting any moment to write diary..:(
Though nothing special to write..Mum visited kolkata..doc gave a huge syringe wala injection..Mum was happy because operation is not required..she gave sweets to few people..

And today from UK some foreign teachers visited our class.. One was the literature teacher and the other was the Geography one..i couldnt understand one of them's language bcz of their accent..the other one's pronounciation was better..! they took our Geo class..It was an interactive one..! Tmrw they would again take our class ... May be Art class..

Nthng mre 2day..

Sugar and spicy Drmzz..


arrivederci ! (#Italian_Goodbye)

Apr 06th, 2015 10:44 PM

Oh God i am so tired..feeling so sleepy.! .not in a mood of writing ... Well i was busy,didnt get a single moment.. subjects are getting boring day by day.. -_- and after that tutions..The day was really hectic one.. But the best moment of the day was.. Our comp teacher Kanchan sir asked examples of Client server scripting..Nobody could answer but i suddenly shouted Java script..Sir shouted Who told this..? I got afraid,thought the answer was wrong was hiding my face..others were laughing at me believed the answer was wrong ..Then sir said to others,"Why you people are laughing,She is Right and you dont have to hide your face.." ..I was so happy that i jumped out of my bench..sir laughed too.. :D :)

well no mre 2day.
gdnt tckr..
swt drmzz

keep smiling ;)
Good bye..! See ya !

Apr 05th, 2015 8:56 PM

It was a tiring day..Me and mom went to mom's sister house..We reached there at 10am.. I enjoyed the day..I had chowmein and bread toast both in breakfast.. :P Both were tasty :D then I played with my sister and a kid ( mom's sister ka beti and beta).. Beti is in class 9 ..and beta is in Nursery.. lol :P Beta is really naughty..-_- I swear uske piche bhagte bhagte mera 10kg kam ho gya ..-_- In the noon,while beta was sleeping a sound sleep; i and my sissy saw ZID ..The film was Good..though i felt sleepy..! In the eve,we came back home..I had tutions..Though i was feeling tired..i didnt miss my class..Now i am relaxing...I just want a Good sleep.!

Mum is tensed about operation..she is going to Kolkata for treatment on Tuesday.
M feeling bad..y i dont knw..:( Bahut bar mum left me alone and went to kolkata for some work..i missed her but that time i was able to bear the loneliness..but this time..... I m sad..:( Tc Mom ..!

Oh No..! Tmrw is MONDAY .. :O again a hectic routine will start from tomorrow..:/

Well m too much tired..so no mre tday
Gdnt ..tc
Swt Drmzz

Keep smiling..
P.s. I gonna see u soon..! yuupie..! :D


Apr 3rd, 2015 9:03 PM

Bhagi Bhagi zindagi re..
Peeche peeche main chali re..
Nayi raahein naye naye mod.....
Anjaani gali me mila awara sa banjara sa...
Tinga tinga nanga punga dost...

Aaya hai kahaan se woh...
Kya dhoondne wo aaya hai....
Ek boondh bhi usney na pee...
Par PK wo kehlaya hai..
Tinga-tinga nanga-punga
Tinga-tinga nanga-punga dost....:P

U r my pumpkin pumpkin hello hunny bunny :P oh my swt boy u r too cute :D
u seemed serious about love these days..Very serious..-_- M afraid of ur seriousness on the matter of LOVE..LOlwa..! :o
well jokes apart..u r best ..:) thats y i love u :) :*

well today the baby boy's first rice ceremony was there..we gave him a tricycle..he was indeed very happy (though he didnt knew wht was that) ..bt whtevr,bachhe to bacche hi hta he aur man k sachhe hta he :) We drank juice..one was rasna(mango flavour) and another was Aam panna..i took Aam panna which was really tasty..;)
The menu was salad,Rice,dal,some vegetables,katla fish(i dont like it so i ate Malai Kopta),Mutton Masala,chatney and papad,sandesh and Rasgulla and Hajmola and Pass pass completed the meal..!! Though i had lot of food in the noon but i care a damn so i am eating Kurkure now..:P (Dear stomach,Dont get upset baby :P)

Well i and my mom is planning to visit mum's sister house i.e.my mausi's house this sunday.. Monday se phir se school..Dukh ke din aanei wla he..:(

No mre 2Dy..
Gdnt ...take care..

Keep smilin' :)
Keep writing and Reading..

Good Day..!

Sayonara ! :*

Apr 2nd, 2015 8:22 PM

Teri saanson ki saans mein..
Jo hoon toh main hoon..
Tere khwabon ki aanch mein..
Jo hoon toh main hoon...:*

Tere hone se hi mera hona hai..
Tujhko khona jaise khudko khona...
Tu jo hai toh main hoon...
Yun jo hai toh main hoon...

I love you..:) yes i do..:) and aj whn i called u i felt happy :) very happy :D after a looooooong time tum se bat hui..aj saradin tumse bateh hua..m feeling Good.! ^_^ actually i am feeling wonderful :D u told me that u felt energised after talking to me..:) i am happy these days..Acche din aa gye..:D lol :P

Mom is better now..she will visit kolkata soon..
Tmrw is my neighbour ka baccha ka first rice ceremony..will go there..today i went to their home ..The baby boy is too cute..and sweet..
The best thing was.."He took one of my finger,hold it in his little hands,looked at my face and smiled..i too smiled back"...Oh Gosh..it was the happiest moment of the day :) Today i knew what ""Happiness"" actually meant..:)

The day was good..Nthing much to say..
Gdnt ..swt drmzz
Keep smiling Readers..


Apr 1st, 2015 9:36 PM

U and I ..
Will Be Together Til The End Of Time..
I Promise I Ll Never Let You Go..
Now That I Know You Love Me..:)

Chalun Mein Teri Peeche Peeche Baki Sare Bandhan Tod Dun
jo tere tak na jaye us raaste ko chodh do..
Har Khwab Mera Umeed Meri Mein Tujhe Jod Dun...
Sab Riste Naaate Haske Tod Dun..
Bas Tujhse Dil Ka Rista Jod Dun Jod Dun...:D

Yeah.! i am happy ;) atlast i am.. I was too much saddy these days but when u told me that u didnt ignored me and still loved me a lot i felt wonderful..! :) U were stressed actually but now u are stress free..wow..i am so happy i just cant express..:D U told sorry..its ok..i understand ur prblm..I love U and U love me too ..:*

well Happy April Fool :D ..today i had tutions in the morning..I felt bored so i thought of something interesting..and moreover it was a BADLA too cz i preferred sleep in the morning..but chutti ka din i had to wake up at 5am..this was too much..so i had an eclairs wrapper..i took a stone,wrapped it in that eclairs wrapper and folded it carefully..then gave it to poulami mam..:P she opened the wrapper thought it was a real eclair..put it in her mouth then realised it as a stone..i shouted April Fool mam..:P .It was hilarious..:p lol..Then i gave a real chocolate to mam but at first she didnt accept it thinking it fake too but later she did..and smiled :)

The day was pretty Good..Brother ka thread ceremony ka party tha aj..I enjoyed..Lassi was served at first..! Then the main food contained Rice,pulse,potato fries,prawn curry,Mutton,chatney,papad,sandesh,rosgolla and ice cream and pan..Its was Really Good.. I gave him a watch and a cricket set ( Wickets,bat and a ball) ..he is so happy ...He liked the cricket set very much..:) i m happy about that..Afterall it was my idea of giving him that..:D

Mom visited doc..Doc told no operatn needed now.Medicines will work..:) i m happy but a bit worried..She is thinking of visiting kolkata for some checkups..Hope she will be fine soon...

Okay Guys.!
No mre 2day..
swt drmzz

P.S.Enjoy life as much as u can :) and keep smiling :D

See ya..!

الوداع (Goodbye)(**urdu**) :P

Mar 30th, 2015 11:45 PM

oh one thing i forgot... :P

I Enjoyed the rainy weather today..i really enjoyed a lot.. :) I made paper boats..:D
I played like a kid..yes i loved the rain ..Nobody could see me crying as well :)
But overall i loved the thundering and the heavy rains..:D


Mar 30th, 2015 11:29 PM

Tanhayee Tanhayee...
Dil Ke Raaste Mein...
Kaisi Thokar Maine Khaayi...
Toote Khwaab Saare Ek Mayusi Hai Chhayi...
Har Khushi So Gayi Zindagi Kho Gayi...
Tumko Jo Pyaar Kiya Maine To Saza Maine Paayi... :(
Tanhayee Tanhayee...
Milo Hai Faili Huvi Tanhayee...
Tanhayee Tanhayee..
Milo Hai Fali Hoye Tanhayee....

I am just sick of this life..Without u its so empty u knw...:( but u dnt care only..U care a damn..I don't knw whether u miss me or not..I dnt knw whether you love me or not.. :( y u r such inhuman?? everybdy is blaming me..Ria is always telling its my fault and i have done wrong with u..yes i have shouted but i love u thats y i have shouted..Nobody understnds me actually..and evrybdy is blaming me..:( Today when i was sitting alone in the last bench,crying hard,nobody even took notice of me..:( some fake frnds came and just told dnt cry and bla bla.. -_- Nobody tried to help me..they didnt even asked me what my prblm was.. However,i told Ria about my prblm and hoped to solve it..She made excuses and the most hurting point was she rejected it..! She gave excuses of meeting kushal (her bf) and etc. etc...I thought her to be my bst frnd..but wo to fake nikli..:( :'(

Moreover i am tensed and worried abt my mom..she is sick and having a stomach ache..:( Doc suggested operation for the tumour in her stomach and she is afraid of it..I am too afraid..:( oh God,plz help.. :(

I have many things to write but now i forgot actually what to write...-_- Will write when i will remember again..Nothing special ..! Aur ha kal se 5th aprl tak we have holidays.. Its good but its bad too.. Its good for you that u will enjoy and u dnt have to see my face..its bad for me cz i will not be able to see you..will miss u a lot dear..:( and Ria,whtevr u have done today ...I swear,i will neva eva help u..REmemBer..!!!

No mre 2day..
Swt Drmzz..
Enjoy ur life..Enjoy each moment...:)
Keep smiling...
P.s. I am missing Lina..Hope u r fine and alri8..will call u..love u dr ..You r only my true frnd.. :') Tc..

Good Bye..!

Mar 29th, 2015 8:50 PM

The day was so so ... i enjoyed my brother's Thread ceremony..He was looking funny :P It looked hilarious when he blessed one aunty..:D :P Jokes apart..He is a BRAHMACHARI now..sounds funny..lol :P The menu was no so good as it contained only fish and fish -_- Rice,Dal,Mix veg,Fish kalia,Charapona fish,chatney,papad,sandesh,rasgulla,Curd and pan..No ice creams ...whtevr..food is food..luvd it..:)

Mom is sick..:( Doc told that she is having tumour and cyst in the uterus..i am too much tensed about it..i secretly cried..:( God bless her.. :)

The day was a tiring one..not so good and bad..m just stressed nthing much to write..! Tmrw's MONday..again khun choose le wala monday is back -_-
One day's holiday is over..huh :v

1 mre thing..Tmrw Ria will talk to u..lets see what u think abt me..!

Aur ha mera Aussie fir se jeet gya..:D Congo Aussie dear..Love u..MUah ..:*
keep it up..bt next time we wont give it back..:) And new zealand u too played well..:)

NO mre tday..Gdnt tckr..:)
Swt DRmzz..
Keep smiling...

GooD Bye..:D

Mar 28th, 2015 8:53 PM

Had a bad day today..! A very bad day indeed..! I went to you but you just ignored me away...again i made an attempt but you spoke rudely..! U told,"not to poke nose in my matters"..well whatever..m furious about it..! And i am just wondering why u r so INHUMAN? Don't u have a HEART? i don't want to cry for you now..Enough its Enough..!!! -_-

Well my bestie Ria was absent today..I needed her today a lot..:( She has gone to her sister's house.. Today Anindita came..My another bestie ..She was crying..i asked her the reason..Actually she was afraid..Let me clear it.. Her father feels sleepy while he drive..and sometimes he goes off to sleep also..So while coming to school he was asleep while driving..Ani poked him and woke him up...Ani was afraid that her father can anytime met with an accident..so we called her mum from school phone..he hadnt reached that time..Ani was tensed was crying..later on Notice came that her father had reached safely..bas then we laughed like fools..Laughed a lot.. :D Baki day was good..we shared tiffins..chit chated..made fun..

Mum is having stomachache..God knws what has been happened to her..:( M worried.. :( Get well soon Mom..:)
Tomorrow is SUNDAY...M happy but not so happy about it..(Dont knw the reason).. And tomorrow is one of my brother's thread ceremony..He is afraid of piercing that will be done in his ears..:p I told him that m gonna gift him a piece of earing..he is just mad and felt embarrased..lol :D

kk Gdnt..tckr
Swt Drmzz
p.S Everybody blames me for everything..Feeling bad about it..:(

Byee...Enjoy Sunday Readers..:)

Mar 27th, 2015 8:33 PM

Hey taki o taki re taki taki taki re..
Jabse tu aankh me jhanki...
Ho taki haan taki re taki taki taki re...
Jabse tu aankh me jhanki...
O aapas me takdhin takdhin ho gaya..
Ab kya reh gaya baki... ;)

Today's topic of the discussion was the Ind vs Aus match..Some teachers told that as because the students were absent India lost the game... #DamnFucking..-_- only i was the supporter of Aussie and all the whole class was supporting India..some cried some got furious about me..and some were cursing Virat..There's no fault of him..God knws what mentality they are having..-_- whatever Today i too felt bad about India.. Bechara India.. But jo ho gya so ho gya..Nothing can be done now..!!
#Respect_to_the_Captain :)
#LOve_U_Dhoni :)

well the day was good..but i am having a headache..and its killing me..-_- I took medicines,apples,coffee,tea and what not..some exercises too..but then also..Its eating me up..:'(

And Nothing to tell about you..u r too bad..:( u rejected my call,behaved rudely,ignored me and so so so...Rehne do..i dont wanna talk abt u..-_- Do whateva u feel like..:( But i swear u hate me a lot..Thank u so much for that..

okay..! No mre..
Have Good Days..
Tckr.. Keep smiling..

BYE..! :)

Mar 26th, 2015 8:37 PM

Under the Southern Cross I Stand..
A sprig of wattle in my hand,
A native of my native land,
Australia you little beauty... :* :*

Australia...i love u..:D Tune to kaamal kar dia re..Keep going..Keep it up..Give ur best.. :D

You might be thinking y i am supporting Aussie ..Actually from first i was a supporter of Australia.. I knew that India would lose ...

Oh My sweetHeart India dear...Its ok ok ok...Ekbar har gya to kya hua..phir se zaroor jeetoge..Dont lose hope..We are always with you..Is bar Aussie ka luck accha tha tumhara bura tha..its alsolutely alright..Actually u won 7 matches and you played so well everybody thought you will win today..dnt b ovrcnfidnt..keep patience..Lets hope for the best for 2019..Cheers..!

Aur ish Ind Vs Aus ka match ne to jeena haram kar dia..-_- Today 50% of the class was absent because of the match.. then I had to run to catch the bus as the driver didnt wait a single moment..He didnt wanted to go to home so that he could enjoy match..! Uff..!

Aur mere dear sona.. Aap toh bina bataye absnt kr dia..jab poocha u told u were enjoying match..thats gr8 -_- and ur rude behaviour is eating my heart up..but i will not cry today..;) areh aj to mera din he..AUSSIE WON ..So Party all night...you are Loosers.. Go and enjoy ur match now..!! ***** -_- #Bullshits.. -_-

well No mre tday..
tckr..Good Night ..
cheers !

Bbyeee... SAYONARA :D


Mar 25th, 2015 8:19 PM

Dard dilo ki kam ho jate
MAIN aur TUM agr HUM ho jate..
Kitne haseen aalam ho jaate..
MAIN aur TUM agr HUM ho jate... :'(

I am feeling so bad today..i cant express it..just crying n crying...have nobody to share my feelings.. :( It has been 2 months that i have met u..its tough to live without u.. "Tere bina na aaye sukoon Naa aaye qaraar mujhe" :( i see you but there is a gap between us..:( what to do? just wanna hug u tightly..:( but thats not possible..upar se u told u HATE ME .. :( but i know u dont.. I just cried seeing Ria and Kushal together..kash Ria ki tara mera v sab kuch thik hota..jaise kushal Ria ko dekta he class me waise i miss your looks..Thats the way u looked at me and smiled..i Miss each and every moments..and when i see kushal and ria together i feel like crying..i recall the memories i spent with you...:(
#cant take this anymre.. :(

well today i had another laughing day..where we laughed at pretty things..such as teacher's Dupatta was flying due to wind God and we called it as OLympic flag..:P we all enjoyed our day..but still in my heart m crying.. :( God knws why i am dying to talk to you but u r just ignoring..:'( One day when i will die,Dont cry at that time...:) I am not in a mood to write anymore..just waiting for u...:(
#Feeling_alone.. :(
May be there was too much fun but i was not in a mood..m not in a mood too..
cursing the peoples those who separated us..
tCKR dear..
Love u always..

Gdnt.. Salty and Sugary drmzzz..

güle güle :)

KeeP smilin :')

Mar 24th, 2015 9:05 PM

Chori Bazari Do Naino Ki..
Phele Thi Aadat Jo Hat Gai..
Pyaar Ki Jo Teri Meri...
Umar Aai Thi Woh Ghat Gai...

Had a great day today..Rather enjoyable day..! Went to school..Had fun.had Masti.Tiffins shared.Had a Roar of laughter. Gave slangs to those who oil teachers..-_- #Shameless_Creatures..-_- !! but at the end of the day i found i have HWs..the most irritating ones..-_- Geo ka Question/Answer..Eng ka Question/Answer.. pol sc ka cartoon reading...ufff ..kab karu itna sab..:( eng ka done..geo ka i will not do..pol sc's processing going on..kab khatam hoga God knws..
well, today i heard something about one of my good frnd.. mujhe hazam nahi ho rha..ha wo badmash he but she is so maad that i didnt knew..feeling sorry for her..cried for her..she is a pure from her heart...we all love you sarmistha..:( Though u havnt got the pass marks but still we all know your potential..she is a good student..U dont have any faults..:'( always tckr..:(

Aur apka ka bat to maine likha ye nahi..aur kya likhu..You told me that u hate me a lot..But i dont believe u..:) i know u love me a lott..beyond anything..isnt it..?? kal itna tariff ki aur aj ye sab..-_- huh..! phir v I love you..i knw you dnt like me but then also ...i knw u love me..oh God ..! M totally confused..-_-
No need to tell sorry dear,.. Tell SORRY when you REally MEAn It..! :)
See u soon my boy..! ;)
Love U always..:)

No mre 2day..
Have good days Readers..
Gdnt .. Tckr ..
Sweety Drmzz..

Adiós.. keep smilin'.. :)

Mar 23th, 2015 9:39 PM

Tumhein Pata To Hoga...
Tumhi Pe Mein Fida Hoon...
Tumhi Hai Jabse Hai Chaha...
Hawaon Mein Udta Hoon...
Tumhi Mere Har Pal Mein..
Tum Aaj Mein Tum Kal Mein ....
Hey Shona Hey Shona ...
#Love u my ___ Muuaaah for you dear..:P
well i m in a romantic mood these days..God knows why..there are so much of studies,tutions,Homeworks etc. etc. but my mind always keep thinking about YOU..! yes,I love U..a LOt..#Shy..Actually you know what I have a respect for you..I prefer you..I love u as my best friend ...Anything for you..when i see you na i just feel so happpy..you will never know that... ^_^ i am just MAD about you..Words are not enough to express my feelings for you..BAS..! Aur nahi ...Romance thoda zyada hi ho gaya... COme baCk to Life Mimi...

well life's hard..so much of padhai..I just cant take it..i want some rest..but there is no time to breathe..oh God..! please save me :( Moreover ekdin me 2-3 tutions is taking my jaan away :'( what to Do..! :( Accha i had purchased Half Love Half Arranged (online Shopping) . This is my 2nd online Shopping and i am happy that i am succesful..:P lol seems Funny..:o !! It came my home safely..:D

Whatever,Grandfather is a bit sick now...Get well soon ..:( Mum's Good Dad too..but these days dad gets mad about me (y i dnt knw).Thats why i dont like talking to him..-_- Grandfather had brought a new sapling for me..and i am happy about that..I am loving it..:)

Everybody is fine..M happy as well as not...Happy because life's good..Though there is huge load....but m enjoying it..Thank You God for such a wonderful life ^_^ and m not happy because i Miss you shona...:(

No more today...Gdnt
Sugarpie drmzzzz
Take Care all..!
Have good Days Ahead...:)
Keep Smiling....
P.S. U r tooo Sacksee n Cu8 .. Love you..May God bLess u..See you Soon..Sweet drmzz of only me..:D ;)

SayoNara :)

Mar 21th, 2015 8:05 PM

oh God days are too hard..Sat ko v schl..why????? only one day holiday? :( feel like crying.. too much hw too much studies..well i had ordered pizza ..a veg one..! it was delicious..yummy..

no more today..m exhausted..!

Mar 18th, 2015 3:02 PM

Ye raatein ab nahi dhadakti..
Din bhi saans nahi lete..
Ab toh aa jaao mere soniya..
Baatein reh gayi adhoori...
Mere labon pe zaroori...
Aake sun jaao mere soniya...

Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa..
Tere bin.. ab to aaja piyaa...
Tere bin.. nahi laage jiyaa...

Oh God..! I had toughest and hard day on Monday..I havnt thought that it would be of so much stress...I happily went to school ..Anjana mam is our CT ..I am happy about that ..she also teaches well..But soon i realized that every subject was too tough..:( I was really a tough day and i didnt get any time..At the end of the day i slept ..i was so tired..Tuesday was so so...another busy day but not so much harsh like Monday...whatever..Days are hard now..Sukh ke din gaya..Dukh ka din aaya...whatever..Always keep smiling...:D

P.S. I am missing you ..Plzz keep in touch :(
WelL GooD Noon ... :)
TcKr ..

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