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Jan 3rd, 2013 4:09 PM

As usual I have failed to religiously maintain my diary. Those things apart, I have today come here to just express my heart out. Living in Delhi things have been closely watched and felt. Yes, I am talking about the Nirbhaya (I really dont want to call her by this name..............) case.
I am still having nightmares and every day i spent minutes to even understand a millionth percentage of what makes animals do this. Change the law, blame Congress..................everything said and done..... where is the problem.......

Its the mind... the society !! I am pained to see people encashing this situation and using it for their specific benefits. Does the thought of that poor girl not haunt them............ I spend hours sleepless on my bed thinking about so many things related to her........... what would have she thought while going for a movie, what would have been the reaction when the whole thing started.... what wud be the condition of her mind when she was lying on the road... shivering bleeding pleading n no one wud have stopped !!!!
I think about the guy who has seen everything in front of his eyes. How would he live his life............. every moment would be haunted !!! The parents... siblings.......... all must be feeling so helpless now that she is gone !!!
We girls are always faced with discrimination.... whether it be home, office, roads or anywhere !!! I happened to read a book on Indian Culture by a European lady and was amazed to see the good things she has written about women in India.. about the various roles that she plays during her life and how it is highly meaningful !! Why is it then that our own people do not realize this !!!

God it pains too much !!! Proud to be an Indian ?? Proud to be a Female ??

Everything has ??????

Sep 21th, 2012 11:01 AM

Hey !!

A major incident of today.. I travel to office by the metro and today as soon as I entered from my station, there was a chaos as one poor lady had dropped her wallet. She was in a bad state with tears rolling down. I felt really bad too coz it becomes a big deal to get all your cards blocked and then the associated hassles. Not sure if she had much cash as well.

I feel if a person has more than 2 - 3 cards, they should never be kept at one place. Moreover, in crowded places like these - it is always advisable to either hold your wallet in your hand or put it safe inside your bag and be a bit extra cautious.

Well its easy to advice but sometime even without any mistake or even with complete precautions, such things happen. I hope she gets it back anyhow or else atleast does not go into wrong hands !!

Bye for now !!

Sep 20th, 2012 1:00 PM

Hey Dear Diary... Honestly this is my third attempt to make you my best ally.... but this is the first time it is happening online !! Hope this time I am more regular and don't leave you randomly !

Wish me luck :) :)

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