Niv's Diary

Niv's Diary

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A male who is in love with Nivi and its a diary of him from the day When he met her from the first time and how they came closer and closer and eventually exchanged their Soul to take care of each other

32 years old, Male, Jharkhand

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Jul 24th, 2015 8:20 PM

Life has taken a U turn ..".dil mein ho tu ...zubaan aaz hai band ...tumhara phir bhi uss Khitiz par rahega intezer "....I miss u a lot !!!...dil mein dard sa jaga hai...palakein jhuki si hai....dhadkanein tez hoti magar nazar tumhein talashti hai....

Iss barish mein aaz bhi bhingta hoon ...khud ko tumse judne ke liye ....pyaar jatane ke liye .........aur yeh khehne ke liye ki ....its very difficult to live without u ...I miss u ....tremendously !!! with love .....

Jan 28th, 2015 8:07 PM

Its the first entry in the new year ... Trying to placate the things in aproper way .. Shay waiting for her next life...ishh growing day by day ...and things becoming calmer ... after the deep most tempest ... is it all !!!
But lot more to think ...The story need to be completed but by when its to be seen as soon as possible . then taking care of everything in a proper way .
There are many mile stones are there which need to be seen .

Dec 2nd, 2014 8:48 PM

Life has changed so much wann know myself what actually I want , I wann live in reel or real life ... Real life is bit difficult hence reel life is ok for me ...Fall in love again an ddaily falling to her ...just chilling in every possible way ....

Nov 25th, 2014 7:48 PM

But yeh kya huaa dont know ...why it happened dont know it happenend even dont know ...but I m a responsible guy this I must be knowing an dmust follow it ....

Nov 25th, 2014 7:46 PM

Today U r very far now ..we cant even face off each other ...If just for the moment we will think it off what happened its my silence ....which created the big void ....i lost u ...u r such a terrific human being that its unfortunate to lose u ...I just cant do it...I considered u as my life favourite hero ...I miss u har pal har lamha ..

Oct 06th, 2014 7:25 PM

Time is running and I dont know how things will shape up I need u , please be in my life ..Things have become very tuff , I m still living with emptiness and u too , both of us doing our duty ...waving our responsibility..But is it ok , is the only thing which we expected out...naa not less than marriage ....I have live with u ...from now onwards I will be writing the Diary in terms that how we r living together....U r my favorite nivi..and I will keep nourishing this feeling till the day I m on this earth....

Sep 10th, 2014 9:45 PM

These four months from May onwards has become the life changer for me ... I never thought I will fall in love ...and that too which would be so intense I don't know how I will live my life next day...but leaving everything on fate...i m starting ...again..How I will be marrying u ...I dont know ...but i will be doing it for sure

Sep 2nd, 2014 9:27 PM

Before I give the details of all our meetings I just want to mention last Sunday of August . It was the awesome Sunday morning which i felt on her face and end up of so sweet mention of take care I m there with u ...keep me in your remembrance and just keep me as your only favorite.

Aug 29th, 2014 8:29 PM

I want to start from the day 1, Its a mid summer tale when we first met when I been offered to go onto a marriage function of our common friend . We were on a single car . Nivi ,along with his friend was sitting in front and I was as usual on the back seat .
We were dressed properly but Nivi was looking like an angel in her beautiful composed party sari.Very Nicely dressed and her appearance was mind blowing.

Yaa She was droving the car , she always take the drivers seat either its a life or in a car. She lives life in total control , with cheering smile and killing attitude .

We met before as well but that was the day has some special seasonal effect . Its a long long drive , with drops of rain falling ,climate brought special effect altogether. They were talking over different issues ,our friend was cracking jokes also in between .

In between I got the chance my bones to tickle in between I also cracked a joke . Time passed and it passed on each individual event basis . There were many instances where we got the time to look straight into each other eyes. But at one of the moment we got she called me in front of the front seat besides her .That was the moment when my heart tickled a bit . ...

The complete journey has only one thing I was listening her and she is getting inside of me like a sip of pleasure and calmness.

While returning we went to visit the topmost point of residing area. There her happiness can be worth seen .I told her whenever U will come alone at night this place has great site .

The journey ended on a note Byee , Its a pleasurable trip !!! This trip left with great memories and many unsaid feeling , I was feeling like why this jouney came to an end ? I wann to know more and more ...listen more and more ...
" Kyuki Baatein Rahi Adhuri aur jana para hamein "

Few things she said me on that day that U r like Dev and whenever We see u its like "Feeling of composure been reflected" .Its was very pleasurable journey and which is going to be continued further......

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