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New Mommy's Diary

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Being a new parent is tough. My little boy 'Advik' is in charge of my life right now. Juggling between different responsibilities, own life and work is difficult but Advik's cute little smiles, giggles and laughs are what takes to make me realize how beautiful is my life. Writing a diary entry daily is good way to release stress, guilt and sharing happiness.

29 years old, Female, Cork, Ireland

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Jun 11th, 2019 9:29 PM

No doubts that human mind is curious and the best example to support this statement is a child's behavior.

Advik spends his entire day exploring our house. Every corner, every bend...every hole and every edge. The more dangerous it is the more attractive it is to him.

After his fall from the bed, he has realised gravity and he touched my plate with hot food, so he understands thermal energy as well now.

Yesterday I baby proofed corners with foam based corner protectors and today he took most of them out. I have been minding him like crazy these days because he is just bumping and jumping everywhere.

And recently he has realised that he can say No to food and that it is not a necessity. Although he is wrong but you can't argue with a baby.

I need to be more innovative in child proofing my house so that he remains protected and at the same time learns stuffs as well with his little experiments and explorations.

May 16th, 2019 7:25 PM

Advik is going to be 9 months old very soon. Can't believe how fast time is passing.

The other day we were at doctors clinic and a couple was sitting opposite to us, they were fascinated with him. And together they said that before you will realize, your little boy will become man.

When he gets all cranky and fussy. I wish he grows up fast and all independent but I know this baby phase is actually the best phase.

Mar 29th, 2019 10:36 PM

A classic dear diary day today. I had a bad day and looking for someplace to take it all out.

My manager asked me to be on time to office, well he put this nicely saying that he has to manually adjust my hours when I am late and that takes a lot of his time.

I am already on verge of managing every single minute of my life and believe me I'm never late for more than 15 minutes to my office yet he has got problems with that. Well, if he has got problems he is the one to deal with it.

Generally I don't make big deals out of situations like this but it was different today. I frankly told him that this is very strict, no regards for quality work over working hours and I cannot say that I will be on time every day.

Is it wrong to expect 15 to 20 minutes flexibility in coming to office when you have a small baby and you complete all your work on time. I will try to reach office before time and if not I am not going to worry about it as I know I am doing my job well.

It's just I wish the world be less mean to new moms :(

Mar 25th, 2019 9:34 PM

It was Holi this week. Ask any Indian living abroad and the one thing they miss the lot is Indian festivals especially if you are away from family.

Although there were some celebration going around in town by Indian communities but without parents, brother and sisters..little nieces and nephews and grandparents, it's nothing.

I remember my excitement about Holi when I was a kid, It felt like the best festival.. better than Diwali. We will be out whole day playing colors and eating delicious food at our own as well as neighbor homes. I miss being a kid, I miss being excited about little things and I miss being happy without reasons.

I hosted potluck party on Saturday for girls. I hosted a party after very long time, the last party before this that I hosted was in 2017, before my pregnancy. It was good, everybody enjoyed...we played with colors as well. Advik's dad took care of him while I was in party which was very helpful. Seems like life is getting back to normal again.

Mar 19th, 2019 3:53 PM

Loooooong weekend. It is just one extra day with the weekend but you make list of hundreds of stuffs that you plan to execute in this extended time of the universe. Literally hundred, it ranges from cleaning wardrobe to swimming to spending the best quality time with Advik and rest of the family.

Out of these, the plans that I extended for next year are going to Patrick's day parade and Holi celebration at UCC. ( Next year definitely)

Cleaning tasks generally get into a long iteration loop of --next weekend definitely-- and only flag that gets it out of loop is people visiting home. I think we need to invite more people home.

So what I did these three days. We went out on trip to Ireland's most scenic place..Gap of Dunloe and Gouganbarra Forest.(Weather was good) . Bhaiya bhabhi are here, good time for trips and photographs. We had good dinner and drinks 😊

Other days I carried on with my fitness regime, gym and swimming. And also I played tennis with Ankit(Advik's dad). And all three days full time cuddling and kissing my little baby.

Yes. It was perfect long weekend. Thanks to St. Patrick. We should celebrate him more than just once a year.😃

Mar 15th, 2019 4:16 PM

I had fitness assessment at gym today.
Getting back into shape feels like the most important personal thing after pregnancy but trust me it's the last thing you have time for.

Lucky for me, I did not gained too much but still I would like to gym..who wouldn't love occasional complements on maintaining good body. At gym, I saw great improvement in my ability with weights, maybe lifting advik all the time is the reason for it.

Healthy body will lead to healthier mind and that is what anybody needs.

Mar 13th, 2019 4:12 PM

This is the third week since I have joined back from maternity leave and got my first biweekly salary. Well my salary never seemed this small to me. I leave my little boy at home and come to work, my employer should be paying me millions. Well this is just a thought, I am not complaining. Ireland is very good for new parents. Hundreds of facilities.

Whenever I get free time at office, I keep wondering what my baby will be doing at home. Will he be laughing, sleeping, feeling hungry, sleepy or what. Now I can understand my mom and her vexing worries for us.

So I thought to start writing diary entries, a way to relieve stress and some guilt. Being a new parent is tough but very exciting.

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